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Be careful who you tease

Yes, 2 weeks from now, I’ll be in Blackpool, and for a few days at least, all the normal dates for blogs may not happen. Not because the internet isnt good in the Guest House I’ll be staying in (it is), but because I suspect I’m going to be a busy old lady for a few days, plus the layout of the room isnt great for things like typing long blogs, but anyway…

Seriously, if you have any chance of being in Blackpool, on the 15th March, you need to buy tickets for ‘That’s Entertainment’ that night, just to see what amazing outfit I’m dressed in. I’m not saying they will be as in the video, but hey, if thats what we’re teased with, as options, well who knows? 😉 You can get the greeting, and movie for as little as £10, and can get the full works, including the after show party, for £20, and no telling what a ‘saucy chorus girl’ might get up to then! Probably not a lot, but the only way to find out…?

For those wanting details of the weekend, and the chance to buy tickets, go to to purchase.

Last night, the lovely lady who arranges our outfits for the night, teased us that she was looking into what we would be wearing on the night, and posted the video, which is about the last 2 and a half minutes of this, as a tease to us ladies that we would be getting something like these. I think she was expecting us all to say we couldnt wear something like that, but several of us (including me) just said to ‘bring it on’, even more so if including the headpieces. So yes, now she’s probably trying to find these sort of shimmery outfits lol, I just hope she remembers I need something with a bit of discreteness in the genital area, lol!

To be honest, to wear one of those, or similar outfits that chorus girl dancers like Clara Johnson wore, would be absolutely amazing. But fine, I admit it, wearing one of those crazy headpieces would definitely be as much fun to wear. I have worn some crazy costumes over the year (and hopefully will soon wear one more), but never worn anything like those on my head. Must be weird walking in them, but fine, I’d love to give it a try! Now, if someone can download some dancing skills into my mind, within the next fortnight, you have no idea how thrilled I would be!

Oh fine, the video. Feel free to suggest which outfit you’d love to see me in. I think the Hedy Lamarr one could work for me, as would cover up what needs to be covered up, looks amazing, and as for that starry headpiece…oh my!

I have set the video to where the gorgeous outfits start to appear, but feel free to go back to the start, if you wish

Diesel train, chugging down the track

Well, this is one of those occasions where the initial premise for the blog today isn’t going to happen! No prizes for what it was going to be, given its the 14th November, in other words, Louise Brooks’s birthday, of sorts. She would have been 107 today, but was never going to last that long given her lifestyle!

Anyway, enough of that, its not what you’re getting now, because I found this video! Its rare, to say the least, I’d certainly never discovered it before, and with Doris Day, thats saying something! Everyone remembers her as a film star, who could sing, but in fact, she started out as a dancer, who only turned to singing after a car crash. Then she became a film star, and so…who at 89 (officially), or at 91 (as some records suggest), she’s still going strong!

And yes, its fair to say that if I’d been a young girl, I would have wanted to be Doris Day. I think I did anyway, as a teen, so I should have taken the dysphoria hint back them, but never mind…

Next week, I will be taking a ‘Sentimental Journey’ again, one I’ve been taking from my youth, on the Settle & Carlisle railway. I’ve known it through good days (as it is now), bad days (2 trains a day, and only stations at Settle, Appleby and Carlisle open), and probably inbetween too. Though there are steam specials on the line a-plenty, I’ve never been on one…yet. No, next week, the journey will be by humble diesel train, yet again.

It is a spectacular journey, but then again, so are some of the Scottish ones. And I can bear witness that travelling by train, through the Rockies in winter, is quite something too, and I really must do it again sometime, though I have no idea when.

But thats for next week. Prior to then, I have the delights of battling Trans Pennine Express for the next 3 days, to and from work. Not terribly scenic, definitely nothing I could ever feel sentimental about, but it helps pay the wages! It would be wonderful to write as an occupation, but dont think thats ever going to happen.

A Belfast Air

I know, I know, the traditional tune for this is another city in Northern Ireland, but given I’ve been breathing in the Belfast air for a few days now…I could also have called it, Oh Maxy boy, but that joke would have sailed over non cricket fans heads!

Ah, the cricket. Yes, the Max is Max Sorensen, taker of 5 Australian wickets in the 88 overs of play managed over the last 2 days, most of them yesterday. We managed a whole 16 overs today before the rain came in, and blew the rest of the days play away. Mind, that has its moments too. After a short while, I went in the pavilion to get shelter indoors, and ordered a coffee, to try and warm myself up. I turn round, and almost bump into Paul Stirling stood behind me, one of Ireland’s leading players. Shortly after, Kevin O’Brien walks in, and after a while, Trent Johnston sits down at a table, literally across the passageway from me.

And before anyone says anything about only Irish players mingling, Steve Smith was seen chatting to several spectators before we got started this morning too. Maybe its the Belfast air, maybe its just natural politeness, but either way, its a lovely sight.

Anyway, about 3.00, it was clear there was unlikely to be any more play today (there wasnt), so I headed back into the city. I wasnt really shopping for anything, though I did find one wonderful shop selling vintage stuff, but didnt buy, though I might have been tempted to some degree.

Then back to the hotel, and during this evening, I got a reminder of ‘old Belfast’ when a parade of marching band(s?) went down the street nearby. Just remember, I used to be over here during the ‘Troubles’, and marching parades used to be a major catalyst for riots, and other delights. Nowadays, no one even blinks, thats how much things have changed for the better.

Tomorrow is back to England, hopefully I can get back here next year, though it may be more fun arranging dates, given the World Cup is being held in Brazil next summer. But fingers are crossed…though I may have seen the last of Trent playing, but I wouldnt put too much money on that. His form is still red hot, unfortunately his body is aging, a fact I too know only too well lol!

So, in tribute to my location, and to the bands, lets end with a song that will ever be linked to Northern Ireland. Sung by a Canadian actress, who only died 2 months ago, I was surprised to read on Wiki.

Holiday, celebrate

Yes, I know what video you’re thinking is coming, and you’re wrong lol! 😛 No, the title is purely because I’m officially on holiday for a week from now. Well, strictly I was off today too, but according to the records, that was just a day off for the week. But now… 🙂

No, I’m not doing anything special, well not unless you count Christmas shopping as something special? Is it really that time of year again already? Yes, I know it is, works dinner has already been mentioned, but where has the year gone? Some might think that when you havent got many presents to buy, that Christmas shopping would be easy? Wrong, it might be if people knew what they wanted, or were easy to buy for, but…you get my drift lol!

As usual, Manchester is my choice of destination for doing my shopping, principally because one target is a shop selling railway videos, and there is an excellent one there, near to Piccadilly station. Should be more fun tomorrow, I can see if all the fuss about Stalybridge station lives up to hype. Sadly I dont know of a bargain ‘posh frocks’ shop there, but I might look for one, just in case. Have actually found some potential dresses in my wardrobe (one I didnt even know I had, pink!), so its at least partly solved, though certainly none are those with the big flowing skirt types, that some seem to want me to wear, the sort of Cinderella look, I guess? There are some nice ones on Ebay, but delivery from China, and delivery dates are either close to, or after the dinner date, so cant go down that road.

Yes, I will do some window shopping for myself too, though beyond said dress (and thats not a serious hunt now), I dont have any major needs in clothing at present. The only other way I will get something is if I see the perfect 20’s style dress, at a sensible price. If that Aqua Massager thing is working, I will probably give it a try, even if I am booked in for a standard massage on Tuesday, I’m just a sucker for new ideas.

I will do other trips out during the week, just not sure what at present. Well, I know one on Friday, got a briefing at work, even if on holiday. Hey, I’m getting paid for it (and travel time), so I’ll survive lol! I’d hoped that Northern Rail might have started their special offer price for journeys on the scenic Settle & Carlisle line, but…they are, the week after my holiday lol! So yes, if anyone has some good ideas, or wants to treat me to a coffee, or more… No, not expecting lol!

Ah, the video. An oldie, and you could say, something I’ll be doing tomorrow, though travelling with Trans Pennine is rarely a sentimental experience. And yes, that is a clue!