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Let me show you where to go

In the ‘good old days’ when I actually owned a mobile phone (yes, I did, but not at all recently), they pretty much did 2 things, make calls, and send text messages. That was fine, I could cope quite happily with that, even if my usage wasnt all that great. Then after my first spell without one, I gave in, and got a new one as a present, though it was as basic a model as they could find. Even then, it included a camera device, but I never bothered about learning how it worked.

But to be honest, I was only really using it for emergencies, and one day I realised I hadnt used it for over a year, the credit was gone, the sim card would no longer work, and that was that. I have still got the phone somewhere in my room, but dont ask me to go and find it! Since then, and its been a fair few years now, I’ve happily survived without one, much to most peoples amazement. Yes, I really must be an old fashioned girl lol!

However, I’m now thinking of buckling under, and getting one of those things again. Not for sending text messages, or for making phone calls (heaven forbid anyone would want to ring me), but for the internet map options!

I have discovered during this run of job interviews that some buildings are very easy to find. Santander, and Provident in Bradford for example, piece of cake! There are others though, where even if you get within 100 yards of the place, they’re easily missed! I had one yesterday, in Halifax, where I got within 100 yards of the place, couldnt see it shouting at me, and asked someone where it was, and they sent me on a wild goose chase.

Then today, on the edge of Huddersfield (of all places), I was again looking for an address. I saw a sign for a road, the name of which I wanted, and turned down there. Unfortunately the place I wanted wasnt there, it had actually been about 50 yards further on from where I was. Trouble was, with no map to guide me (care of a phone), and the fact that no locals seemed to know where I wanted, it took me half an hour to find it, and get there!

Now, I’m not saying with a mobile phone it would have been easier, but I guess I could have checked the email, put the address on a map site, and work out where I wanted to be. Or indeed, if I’d had a phone, call the office and find out where they were!

So no, I dont want a mobile phone, but I’m beginning to feel that if this job hunting goes on much longer I will need one, as a navigation assistant! Thing is, its Catch 22, isnt it? Until I get a job, I shouldnt spend money on one, but this job hunting seems to be the only time I need one. Ah well…

The video, anyone of a certain age will know what the title suggests it will be.


No, not a rocket taking off, its the shift countdown to my holiday, lol! Yes, it might still be 6 days away, but only 3 of them are working ones, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. Shift from hell tomorrow, in more senses than one, but the less said about that, the better. It does mean Thursday is shorter, but its a matter of if I care about, or for work by then! Well, some might say that…but I couldnt possibly say that! 😉

Tuesday morning is getting my hair done, I need to be ‘blonde enhanced’ again, so that will be happening then. Plus I suspect at least some of the shaggy locks will go, real, and/or extensions! Wouldnt mind a bit from the back being put up on top, but ah well…

Friday will be about getting the body in shape, especially the back, which is proving problematical yet again at present. Oh, and getting the nails done of course.

It will be good going back to Seattle again, or will be when I get there at least! The actual flights to and fro, no, I’m not looking forward to those, the main reason this will be the last West Coast trip for the foreseeable future, the body is just getting too worn out for journeys like that.

Oh, and for those who read the last post, none of my horses came anywhere in the National yesterday. No surprise there, lol!

I need this holiday in more senses than one, mainly the one about getting totally away from work for a while, even if its only for a long week. I could make a joking comment about recharging batteries, but not really fitted out for that lol!

The song, well I remember when there was an airflight travel guide called the ABC Guide, and having mentioned one, two and three…Wasnt a favourite, but did seem apt.