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Avoid stress, so a little Rugby, hmm?

OK, lets amuse a few at least, and confuse the rest of my readers, lol.

One of the things I was told to avoid this weekend was stress, especially politics, both sides of the pond, so clearly Saturday morning I was going to avoid the News channels. But yes, the Rugby World Cup is going on at the moment, and my Irish ancestry means I support the Ireland team when it comes to matters like this. And they’re supposedly one of the best at the sport currently, so even a game against the home nation, Japan shouldnt be an issue, or stressful, right?

Even less so when they quickly take a 12-3 lead, right? Thing is, someone, in their stupidly decided they could take the rest of the game as a stroll, oh dear. Thing is, Japan didnt get that message, got their way back into the game, and won 19-12 in the end! Dont get me wrong, I have no sympathy for Ireland, and in the end was glad Japan hung on for the win, they deserved it. As it proved, dont assume anything in life, just saying…

It may not prove fatal, as 2 teams get out of group, but a little bit too much ego, and then…

OK, video time. I know, yes, its back, lol. PS, singer is actually Scottish, but regardless

Right, lets see how this goes…

Now forgive me if this isnt perfect English, or gets a repeat or two, but anyway… and for those who do both blogs, it will be one version for both, so no point reading both. If you subscribe to both, whatever…

I might try and cover a few recent events in next few days, but politics on both sides of pond will not be among them, believe me… both because I’m not allowed stress, and we dont all agree on matters (I have blocked 2 people on my Social Media for 30 days for awful postings, if they werent work related, would be gone), easier just to go without.

As was stated, I went for an MRI at Huddersfield Hospital on the last stay, as a result of which, they found a growth on a part of the brain. For all the talk about the NHS over here, from here, referral to the expert department in Leeds was arranged very quickly. From there, entry into hospital to deal with it was also rapid, for biopsy primarily, though they did say that any growth that was easy to deal with would also be got out.

The latter was all done on Monday, I was released on Thursday back home. Provisional feelings are that March was first sign of it, so results look promising, but it will be the end of week before I know more, so no point making comments asking! Follow up, and plan visit will almost certainly be Wednesday, but to cover me…

Plan, and next step will depend on results, just saying, so see above. Brain gets better every day slowly. Mobility is awful, but thats my spine issue, not this. Until Wednesday, I’m not certain if my spine pills are compatible with stuff for brain, so laying off until I can ask then. Equally, I will only make decisions on things like work after meeting, and see a timetable, and plan. Though as my wonderful benefits lady, and a wonderful lady here as pointed out, 2 medicals (benefits and incapacity) passed would settle that matter just on spine damage, regardless. Both are sure I would pass in a negative sense/fail (depending on how you look at it) them anyway, so can do the medical option if I wish to.

I will do a couple of follow ups on this, but be patient. One at some point after follow up, so probably end of week, or next weekend. The other will be after talking things over with friends, and my unofficial family as to what route I go after this, but until I have all the info, and a plan, no point doing so. That might be a few weeks at least, just saying…

Oh, and to finish on something different, more for my US friends, but anyway…

Dodgers are in the Baseball playoffs again, hopefully this year, one step better? And in NFL, Bills are 3-0 till tonight, though I doubt that unbeaten record will last the visit of Kate’s Patriots tonight (my time), same as her college team took our unbeaten record last night. Still love her, and her support regardless, lol.

As I say, no video, but I’m not sure how many watch them anyway!



A few more quick words

I do promise to explain all this, and the gap, about a couple of weeks or so, should be, so just wait, OK?

Just a few quick words

No, the blog hasnt come to an end, its just that  currently my health issues are such that I  have neither the time, or strength to do them. There are reasons for this which I’d rather not go into, OK


If the weekend I survive, what my name will be

Oh, there is plenty of news events I’d love to comment on this week, but as strictly at this time I’m still a civil servant, I will pass on them, even if the PM, and the police seem to want to break those rules, I’ll be good.

But yes,  for both my past life self, and this one, it seems its going to be quite a weekend. Well, I’ve got through the first week, weekday wise at least, without a minder in the house, other than the cats, and I dont think they care how I’m getting on as long as I need feed them anyway!

So, lets start with my past life self, who might also lay in my future, but more on that shortly. Yes, on this date, 114 years ago, a new baby girl entered the world in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, to be given the name of Clara Elaine Johnson by her parents. 20 years later, via a stay in Texas, moved to Hollywood, dreaming of making herself a career in the movies, probably as a star. Well, she got one, the career, more so once talkies took off, and musicals, because clearly she’d had dance lessons at some point, done decently, and after that, the chorus dance lines at various studios (principally MGM, Warner, and RKO) beckoned until at least 1937 (last year I’ve traced her, the first being 1929) and she would have been 32 by then, so that might have been it?

After that, marriage, a daughter, and a death around 50 (I’m certain smoking related) for which I lack much detail, as I dont know her married surname, and then shortly after that, a new life, me! I might manage more years than her, but unless they can solve my health issues, it might not be a ton more!

Which leads on to me, as tomorrow marks the date of my rearranged MRI at Huddersfield Hospital. Heaven knows what they are going to discover there. Will it just be Epilepsy, or something more serious, heaven knows. But at least its the big step to finding out at least. I’ve no idea what it will be like, but I want it sorted, regardless. Despite them saying they couldnt find anything new at the Hospital, I definitely dont feel as strong now as I did before then, but I will try to survive to let the Neurologist make the calls on that. Reading earlier suggests it will be a week or two to hear, but hopefully soon. I need to get the rest of my life mapped out, whatever it might bring. Hopefully the finish of gender change, but will have to see what I’m allowed to do on that front.

New AI brain would be nice, but just wishful thinking I’m certain. Full robot body definitely would be, sadly.

As to where the rest of my life might be spent, who knows, or how long it will be. Though if the only brain I can have is busted, maybe I dont want to live too long anyway?

Right, video time. What might the future hold. I’ll say it, I’d love one of those Metropolis Robot body’s, and brain capacity, if offered. Yes, both of those things in the video

Another hospital Saturday

Yes, I know its been a long wait for this, and I only wish I could say it was for a good reason, but it isnt! Yes, I know, I wasnt meant to go to the hospital before next Saturday, but I couldnt wait that long, I was there in advance, last Saturday. Funny thing is, I dont actually think I passed out, but I probably wasnt far from doing so, and certainly wasnt  capable of  simply things like getting to my room upstairs, even with the aid of the chair up the stairs, I still couldnt get to my room, so off I end up going to hospital again in an ambulance, but at least this time I knew the journey was happening.

No, they couldnt find anything seriously wrong, so I got released at the end of the evening, and ended up getting a taxi home. I’m not convinced how well I really was, and in truth, anything up to this Morning is a blur. Better now, though I wouldnt expect to do anything clever today, put it that way.  Computer wasnt working too well either, but seemingly back to normal today.

Hopefully now my next visit to the hospital will be this Saturday, for my session in the MRI tube, to see just how busted my brain really is. Fine, I would like the tube to do more than just check on my brain, but anyway…No, I dont think brainwashing service is available lol! In truth, I, and a few friends in the US, as well as the ones over here will be glad when thats done. Yes, Kiefer, I wouldnt put the brain rearranging system past you, oh I wish!

The only other planned change in the near future is a change of hair colour, yes, getting it done after the MRI tube experience, going to be a redhead of some hue! Suspect more strawberry than fluorescent, but I dont know exactly what June has in mind. Fun thing is, the only colour picture I have of Clara Johnson is from 1935, when she was very blonde, but thats as natural as mine! The picture from 1929 in black and white is either soft blonde, or maybe red, hmm? Either way, it will be fun to have a change after all this time.

Hopefully soon I can start planning a trip to the US, just not sure where, or  when at this point. Whether its holiday, health, or combination at this point, who knows. Might even come back a whole new woman, physically, and or mentally, who knows. I suspect hoping to come back with an AI brain, or whole new robot body might be hoping too much lol. Would love that though! Clara Johnson, 20 something lookalike, oh heaven!

Right, video. A clue in the blog title. Gone with the Cat Stevens version of the song, as finding live from 60’s isnt easy!