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Better place to be

Hey, I know, its been a while, just blame work, not me, OK? And I warn you readers, its not going to get any better in the near future, I’ll be working 37.5 hours a week from next week, instead of 35. Yes, the extra money will be handy, but given my generally basic lifestyle, thats not the biggest thing for me. I guess at the moment, you could say sleep is, and I’m not getting enough, though its not my fault. Last night, late shift, got to bed about quarter past midnight. Tomorrow morning, up before 6. Yes, I got up later this morning, but when you’re running on empty, its not much of a salve. And it doesnt get better, late shift Thursday, early shifts both Friday and Saturday, just hope the coffee can keep me going lol!

Thankfully, 3 weeks from now, I might get some much needed sleep, though knowing my luck, for the first time ever, jet lag will kick in with a vengeance then, but hopefully not. Just 12 more shifts, and believe me, I’m counting them down now lol!

I’d like to think there is a better place to be, and maybe I need to kick my own backside when I get back, and find it. But thats easier said than done at present, probably even more so for us transgendered folk, even if that shouldnt be the case. My age doesnt help either with job finding now lol! Yes, I’m getting old, and suspect I’m becoming a grumpy old woman lol!

Right, depressive, and exhausted rant over, lets get to the good bit, the music video. Sadly for us all, this gentleman never grew old, he died at the age of 38, a tragic loss to the music world at the time. I have to thank Noel Edmonds for introducing me to his music, back in the days when he was a DJ on Radio 1, a very long time ago. Warning, its a long track, just over 10 minutes, if you’re short of time