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On which side is the greener grass?

Oh fine, for the second time running, I get a blog planned out, and events do their best to overtake it. And again, not in a good way either, sadly.

Yes, this time next week, we will know whether the UK has voted to stay in, or leave the EU, for better, or for worse. Me, I’m still undecided on the whole issue, just totally disenchanted by the negative campaigns that both sides have run so far, and I dont hold out much hope for that changing now. Interesting thing is, the polls are suggesting that the ‘leave’ campaign has edged in front, but the betting still favours the ‘remain’ side, so we will see. Its more complex than it might seem, given many in Gibraltar will get to vote, and its fair to assume they will be firmly in the ‘remain’ camp, given how Spain feels about them!

But anyway, the subject I planned to focus on before yesterday at least, and will still do so, to some degree. The curious happening, is a sudden increase in interest in people living in the UK, applying for Irish passports. Yes, because people who have had Irish born relatives, right back as far as grand parents can register as an Irish Citizen, and would be able to stay in the EU, if we voted to leave. Me, unfortunately, the last generation I know was born in Ireland, is my great grand parents, on my mother’s side. As I have had no contact with my father’s side of the family for nearly 50 years (he died about 1970), trying to find out at which point exactly any grand parent I might have had, left Ireland permanently, not a clue! Given that both sides left around the turn of the century (1900), to come to England, I suspect my luck would be out.

Would I do it, if I could, if I found 1 grand parent somewhere, born in Ireland? I really dont know, to tell the truth. I certainly wouldnt, if we voted to ‘remain’, clearly, as there would be little point doing that, simply to stay in the EU. If we voted to ‘leave’, it comes down to which way I voted, I guess! ‘Leave’, and I’d be hypocritical to then apply, anyway. ‘Remain’, well, then maybe, but I must admit that the thought of all that paperwork, just to find out if I could apply (and I have my serious doubts I could), then its probably a bit much. But fine, if it was easier, hmm?

OK, the sad fact that has to be mentioned, especially as the lady concerned was an MP for a seat not that far from here. Yesterday, a brave lady was murdered by an extreme, right wing lunatic, simply because he disagreed, and felt that she should ‘Put Britain First’ as he stated, regardless of her individual belief, that she’s legally entitled to. Sadly, her family, and many others are left to mourn after his idiotic behaviour. May she rest in peace, I must say that much, for sure.

I know, in a sense, it shouldnt be the clincher to decide which way I vote, but I must admit, it makes me more likely to vote to ‘remain’ than I was before yesterday, and I suspect I’m not the only one who feels that way. So, in the end, he might have cost the ‘leave’ group a lot of votes, instead of the opposite, which is what he desired. Crazy, but thats how these things work out.

Hopefully thats the last of politics, and comments on people dying for a while, but that might be wishful thinking?

OK, video time. Unfortunately I couldnt find a live performance of this by Petula Clark, but this seems a pretty good second prize