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No phone, no car, what do you do?

Yes, the title of the blog is a play on Adam Ant’s song, Goody Two Shoes, but thats not the video tonight, just saying…

As regular readers will know, shortly before Christmas, I took my chance, over the holidays, and sent off my old passport, along with the application form, for the new one, in my new name, and gender. And when, before Christmas, the money was taken off the card, I thought that was a good sign. And also given that the standard 4 week period for return came up last Thursday, I’d reached the point of expecting it to arrive sometime soon, even allowing for the holiday period, and all that. So, when I received an envelope back from the passport office on Monday, I assumed they were returning my deed poll, and stuff, as that tends to come separate to the passport, delivered by courier, for obvious security reasons.

I wish!

No, it was a letter asking me to prove evidence that I’d changed my name on my driving licence too! Yes, I remember vaguely from before this happening, that they check for a licence in your new name, and if they cant find it…it gets queried! Of course there is a good reason why I havent told said authorities about my name change, I dont drive, and dont hold a licence! I wouldnt say her surprise at the other end of the phone that I dont drive matched those when told that I dont own a mobile phone, but it was pretty good, all the same!

Anyway, the good news, seemingly that was the last issue outstanding, and therefore, with luck, that new passport should arrive in the next few days, I sincerely hope! It will make things so much easier when I have it again. Not that I currently have the funds to use it for trips (however tempting the idea might be), but for ID purposes, please! Yes, at present, all charitable donations would be very much gratefully received!

But anyway, regardless of that, tomorrow, I get to do my first agency registration as Harlean. Yes, they know the situation, and I will have to show them my passport when it arrives, but they’re going ahead with it anyway. Thankfully, by now, I’m well used to the name, and dont even blink when called it, so all is fine on that front. Fine, in fact, I love it!

Right, the video. What I dont do, OK? 😉

Who’s going to tell you when…

…your holiday is nearly over? Guess I’d better tell myself now lol! Yes, this is the last night in Boston, though I certainly dont plan on taking 23 years to return this time around, I think I might be too ancient by then to enjoy it anyway!

In fact, apart from a couple of days with the weather, this holiday has been wonderful for me, and I’m not really going to complain too loudly about that. Had some wonderful company, seen some lovely sights, and if I needed to prove it again to myself, meeting people you only know through the net always seems to work out brilliantly for me, so maybe I should do it more often? I know, I’ve ‘known’ these 2 for a while now, so it was hardly a major risk, so…

Boston, I definitely like, and thats definitely ‘more than a feeling’ I get. Dont think I have ever been called Miss, Madam, or a lady so many times in a week before! Either they are sweet and kind (and lets face it, most dont know, so…) or I pass really well nowadays, and I suspect/hope its the latter, I’m told it is at least. Tomorrow, everything permitting, including weather, I’m hoping to get one last dash into Boston in, so I can say goodbye properly to a wonderful city, and maybe pick up one more top of some kind, as a reminder of here, but that will depend on pick up time to go back to the airport. I’m not really a ‘candy girl’ but I’m sweet on this city.

Special thanks to James, for finding me a wonderful, peaceful place to stay, and more thanks to Kate for chauffering me around so much. Both were already friends, and even more so now I’ve met you both.

Back to work Monday, and back to blogging from the UK as from next week too.

Oh, alright, the traditional video, I’ve picked a band from Boston for this, and slipped references to 2 more groups from here within the blog, not hard to spot I suspect? Speak to you again soon, but for now…