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We’re on a road to somewhere?

Earlier today, not for the first time, I saw a story about a road between London, and New York. Yes, I know, there is a very large lump of ocean between the 2 places (with Ireland in between), but thats not actually the way its going to go. This road goes East from London, not West! A Russian idea, this time around, costing a ridiculous sum of money, and besides which, the passport control points between Russia, and the US, yes, worth seeing!

And that cost is despite the fact that the first long section, between London, and, I would guess, Central Russia, probably already exists, with the exception of the bit linking the UK with Europe, but I guess that could be done through the Channel Tunnel? Equally, the section between New York, and Fairbanks, Alaska, is pretty well intact too.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, the huge snag is the bit in the middle of those two points! I know that in theory, there is some sort of road system heading into Siberia, but its pretty awful quality, during Summer, because it virtually turns to liquid mud, and in Winter, because of the extreme cold. And this road would need developing anyway, because yes, its heading up to that bit of Russia, just across from Alaska, and road building up there varies between negligible, and none.

As for the other side, the simple answer to roads between Nome, on the Alaskan coast, to Fairbanks, is that there arent any! And as for population in between those two points, to service traffic, provide lodging and the like, again, pretty much zero. I guess people could be moved in, and provided with a very good salary to solve these working issues, but its hardly a prospect, unless you’re very well rewarded, for life in the middle of nowhere, lets face it.
But yes, if they ever build a road between Fairbanks, and Nome, I’d love to travel it, all the same.

But even so, we still havent come to what would actually be the trickiest bit. Yes, that 55-60 miles or so, of the Bering Sea, that stretches between Russia, and Alaska. Regardless of whether you go for a bridge, or a tunnel, you still have a long stretch of very rough sea to deal with, much of which freezes over for the long winter!

Above all this, why would you drive that incredible distance by car, when you can fly it in 7 hours, for less than the petrol would cost for the trip!

So fine, my opinion, they released this news 4 days early by mistake!

The video, well, it pretty well sums up what most of the mid section of this journey would be

Winter Wonderland

So alright, thats a slight exaggeration over here at present, but in terms of this winter at least, its beginning to feel that way.

No, no snow as yet, though plenty of frost, it must be said. It has now barely struggled above freezing, but only just, and at 2 in the afternoon, its not going to stay that way for long! Mind, given that 1 Facebook friend in Fairbanks, Alaska has been reporting temperatures well into minus fahrenheit (think it was -42 yesterday), we really havent got anything by dropping down to the balmy climes of mid twenties lol!

The trains did fail to run yesterday morning, but that was down to signal failure, not due to three grains of snow on the line! But give them time, I’m sure that will happen! Thankfully, as you might gather from this, I’m off today, so can avoid the cold. Unfortunately I’ve got to be in work tomorrow for 8 am, so I’m going to notice the cold then! I’m not looking forward to being up before 5, believe me!

I also know that its going to get worse before it gets better, and compared to many areas of the world, this is a mere cakewalk. But for us wimpy Brits…lol! But yes, I’d still love the chance to work in the North Eastern corner of the US/Canada all the same, despite the temperatures, and weather there. Seattle might be nicer though lol!

I hope the weather is better the week after next when I’m off, but knowing my luck, it will be 6 inches of snow then! I’d hate to have to arrange a ‘boob job’ for the week as the only alternative to being indoors all the time lol!

Alright, weather whinge over, for now at least. Whats that, music video, did you say? Well the title is a dead giveaway, or it should be by now at least given my style with the postings I do. The artist, well… Think carefully about which blonde I’d love to look like, and which era is the ‘age’ of said look I’d love to be. Got it? If not, click the magic button and find out

Oh, go on, be a devil and click the link anyway!