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Not a Whigfield moment

Though this blog does relate to what happened on Saturday night, and a few hours before.

As regular readers will know, last night marked that event that is becoming less rare (thats the second year running I’ve been to one, after…hmm,… a while), going to a concert. Strictly, this was modern music, in the sense that the group are a bunch, of young, talented artists, thrust to fame with the aid of You Tube, as opposed to last year, and OMD, who have been around a while lol!

But in a sense, going to a Postmodern Jukebox concert is actually more akin to a step back in time, it has to be said. No, I cant speak from experience of a concert in the 50’s, let alone one in the 30’s, but in all honesty, but for the mobile phones, it could have been a time warp. Yes, they did request no use of the new fangled gadget, to fit in with the setting, but in all honesty, that was never going to happen, but anyway…

So fine, when Scott Bradlee (the genius behind the group) first said they were going on tour, he suggested that wearing a vintage look might be fun, so I took him at his word. Alright, me finding something vintage style to wear might not be the biggest challenge in the world, and wasnt, in fact it was more a case of deciding which item to wear! I did consider flapper style tops, but hey, I’m 1930’s now, and besides, they are rather boob revealing, so…Yes, despite going by train, I really did consider a dress, but bottled out. I know, should have done it, but too late now!

Me, I do it properly, got Abbi to do my make up 30’s style, and even gained myself a beauty spot for the evening, Jean would have been proud. Hair coiffed into 30’s curls, and looking and feeling great. Oh, what, you want to see?

Oh, fine

silver 30's look 1

silver 30's look 3

Happy now? I know, I know, Jean never wore glasses, but hey, I’m a short sighted version of her!

The concert, yes, it was well worth the effort. The vast majority were in what would loosely be termed modern clothing, though there were a number of others who’d made the effort to look the part, though from many decades of course, all adding to the mix. The show that the band put on was brilliant too, really glad I went. Being honest, a long dress would have been a bit out of place, didnt see many (as in hardly any) that dressed up.

The other thing you always wonder, is how will they sound live, as opposed to the film versions, which maybe one take, or might not be! To be honest, I would say the comparison was pretty good, if not better. So yes, if you like music from the past, and Postmodern Jukebox hit your town, or nearby, go and see them, its well worth it. Especially as currently prices are still quite cheap, I suspect that may not last for long, they really are that good.

OK, the video, and yes, its PMJ, you wouldnt expect anything else? They performed this last night, sounded as good as this, to be honest


I’ll have to see if I can remember what its like

No, dont worry, nothing unexciting like sex, this is about going to a pop concert.

Yes, this Thursday, for the first time in about 12 years, I’m going to one, OMD, in Leeds. I have no idea what its going to be like, its been a long time, as I mentioned, and as the last one was The Seekers, I think the atmosphere might be a bit different. Beyond finally getting the chance to see a group I had grown up with as a child, live, I dont remember much, beyond knowing I enjoyed every minute of it. It was in Bournemouth, bit of a distance from where I am now, or as Andy would say, Its a long, long way!

Technically, the first concert I went to was at the age of about 6, at Chessington Zoo, the Hollies were playing there back then. No, I certainly dont remember if it was a trip to the zoo, and we discovered they were playing, or we went there because they were playing, not a clue now.

The first concert I went to in my own right, was the New Seekers, in 1974 in Chatham. During the 70’s and early 80’s I saw a good few bands play, including OMD, in London, in 1982. Funny how things come full circle now, and we are all a lot older than then. I did go to some when I moved to Somerset in 1983, but Yeovil wasnt quite the same hot bed for touring bands, but I saw the Wurzels, and the Barron Knights that I remember at least. After I left there in 1999, it pretty much stopped, this one concert in Bournemouth, then nothing until now.

I’ll be honest, the only thing concerning me about Thursday night is that this concert is one of these ‘standing only’ things, and with my age (I know, an awful lot of fans will be my age, but…), and the state of my knees, I hope I can survive standing all that time, its not something I’m really used to nowadays.

I have been tempted before, Smokie came to Huddersfield a while back, The Proclaimers came to Holmfirth, but in the end, I didnt get to either. But now, ever since December, I’ve been looking forward to this with eagerness. if you’re good, or even if you’re not, you’ll probably get a review of the show on Friday anyway.

Oh, and Andy, if you read this, dont forget to play Pandoras Box lol!

But no, thats not the video, its a live track from the latest LP, which you could say has a special meaning for me! 😉