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Tainting Love?

I know, an asexual, and the second blog in a row including the word love, shocking stuff, lol!

To reprise a quote, I was reading a story earlier today, and…it was this one

It just set me thinking, is it fair, or right when I enjoy a story when a very straight girl is transformed into a happy lesbian, even if they were making the mistake of signs of homophobia, in a gay bar? To be fair, I’m equal opportunity in these matters, and tend to enjoy stories where girls who are sapphically inclined, are made to go straight, so dont throw that brick at me.

And fine, I know its only fiction, but hypothetically, is that actually any better than homophobia, lesbian girls hating the straights, you tell me? I mean, as an Intersex/Trans Bi lady, its hard for me to say, even if I probably am more girl inclined if pushed, but not sure anyone of either gender would want me, lol! I personally prefer the neutrality route, make someone bi, rather than turning their sexual compass through 180 degrees, but I guess some deserve it, maybe?

Anyway, as I say, its purely a fictional theory, cant be done for real, but how would you feel, readers, if your sexual orientation got changed in that way? Now if only I could find a way to make women fall in love with a woman that comes with an unwanted added extra, lol…? Hmm?

Right, video time. Everyone knows the Soft Cell version of this, and I’ve used it before, I’m sure, so lets go with the original! Sadly, not a live version, but given the song was less than a major hit, 54 years ago, hardly surprising?


Do you want?

Right, time to bring up a transgender issue again, me thinks.

Being asexual, the issue has never affected me, I dont go looking for dates, admirers and the like, but many transgender folk, of all degrees of trans-ness do obviously have a need for sexual activities. Fine, I dont mind in the slightest, perfectly natural and all that. I can even see what the admirers get out of it, to be honest. Hey, as I mentioned before, I was chatted up by a guy on the train, though as I said at the time, I think he thought I was born woman, but anyway…

No, the ones that amuse me the most are those ‘tranny lovers’ who claim to be straight, but fancy transexuals. Post op, yes, I could see it, they have the correct genitals, even if it is with a little help from surgeons to get there. But no, most of these admirers are after the pre-op type, or even those who just dress up in womens clothes for the sexual kick, and nothing more. If these men dont want to be termed gay, thats fine, perfectly understandable. But admit it folks, you’re at least bisexual, arent you? But no, if I had £10 for every time I’ve read about these folks being perfectly hetro,straight etc over the years, well, I wouldnt have to work much lol!

The one thing I’m not sure about, is this a one way thing? Or do ftm transexuals have the same thing happening with women? I’ve never heard about it, but that doesnt mean it never happens.

And no guys, despite asking the question, I’m not interested. Wining and dining, and the like. Hey fine, if you really want to, but please, dont expect anything more, I’m not interested! So no, I wont be expecting any dinner dates then lol.

Fine, the video. Try translating the subject title into French, and you get,