The girl with golden hair

Hopefully some will know what song thats from before they click on the video link lol. If not, the categories check might just give you a clue! 😉

Yes, the hair extensions are done, I just wonder how many now are just going to jump to the picture at the end without even reading the blog now lol! Not too many I hope, but anyway…I would like to say what an excellent job Karin has done with it, and if anyone in the West/North Yorkshire area wants her details, then ask!

My hair colouring and extensions went very smoothly, looks really good, as you will see shortly (for those who havent cheated at least), and not only does it look great, its certainly a bob most of the way round, and the fringe is as good as could be achieved. Given the amount of hair I’ve got up front, even now, the true Louise Brooks type fringe was never going to happen! But as could be done, its brilliant. Now all I need is the flapper type dress before Thursday…only kidding lol!

Oh, sorry, whats that, the picture, I can hear you shouting, oh alright, here it is, care of Nicole Woodhouse

There, are you happy now? 😉

For those bothering to read on after that, the video. I grew up as a teen on Abba, and the line in this song is just so suitable, and yes, the clue is in the title. Just believe me when I say you’d rather hear Agnetha sing than me!

PS That cleavage, all natural!


4 responses

  1. Karin did a wonderful job…you look fabulous, sweetie! 🙂


  2. Thanks, glad you think so too


  3. Ditto!! That is a great ‘do!!


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