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And so, the end is near

Though strictly for some of my readers, its already 2017 by the time I type this! But for me, 2016 has still got a few hours to go, so…

As someone elsewhere wrote, who knows what 2017 holds in store for us? Especially for those of us that arent to the right in politics, there are a couple of issues, either side of the pond to concern ourselves about. Over here, the big hot potato is Brexit, and though I’m far from a fan of the EU, I still think we’re better off in it, than out of it, but…The other big issue is the soon to be President of the US, who in all honesty, scares me. I hope he doesnt just think the nuclear red button is a toy to use, when he gets annoyed on Twitter, but anyway, nothing I can do!

For me, assuming good health, and good fortune, I have a few things planned out for the year, something else I suspect might be inevitable, and beyond that, who knows? At least I can go into 2017 feeling a lot better about life than I did at this time last year! But what little surprises will come along, good or bad, who knows?

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to, is my first flight formally as a woman! Now that is going to be special, and more fun because it will be back to LA. I could actually book it now, if I could decide on my planned options, as to which one to take. If anyone wants to give me £400, so I can take the best of both worlds, trip wise, would be handy. I know, I know…

The other trip officially planned at present is to New England, in September, to meet up with Kate again, and hopefully meet a couple of people for the first time. That trip, I’m also sort of hoping to get back to a brilliant hypnotist again, and let him grill Clara Johnson, my past life self, for far more details about her! Irony, the last time I flew to both these places, I had to change flights en route, next year, I will be able to do both as one direct flight!

Then we come to the thing that I’m not looking forward to, but am beginning to accept its going to have to happen. Both my knees seem to be deteriorating fast, and I feel the right knee especially, and in all truth, the left one as well, are going to have to be replaced with artificial joints at some point in the not too distant future. I’m hoping to put them off until after the 2 holidays, but will have to wait and see if I can keep going that long. Fingers are crossed! Yes, it is the resulting pain, and all the related stuff thats putting me off, but I guess its not going to get better, only worse, so…? But yes, if anyone knows a means of pain free surgery to get them done, let me know!

Beyond all that, who knows? I might get a modelling session in the US (I plan to get to the agency in LA in May), or even a theater role, or movie role, but I wont be holding my breath for any of those to actually happen. In truth, its about the only way I plan not to be in the same job at the end of the year, all things assuming they still want me by then!

I might actually get to some cricket in Ireland too, but not sure I can balance the finances, and holiday allowance for that, but we will see. I might even write a new book, but finding the time, and the inspiration for that, might be complex.

Yes, in addition to all this, I know something totally unexpected is likely to come along, but what that will be, who knows? Maybe that flying saucer will arrive, maybe that full working robot suit will, though I would say the chances of either are miniscule, to put it mildly, lol! In truth, just have to wait and see. The one thing I’m sure of, if I survive that long, I’ll reach my 59th birthday, wow! Yes, I feel that old!

Right, video time. Something not relating to the blog tonight, just for once. You know how you have those songs you shouldnt have a soft spot for, but do? Yes, I have one that seems apt at present.

A look at the year. I’m alive, but still 3 days…?

In truth, I have no idea if strictly 2016 has been a worse year for celebrity deaths or not, or whether its just that more people that I’ve grown up with are beginning to die, or what? It feels that way, but I suspect if I looked back at certain years in the past, they’d be just as bad, but anyway…Yes, I might be feeling old lol!

I know there are still 3 days to go, so it might happen yet, but maybe someone needs to get me a ‘I survived 2016’ top/t-shirt, or something? Well, assuming I do, of course! No, I’m not going to mention the whole depressing roll call, or indeed any specific names, because I’ll leave out someone who someone thinks was the most important, so lets not go down that road, OK?

Mind, if anyone wants to offer me an upgrade, cybernetic, or otherwise, I wouldnt say no. Especially as my right knee is beginning to become a more serious issue lately, so I suspect my fight to avoid getting replacement joints may not go on much longer. Unless it gets really bad, I intend to wait until the Autumn at least (job probation period, pair of holidays) before getting it done, but then I might have to give in, and go under the knife, but… hey, this is next year, which I’ll probably cover at weekend!

Fine, review of 2016. In truth, not an awful lot to say.

The year began with waving goodbye to the last evidence of ever being a man, the change of passport to one that says I’m a woman! Yes, it was special the first time I applied for a job as a woman, I must say. It was also nice not to actually be known by one name, but applying for jobs as another, while waiting to be able to sort out the whole name thing, I must admit. Seemed to work pretty well, as it didnt take forever, but still long enough to get offered a job. Yes, the irony of being offered a short term one, then a day later, the one I really wanted, and the one I’m currently in, after such a long period of trying to get something was amusing, but its over now, and its going to take something special to get me to move again now, willingly at least! Fine, a nice acting tour, or a movie, might, but otherwise…planning to stay!

Let me just say that I have no idea when the last year was that I never left England, let alone the UK. Its a long time ago, but exactly when, not a clue. The last year I didnt leave the UK would be 1995, the year my mother’s second husband died, because we knew it was going to happen, so planned to holiday in Scotland that year, so we could get back quickly if needed, and we did! But not to leave England, no idea, as we went to Scotland, or Ireland, as children a number of times, relatives, and all that. So its possible that we are going back to 1967, when the holiday was a visit to some relative in Cornwall, to find the last time that happened, but dont quote me on that!

As I said before, I fell on my feet, when I finally got this job, I think its the most interesting of all the jobs I applied for, or certainly among them, and its not just an average call centre job, even if I do spend my shifts wearing headphones, and talking to clients. But yes, I’m happy there, thats the main thing.

To be fair, its going to take a while for the finances to recover totally, especially if I keep taking 2 US holidays a year, but fine, I’m planning to do it, regardless. Well, lets face it, on what I’ve seen this year, my time might be nearly up!

Other things, oh, a new book was written this year, which sold a few copies, but hasnt inspired me to become a full time author. Fine, ECT might not be everyone’s perfect book material, but a few more sales, all the same… Oh, and fine, there is still part of me that wishes I could have done some personal research on the subject matter, but anyway…

OK, video time. I gather from You Tube that there are some more modern songs with this title I could have chosen, but hey, this is the one I knew as a child.

Come back and stay, yes. But what choice?

Well fine, I still cant tell you what I got for Christmas, as I’m still the only one here at present. Having seen someone briefly on Facebook a couple of hours ago, I know they are about somewhere, but that could be anywhere between here, and London! I will actually have to go out for some supplies tomorrow now, as the milk is pretty much gone, and the 2nd loaf of bread purchased hasnt survived perfectly, but… Good job I’m not over concerned about what I am getting I guess, lol?

Anyway, what I started doing today, was to start looking at the final details of what I’m jokingly calling my present to myself, my 10 days in Hollywood next May! Given obvious budget limitations, then no, I’m not going to be staying at any of the swish hotels, unless someone else wants to pay! In truth, somewhere like here is probably more my end of the scale.

Or if I brave basic economy, mainly a leg issue, the money I could save would allow me something like this

which looks far nicer, is closer where I want to be, but yes, how hellish is that flight going to be?

The other option I’m considering, is what I did last time I visited Hollywood, and rent an apartment via Airbnb. To my surprise, I found a couple pretty close to Hollywood Boulevard that look decent, and are a reasonable price. For example or

Which both look nice, and I could then at least save on food, as I could cook for myself, of sorts, some nights. So which route do I choose?

The advantage of hotels is that when I arrive, everything is there waiting for me. No need to go out dashing for provisions, everything is provided, well in a coffee making sense, at least! And the bed gets made, and in these cases, breakfast is provided, so… The disadvantage, you’re eating out each night, or even if you get food delivered, you’re paying for the privilege. Not that I mind doing so, but if you’re trying to budget…

The advantage of a rented apartment, the fact that you can save (for a few nights at least) by cooking for yourself, by buying cheap meals in a store, which is what I did last time. Main snag, the fact that when I arrive wonderfully jet lagged, I have to go out and buy basic provisions, almost before I do anything, if I want a drink, and the like, and I suspect I will! The other advantage is, if one day I get inspired to write (ha ha) instead of hitting the town, I can. Hotel, the staff want to do your room, you have to get out, and so…

I know, no one is going to give me an answer, or advice on this on here, but I can ask. So which would you do?

1. Fly in comfort (prem economy), stay in a pretty basic budget hotel.
2. Fly in economy (coach), stay in a nicer hotel
3. Fly in comfort (as per 1), and stay in an apartment.

At this moment, I’m tempted by 3, but I know I will not want to go shopping soon after I arrive, even if it should be late afternoon/early evening, not late at night.


The video. As so often, the clue is in the blog title!

Hopefully its been a good day?

I guess for many, Christmas Day is nearly over by now? Then again, its only 11 in the morning in LA as I write this, so maybe not? For most in the UK it is, and given thats where I am, I’m beginning to feel that way myself. Yes, I’m very full at present, mainly because I waited until tonight to eat my main meal, sheer habit, I guess?

So what can I say, beyond I’m hoping you are enjoying/enjoyed the day. In terms of gifts received, I cant tell you much, because the other 3 here are away until tomorrow, and I said I’d wait until then before opening mine, when they get back. So at present, I know only of one, a lovely gift from a wonderful woman in the US, who I havent even met yet (hoping to do so in September), which only makes it more special. Fine, you want to see it? OK.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

The rest, details in the next couple of days, I guess? No, the aliens didnt deliver that flying saucer I was hoping for, lol! Well, unless thats arriving tomorrow as well?

The day has been fairly quiet, beyond a couple of cats I’m minding demanding food at far too regular intervals, very loudly! Suits me fine, to be honest. I’ve done my usual silly Christmas Day thing, of wearing a dress I wouldnt wear any other day of the year, a pink flapper dress. No, its not that its pink, or flapper style as being the reasons I wouldnt wear it, but its well above the knees, and given my surgically treated (numerous times) knees, they’re not a pretty sight! I did try a couple of selfies, but they havent come out well, so you’ll just have to take my word on those!

The one delight I had, was finally getting to see that movie that so suits me, The Artist. Yes, by sheer chance, saw it on BBC2 this afternoon, and loved it, thought it covered the whole era very well.

OK, thats about it, go enjoy your day, or evening, or whatever…

To close with a video, hmm? To be honest, this choice was made for me, care of Bradford Interchange, and their Christmas Carol choice. Far too often, a very tinny version of this, which sounded like Depeche Mode had mixed it was playing, and no, it wasnt good. Hopefully, for nearly a year at least, I wont hear it again! This version is much sweeter!

Oh fine, any of those 3 dresses the singers are wearing, in my size, yes please!

And so this is Christmas?

Yes, in truth, it really is. Amazingly, at a time when I’m working, its the longest break I’ve had at Christmas in a long time, a whole week! Yes, what could best be called William Hill syndrome sometimes meant that I got Christmas Day off, and that was it! This time around, I finished yesterday, and dont go back until next Thursday. I then do 2 days, then off again from Saturday, until the Wednesday, when normal service resumes. Yes, the last is only because Tuesday is my day off for the week, but besides all that…

In truth, the monthly travel pass ends tomorrow, when I plan to go no further than the local shops (maybe?), and I wont bother again until Thursday, so I wont go too far now in the interim. Even if I cant pay for the holiday until the New Year break (should be able to work it after pay on 30th), I hope I can get the details sorted out before then. Yes, I know the flight, have an idea where it will be, if a hotel, but still contemplating a glance at Airbnb, and seeing if anything will tempt me, but I doubt it. Hotels dont need a mad dash for supplies after arrival, and prices arent that dramatically different, so…

Yes, my present to myself lol! Well, assuming there is still an America by then!

I groaned this morning when I saw the news, that Trump, even before becoming President, is seemingly trying to build up his nuclear missile arsenal, and being aggressive about it. Yes, fine, Russia is already reacting to that, and I thought they were supposed to be friends! Worse, he’s doing it all on Twitter, ah well…!

As to the inauguration thing, nothing but grief there too. No one wants to perform for him, and one group that seemingly will have to, The Rockettes, are already saying they dont want to. Most other entertainers are seemingly trying to arrange a concert to compete with his inauguration, to ruin his viewing figures, that should be fun!

I also saw someone (I assume less than seriously) suggest that California (or another, suggesting all 3 West Coast states) become independent from the rest of the US, now wouldnt that be fun? Would be wise to do it before Trump builds up his nuke collection, just in case…ah well…Please let me know which I need a visa for, USA, or California! Or Cali-Washing-gon? 😉

So yes, at Christmas, peace and goodwill to all on Earth, not! Fine, hopefully I’ll be feeling a little less cynical about it all tomorrow night!

Having already used Greg Lake (for the wrong reason), this seemed the obvious call.

Someone brings me flowers!

No, before anyone gets over excited, starts making wedding plans for me, and anything else, its nothing like that! For one thing, they’re from a woman, and I know nowadays, but she doesnt rock that way lol! In fact, if she hadnt had ‘fun’ with the website, I suspect it would have been this,


or something similar, but when, and where I would have actually worn it, I have no idea. Mind, if someone wants to provide me with the matching flying saucer…? 😀

Yes, its a lovely floral display, with some silver, and gold in it, anyone would think she knew me far too well? I meant to take a picture today, but it hasnt happened, so for now, you’ll have to believe me. Even if I had, I’d have to find the lead to let me download it to here, so…lol. 😛

She’s actually one of a pair of Facebook friends I’m hoping I can get to meet next September, but given I’m not sure exactly what my long time friend has planned for me, I havent got anything concrete on that. I’m also hoping to get to New Hampshire to be hypnotized, so that I can find out more about my past life self. So throw in a proper break for both of us, and…we will see!

Yes, before you ask, its an early Christmas present, love it. Now, if I had that alien suit lol…and the use of a flying saucer/space craft? 😉 Then I would be able to go and visit her sooner, which would be wonderful! Oh fine, if anyone other than S needs measurements, let me know, OK? 😉

All other presents will actually be waiting until Boxing Day, as the rest of the household here are away until then, after tomorrow, and I’m going to wait until they get back to open mine, I’m good like that.

OK, the video. A total misnomer, but its a lovely song, and does mention flowers, so…

When in Rome, or Saudi Arabia?

Put it this way, there are some places in the world that I’m unlikely to visit. For example, 3 places I’d love to visit, but would be hell for me to get to, as I’m not a fan of really long flights, are New Zealand, Japan, and Alaska. The latter I still hope to get to, some day, but suspect it will be post retirement (if I can then afford it?), but will probably do an overnight in the ‘main 48’ somewhere each way, en route, to aid my poor old body.

There are others I’m unlikely to visit, for other reasons. If I say that my only stop so far in the Deep South of the US, is Atlanta Airport, you probably get my drift! However well I pass, I think I’ll generally avoid redneck country, all the same. Russia, I’d also probably miss for LGBT reasons, even if my passport does now say I’m a woman!

But as the title hints at, this is a country I’m avoiding for more than LGBT issues, its the whole attitude to women thing! Yes, Saudi Arabia. Mind, as a good little submissive, I might enjoy doing things how I’m told to, and given my looks, covering my body, pretty much as a whole, might be a blessing! Who knows, if they could only see my fluttering eyelashes lol…probably not!

But at the same time, if in Rome, you have to do as the Romans do! Yes, earlier this week I saw an article where a German female politician went to Saudi Arabia, and refused to ‘cover up’ as required by local rules. I know, I know, their rules are horribly antiquated, but if you want to do business there, of any kind, you obey the local rulings! I also saw, in I suspect a related article, 11 things that women cant do in Saudi Arabia. I have to say eek, given that one of them is currently that women are barred from a branch of Starbucks, because the dividing wall between the genders has been taken down for repair work at present. Keeping me from my coffee, no! Not that I’m a huge Starbucks fan, but if thats all there is…?

So no, I’m not a fan of all those Saudi laws, but as I say, you know the rules when you go there, and have to abide by them. Alternatively, dont go there, but if you must…

Mind, as I say, a submissive like me might enjoy that sort of control, and I’m sure those Arabs have the money to give me the perfect female body? Oh fine, probably not going to happen…with luck!

Video time. I tried to think of something that worked, and this was the best I could come up with.

Political correctness, gone crazy!

I’m not sure if it was a good thing, or bad that I picked up the Metro newspaper at work yesterday, while on a break. Good, in the sense that it gave me some blog material, for which I was a bit lacking, but bad, in the sense that it just frustrated me more about some of the crazy things said in the cause of political correctness.

I cant remember if it was a think tank, or an action group that suggested it, because I was so annoyed by the end of the article, I forgot to check! But to put it briefly, what they were suggesting was that the terms, he, she, her and him should be banned from all information articles, because they run the risk of upsetting ‘non binary’ people. To be honest, the thing that would annoy, and upset me more, is being regarded as a non binary person! Nowadays, I am woman, live with it, and accept it! And yes, in that sense, I want to be called, her, she, and all other terms relating to a woman, thank you very much! As for this ghastly ‘ze’ that they want to inflict on us, just to be gender neutral, oh get real!

I will be honest, at my previous job at William Hill, after I started to transition, there were a few that would still refer to me by my male name, male gender, and everything else, and it annoyed the hell out of me. I did comment to one or two people about it, was told it would be sorted out, but never was! No, I am not naming names on here, no point now. I know, they knew me before transition, but even so…Yes, fine, it probably also influenced me to take the redundancy offer, and get out of that place because of it.

To be fair, my new place, they know, never hidden it. I believe it was an option on the application details, and even though by then, all my paperwork said I was female, honesty is the best policy. Fine, if I didnt get the job, maybe it wasnt, but yes, as history shows I got the job on merit, and so glad I did. And yes, I’ll be blunt, I’ve not had one issue over my gender, transexual status, or anything else from the day I started there! All accept me as a woman, even if most, if not all know I havent always been one, and kudos to everyone for that, thank you.

Yes, I know, if you’re maybe less certain than I was, and taking those first baby steps, the whole issue of gender pronoun might be a hard one to get over. Me, given my mind was wired female from a very early age (I can see the signs, looking back, that by the age of 6, if not younger, I was not boyish), I have more issue when I dont hear she, her, and the like, than if I do. So no, politically correct think tank, we do not need the removal of he, she, her and him from all information booklets, thank you very much! And if someone in my position says that…

Funnily enough, I had my latest one to one probation interview, and my lovely team leader actually said to me that she had been ready to stand up for me in every way, if I’d had issues, and in a sense, she was slightly disappointed, but delighted that she hadnt had to do so, not once! In truth, I dont think thats likely to change, and what a great thing that is.

Right, video. One comment I got about my calls, in the gentlest sense, was my style with the clients, that I was being a little flirty with some. Me, I think I’m just caring, but hey, either way, its a good thing. But yes, it led me to this, as tonights song. Sadly, not a live performance (mimed or otherwise), but hey, its one of my favourite Dr Who’s so…

On A Saturday Night

Oh, and anyone expecting Whigfield to be the video, sorry!

Alright, lets tell the tale of the whole Saturday, but yes, most of the details are about the early evening.

In the end I went with the obvious choice of outfit, a dress. Yes, I know, I was horribly overdressed for work, but anyway, it was fun that way. The other entertaining moment of the morning related to dear old First buses. I get the 7.27 bus from here, with the aim of getting the 7.50 train to Bradford on a Saturday. Given it takes just over 10 minutes (even early on a Saturday morning), I shouldnt get the 7.30 bus, right?

Yes, you guessed it, I saw it heading towards the bus station inbound, behind my bus going into Huddersfield. Mind, given it took until 7.45 to turn up, I was almost thinking of taking my chances of going by train (actually was on time, amazingly), but got the bus anyway.

The actual day at work was straightforward enough, beyond the entertainment value of a wonderful team leader sat behind me, doing call quality checks. Yes, she’s not dull to listen to, doing those!

So, just before 4.00, we finish, and given we’re not meeting for the meal until 5.30, me, and said team leader go off for a pre dinner drink at a local casino. Me, I’ve been in one before, many years ago when I went racing at Philadelphia Park, and the grandstand was the top floor of the casino building. No, I still havent gambled in a casino lol! The lady who sits next to me at work joined us about 4.30, and we settled in for the wait with a drink or, err, two. Now remember, I’m not a great drinker, but I was fine, especially as I knew where we were heading was a no alcohol place.

Now the snag with that was, Bradford City were home yesterday, and traffic was a bit busy when we were heading to the restaurant. Lets just say we got there respectably late! The food was good, even if my stir fry was a little more spicy than is ideal for me, I survived quite easily! Dessert was chocolate pudding, with chocolate custard, wonderful comfort food!

After that, the rest went off for a drink (or more, for some at least), and I headed for home, given the distance I had to travel. Shame I couldnt join them, but maybe next year I’ll bite the bullet, and book a hotel in Bradford for the night, and come home Sunday?

Right, I have to add, that job wise, it might have taken me about 14-15 months to find a job, post redundancy (allowing for when I really started looking, to confirmation that I’d got it, assuming I passed checks), but now, I’m grateful for that. In truth, I’ve got a wonderful group of workmates, some super bosses, and hey, the pay is pretty good too. Add in that the hours suit (beyond the Friday night/Saturday morning switch, maybe?), and yes, I’ve found a wonderful job, and place to work.

Yes, at present, its going to take a good theater, or general acting part to get me away from there, believe me! So folks, you might be stuck with me for a while, lol!

Alright, video time. Yes, as mentioned, I did think of Whigfield, but equally, I thought that if I could find a film version of this, I’d go with this instead. Yes, that is Jona Lewie, of ‘Stop The Cavalry’ fame!