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Song for Guy?

Now given I’ve checked the details, and realize that the US dont have anything to do with Firework night, perhaps hardly surprisingly, given it was a very British matter, over 400 years ago that led to this celebration, maybe this will be lost on some of my readers, but hey, unless someone has something better to suggest…?

Its fair to say, unsurprisingly, that actual details of events are limited to the traditional tale, which may be true, may be an approximation of events, or whatever? Its an example of religion getting in the way of daily life again, as the conspirators were seeking a more Catholic supporting Queen on the throne, than the Protestant king currently in that position.

Whatever the tales of secret tunnels, spies in the camp, letters sent to assumed supporters (who weren’t) and everything else, history is clear on 1 thing. Just before the 5th of November, 1605, the cellars under the House of Lords were checked, and along with a considerable amount of gunpowder, was found a man guarding it, said Guy Fawkes. Also known as Guido Fawkes, and another pseudonym or two, he was quickly taken to the tower and tortured. Eventually he gave out the names of the other conspirators, and in January 1606, justice was quickly meted out to all. Seemingly hanging, drawing, and quartering was only part of it!

The amusing fact, Fawkes wasnt actually hung, he either fell off, or was pushed off the scaffold as he was about to be put in the noose, broke his neck, and died. Yes, they still quartered him, despite that!

And thats why, all over the UK tonight (including here in Huddersfield) it sounds like a battlefield as numerous people set off fireworks to celebrate his failure! In truth, its the third night of it, because of falling at the weekend, but anyway…tonight is the loudest!

Alright, the video. I decided to go a little into left field this one, as the song most definitely is not about Guy Fawkes, but its for a Guy, and I cant think of any other way I’m ever going to use it!

Remember, Remember…

…The fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.

I dont know if that line is still plaintively quoted at this time of year, or not, I suspect it is, but its one of my few childhood memories at least.

No, I havent had fireworks at home in over 40 years, and to be honest, I dont remember going to a firework display in a very long time either. That is strictly going to a display, many years while commuting home from work, I’ve had a display of fireworks for free, and I suspect if I went outdoors tomorrow night, I’d probably get another one. No, not working tomorrow, so wont get the train journey version this year lol.

Memories are vague, I know we had fireworks in the garden at home when I was a child, but actual details I dont remember, as I say, it was over 40 years ago. I do remember standing swirling sparklers around, but that really is about it. Maybe they were always really expensive comparitively, but the thing that gets me nowadays is how much each firework costs!

Mind, I also remember when cigarette smoking was regarded as trendy, so…!

The video, well I would jokingly say that if you have a similar music taste to mine, then dont click on the link! Its just one I found through the You Tube search thing, and well, its modern!