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My perfect bedroom?

My grateful thanks to Stacie, for having posted this picture on my Facebook page for when I returned from Physio this morning. I’ve been having even more issues than normal for the last 10 days or so, with issues with my hips, and muscles at the top of leg area, as well as the standard ones with my back. Yes, seems my body has decided to compensate for the damage in my lower spine/back, and now of course those affected areas are starting to get sore because of it. I did offer to get a body upgrade to a nice robot one (ideally in chrome), but she just laughed, primarily because its not really an option at this time, lol, lets face it! Unless you know better…? 😉

Then, as I say, I got home, and eventually got on to Facebook, and found that Stacie had posted this picture on my timeline

silver bedroom

Oh please, talk about my dream bedroom, all in metallic silver… Not sure I could wear anything but silver bodysuits if I lived in a room/house like that, but I wouldnt actually see that as a bad thing. Ideally, either a hooded body suit, or hoods as well, at least in the wardrobe! Maybe that passageway leads to the charging pod, lol? Or the AI controller unit, just maybe? Full robotisation option, as opposed to just the look? Please!

Yes, if anyone ever wants to design my dream apartment, the bedroom almost certainly looks just like that! Oh for the money to make that dream come true. Though I dont deny it, my first financial priority would probably be to get my spine fixed (a la Tiger Woods), and then arrange my dream robot apartment. But fine, neither would take long, believe me!

But yes, seeing that when I got home, just loved it! Only wish I could see the rest of the apartment, in truth. Actually, searching, I’ve discovered its not much more than a concept design at this time, but I’d love it for real.

So if anyone has lots of money they just want to treat a disabled old lady with, give me a shout!

Video time. Well fine, the song title is one word different, but the rhyme could still work? I thought I’d try the recent live version, and its good enough to roll with, so…

Here comes the summer

Oh, I wish lol! its been another, cool, wet day here today, but in theory at least, from Friday onwards…no, I wont be holding my breath on it though!

At present I’m just hoping that in 2 weeks time that the weather is a lot better than today. Yes, thats when I’m heading for Belfast, hopefully to watch some cricket, while soaking up the sun. More likely, shivering in the cold and damp, but sometime I’ve got to get really good weather for a cricket trip over there.

The interesting thing this time around is that I’m actually staying in Central Belfast, as opposed to my previous place, which is out in the outskirts, on the right side for Stormont. So I’m in for a different experience this time around, but hopefully a peaceful one. I also have to find out what bus I need to get out to the ground, and from where, but I’m sure I’ll get help on that info from Cricket Ireland folk, and forumites.

Hopefully I can find an eating place or two a bit more easily downtown as well, not that I have any idea on the where, to be honest. So if anyone knows any reasonably priced places in downtown Belfast, within walking distance of the Days Inn, feel free to shout. Basically, if you work on the basis that I eat most things (other than spicy), it gives you plenty of scope. Italian, or Chinese would be nice, but suggest away… No, not McDonalds lol! 😛 Dinner date, purely optional, especially given I’m trans, and if you do, I pay my share, unless you really insist! Dont worry, I would wear trousers, flat shoes and a top, unless you really are brave/crazy enough to want me to wear a dress, and heels, I shouldnt think so lol!

Beyond a short period Sunday morning, I (hopefully) wont have time for sightseeing, so no need to suggest anything there. its funny, the first time I saw central Belfast was from a safe distance, for the obvious reason, it was during the Troubles, thankfully now pretty much passed.

Oh, and surrounding that, its the Derby on Saturday, Royal Ascot the week after I get back. Who me, in the Royal Enclosure in finery, I dont think so somehow!

The video, well they’re Irish, and hopefully the song title will come true too. And for those not terribly into punk, its very short too!