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Spring is here!

Well, so they tell us, today was officially the spring equinox, so I guess they must be right? Somehow, around here at least, if that was winter, it was definitely quite a tame one. Somehow I suspect we wont get away with it that lightly somehow? The old joke about snow at the start of the cricket season next month, quite possible I suspect?

And yes, the clocks go forward this weekend (in the UK at least, before my North American friends say something) which means the loss of an hour of precious sleep. And yes, I’m working both days this weekend, so I will notice it lol! Thankfully for me at least, not too narrow a split, so I’m sure I’ll survive. And I will get that hour back… eventually! The irony is we spend me more of the year on summer time, than on the natural time zone, but hey, if thats what the politicians want…? I’ve never been one to quite grasp the logic of why we do it, but I suspect most people feel the same way?

Well, in a sense at least, the countdown to my holiday has sort of begun. Had my nails painted (or more correctly, gelled) today, and the next time that will happen is the day before my holiday, appointment already made. Will get the full work over then, including waxing one or two places, but not anything too painful lol. Plus the much needed massage and facial, a girl has to look her best after all. I need to get my hair coloured as well, I’m amazed how well the extensions are holding up though, I must say.

This holiday will have at least one original moment, the need to use the ladies toilets while out, assuming I can actually find any public toilets¬†in the US! Now I’m wearing the enhancers full time, any possibility of choice goes straight out the window lol! But as I seem to pass to most Americans, I’m probably worrying far more than I need to anyway! Distinct likelihood I will be flying wearing them too, as it seems there is no problem getting through airport security wearing them, according to Manchester Airport, and the TSA. I do need a new pair though, so ideally I can get them before I go, pack them in the case, and wear the old pair for flying, just in case anything does crop up. Last year I flew as a relatively flat chested lady, whereas this year, a bit more buxom lol!

Back to work tomorrow, so I dont quite know when the next blog will be, but currently the shifts arent so horrendous, so I might get a chance before Monday, next day off. Mind, given how many viewings I’m getting here of late, maybe I shouldnt worry so much about that?

Lastly, the video. Sorry, its a bit old, 82 years old to be exact. But I typed Spring is here on You Tube, and this is the first thing that came up. Besides, its from an era that a flapper should feel at home with, and so…

Oh, and talking of that. I had one of those style test things sent to me in an email by TK Maxx. Guess what, I came up as a Gatsby Girl, shock horror! Rofl ūüėČ

The girl with golden hair

Hopefully some will know what song thats from before they click on the video link lol. If not, the categories check might just give you a clue! ūüėČ

Yes, the hair extensions are done, I just wonder how many now are just going to jump to the picture at the end without even reading the blog now lol! Not too many I hope, but anyway…I would like to say what an excellent job Karin has done with it, and if anyone in the West/North Yorkshire area wants her details, then ask!

My hair colouring and extensions went very smoothly, looks really good, as you will see shortly (for those who havent cheated at least), and not only does it look great, its certainly a bob most of the way round, and the fringe is as good as could be achieved. Given the amount of hair I’ve got up front, even now, the true¬†Louise Brooks type fringe was never going to happen! But as could be done, its brilliant. Now all I need is the flapper type dress before Thursday…only kidding lol!

Oh, sorry, whats that, the picture, I can hear you shouting, oh alright, here it is, care of Nicole Woodhouse

There, are you happy now? ūüėČ

For those bothering to read on after that, the video. I grew up as a teen on Abba, and the line in this song is just so suitable, and yes, the clue is in the title. Just believe me when I say you’d rather hear Agnetha sing than me!

PS That cleavage, all natural!

’cause I’m a blonde

Yes, those linking through facebook might have already seen the video, but if not, you get a second chance! ūüėõ Oh, and James, you might have seen it at the other blog too!

I’ll be honest, if I’d known what a reaction mentioning I was going to get blonde hair extensions was going to cause, I’d have had a whipround for a collection to pay for it earlier lol! It seems a lot of people want to see it, others want pictures posted of¬†it when done, what a crazy world! Its not like I’m even a natural blonde in the first place, but maybe that doesnt matter to some? I’m also not sure if not being a natural girl has raised interest or not, hard to say¬†I guess, but I suspect it has? Any wealthy¬†benefactors want to help put that right lol?

I’m sort of hoping to get some done post make up as well, but that might depend on time and occasion, because unless I manage to get a solo picture taken,¬†I wont be able to use¬†any from the works dinner of course. Funnily enough, people at work are also quite keen to see the ‘extra’ blonde me as well.

Oh, and lastly tonight, its amazing what good buys you can get in charity shops over here. The four of us went off to Ilkley in the rain today (had a hat in my bag, but didnt wear it. Some will get the inside joke I trust?), and us two girls went in a charity shop there. I found a wonderful silver sequin (for want of a better word) top, that not only appeals to a certain kink, its so 20’s flapper¬†like in style, its quite amazing. Yes,¬†I love it, apart from the fact that when I got it back I found out it was dry cleaning only of course, aargh! Wont say the price, lets just say it was a lot less than I suspect it cost originally!

Oh, and really lastly tonight (well apart from the video), I’m back in ‘print’ as an author today, its been quite a while, but Chapter 1 passed the test with the wonderful man at the website, and was posted up tonight. No¬†prizes for working out who it might be based¬†around though! Her first name¬†was Mary, though thats not the name all know her by! ūüėČ

The video, just love the sentiments of this, though my blonde hair wont be as easy to remove as the beauty pageant girl!

Having a wonderful Christmas time?

Yes, sorry, December has now arrived, so I thought I’d better get started now on that front. Apologies in advance if some think the quality of vdeos go down this month, lol! I know, the big day is still 3 1/2 weeks away, but the social season seems to be starting at least already.

The works Christmas dinner is a week today, and the ‘secret santa’ ernail arrived in my box just before I left last night, though later enough that I didnt get to read it, but will do so today I’m sure. Never sure about these things, I always seem to draw someone I hardly know, and I suspect most get the same if they draw me! Its not compulsory, but… yes, I suspect I will get involved again, however wise a move that might be!

I’m not really a social party animal, but yet again this year I said yes to the works dinner. Why, I suspect partly because its a rare chance to get something back from the company lol! Mind, by the time I’ve bought a new top, got my hair done and paid for the hotel in Leeds for the night (too much like hard work getting this far home afterwards), its not quite the bargain it seems lol! Yes, I’m going for the hair extension, getting them done next Tuesday, so at least I should have a wonderful show of hair for the do, not the usual hiding how thin it is routine! Coloured as well, so¬†I might even fool some I’m a natural blonde then…probably not though lol!

Budget hotel in Leeds, same one I stayed in last year, seems more than decent enough for me at least. And only about 100 yards from where the dinner is, so not too far to walk either.¬†Make up, yes, getting someone who knows what they are doing to do it though, before I set off to Leeds. Have told her I fancy a 20’s look (I swear Louise Brooks is playing with my mind lol!), so will have to wait and see what happens there.

Yes, a top and suit, as I’ve said before, I’m not rebellious enough for a dress, also there¬†might be idiots about in Leeds that night, so no point taking chances. Flats, not heels as well I might add. But I will definitely wear one of my bras that shows my natural cleavage off to its best effect, thats for sure. Enhancers? Cant see any point, as 90% of the people there know how much cleavage I’ve really got anyway!

So, as you can see, Christmas is coming, as are the Christmas videos. The You Tube link says this is Paul McCartney, but its not, its definitely Wings.

Looking good, feeling good

I cant believe its been 4 days since I wrote anything here, apologies to all those twiddling their thumbs in the interim, if any have been lol! Had a slight delay with the trains on Monday going to Manchester, but not that much! Also the back is a lot better after a good massage yesterday, I’m pleased to say.

One other thing¬†I was shopping for on Monday was a nice top¬†for the works christmas dinner, 2 weeks tomorrow, if I’ve got the date right? Black and pink the suggested colour scheme this year, fine¬†for us ladies, but I’m not so sure what some of the men will make of it lol! No, I wont be wearing a pink dress, I’m not that much of a rebel that I want to cause a fuss with some, especially if some of the ‘big bosses’ might be there. Some might say I’m too moderate, but anyway…found a nice pink top over there, which will show off my curves¬†(for what they are worth!), and will¬†wear that with my black ladies¬†suit, and leave it at that. But agreed, the top is definitely femme, so not overly moderate about who I am, all the same. I’m not a wild¬†social animal anyway, so will disappear shortly after the meal back to the hotel where I will stay for the night. No, its not because I will be dressed very ‘en femme’ that I wont travel home afterwards, its just more hassle than its worth as public transport will be less than wonderful by that time of night. Theres a nice budget hotel just around the corner where I will be staying, suits me all round as I can get changed easily that way too. And yes, flat shoes, not high heels lol!

I’d love to do make up for the night, but I do it so rarely that I’m probably better off not bothering, especially given my ‘pass rate’ nowadays, its probably not all that needed,¬†but might be fun all the same. So, if anyone in Leeds wants to help on the 8th December…No, wont hold my breath lol!

The other thing that annoys me is my hair. In a sense I’m lucky, I’ve still got a reasonable head of hair, if not perfect, at least I’ve got enough to look decent, if it is a bit thin. Sadly I cant convince the front to get long enough for a Louise Brooks type bob, nor has it really got the thickness for it either.

One thing I’ve contemplated is hair extensions. Not because I want to look like Rapunzel, with hair flowing down my back, but because with a bit more volume on top, I could do more with it style wise. Yes, alright, if I could get it done so I could style it into said bob…

Anyway, decided to be a little devil, what with the company dinner, and us here going out for Christmas day dinner too, and asked someone at work who does it, if she thinks it could be done for me, in such a way as to give me more depth, and she reckons it can be done, so I plan to give it a try. I cant honestly see me doing it for anything other than special occasions, even at her price, compared to the ridiculous sums charged at hairdressers, its not that cheap! But as they say, Christmas comes but once a year, and I dont do much socialising at other times of the year, so….might get eyelashes added too, but dont quote me on that one yet, so watch this space!

Staying blonde, though with ash blonde highlights. You never know, you might get a photo at some point, if I can get one done!

Right, the video. One or two might even spot an irony here, I once wrote a story by this name in a December writing contest on a forum, at least loosely based around the song. You can have the link for the video, not the story though lol! This comes from the good old days when proper Christmas records were released at this time of year, some absolute classics from the 70’s are still out there. The artist, you might have heard of him