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To be someone who could really be loved?

Or more strictly, the title should probably just be called ‘Reality TV Roadcrash’, because from what I saw in the trailer item yesterday morning, and the non bigoted tweets about the show on Twitter last night, thats pretty much what it was.

Monday mornings, even on Bank Holidays, the TV options tend to be less than exciting generally, this one was no exception. So I ended up switching on the Breakfast TV show on BBC, mainly to catch up on the news, and the weather, and whatever other rubbish they cover in between.

Because it was a Bank Holiday, I turned on towards the end of the show, rather than the beginning, as I would normally on a working day, and towards the end is when they tend to go with the ‘less serious’ stuff, as they’re getting ready to hand over to the next show. Which was a consumer affair related show, that the facts were just so wrong that, well, I had a good laugh at that too.

What they were talking about yesterday was some reality TV show on a rival channel last night, and seemingly again tonight, called Genderquake. Given it seemed to want to include just about every ‘non binary’ (ghastly term) group of people, it seems the people were young, loud, and the type of people that a boring old ‘lady’ like me would avoid like the plague. Dont get me wrong, I am fine with whatever term people wish to use to describe themselves, I just dislike the way some over react when people get it wrong accidentally, not accepting that the difference between a non binary person, and an intersex person may not be entirely obvious to everyone! In fact, strictly, due to having an undeveloped womb, I’m probably more strictly intersex, than trans, but for the sake of convenience… I’m Trans!

Now to be fair, I took the choice not to watch the show last night, nor do I plan to watch it tonight. Last night, fine the snooker final was on, but I would have probably avoided it regardless. But anyway, seeing the show was ‘trending’ on Twitter, I thought I’d dip in after the event, and see what it said. Lets ignore the bigoted, and anti-LGBT rants going on there (especially anti-trans) , because there are people who are always going to be like that, lets face it. Hopefully in a few decades time, maybe not, but for now…?

To be fair, the actual show comments were hardly flattering about the people involved. It seems there was people outing people who didnt want to be outed, there were others saying horrible things, because not everybody in the world had declared undying love for them, and lots of stuff like that. Of course, we boring, just get on with life type Trans folk dont make good TV for the companies producing junk like this, do we? Lets face it, a 60 year old, just going about her normal daily duties in life isnt the controversial image these people love to create! Ah well… The only sad thing is, too many people think all Trans, and Non Binary (heaven knows how many of these titles there are now?) act this way, when the majority of us dont!

Fine, rant over!

Video time. There was only one song that immediately came to mind that focuses on more than just Trans folk, and this is it. I know, could have used the video, its over 2 years since I did, but then I found this live version…


Different lifestyle

Its funny, both blogs today relate to a roughly similar theme, get the same video, but in case anyone does know the secret of both (and there are at least 3 who do), they arent identical other than that.

Me, I’m in my fifties, so I remember what life was like back in the 70’s and 80’s, and even the 60’s through the eyes of a child. So I remember a time pre mobile phones, let alone the early clunky ones that weighed a ton. Hey, I remember when there were only 3 TV channels in the UK, not 300 or more! In fact, I just about remember when it was just 2, but only very vaguely. But go back another generation or 2, and by modern standards, things get very basic! The fact that by the standards of their time, they had modern gadgets too, but…hey, go back to the 50’s, and smoking cigarettes was trendy, unlike today!

What got me thinking this way was actually a story for my writing contest under my other persona, which included a reality TV programme. Cant stand that sort of TV, but the story was fun. But anyway…What I was thinking was that these Big Brother contestants think they suffer for their 15 minutes of fame. Hey, I only wish they suffered more, but besides that…Can you imagine how they would cope with a 70’s, or 80’s lifestyle while in ‘The House’, instead of the modern one they get. Take it back to the 20’s or 30’s, I hope you’re roaring with laughter at the thought as much as I am!

Seeing them find out what life was like back then, hey, even I might watch some of Big Brother to see that! So, to those awful people who produce Reality TV, try thinking outside the box for once. As for those awful singers on X-Factor and the like, if they really had to sing, without technological assistance, hmm…?

Its funny, looking the opposite way to wonder what life will be like 40, 50, or 80 years from now, a whole different world quite literally I suspect? I will be too old (or dead, quite likely) to worry about it, but suspect some of my readers might. Anyway, as a thought about this, and to pay reverence to my whole Brooksie thing, just think, this was a highly radical step in the 20’s!

Apologies for the film titles, but its worth it for all the expressions Julie Andrews provides, I think?