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The sporting summer

In a follow up to a recent posting, the wonderful BBC commentators are still at their best. If you believed all they told us, Great Britain would have won about 6 gold medals by now. Err, the grand total so far, 6 less than that lol! The biggest piece of over hype was Mark Cavendish in the road race, didnt even get a medal! Then totally ignored, our mens gymnastics team got a bronze today, against all odds!

From what I read tonight, its not only the medal prospects they’re getting wrong, seemingly there are multiple comments on network sites re poor pictures, commentaries etc…ah well…Still, another fortnight or so and it will all be over! Sadly that means the start of the football (soccer) season over here, and all the hype (and overpaid footballers acting like idiots) to the fore. Ah well…under 7 weeks from now until my escape for a week, really cant wait!. ūüôā Yes, summer really is passing by now, but at least it seems to have finally arrived here.

Another reason why I know that, the pre season for the NFL starts next weekend! Alright, its still 6 weeks to the serious stuff, but…its coming home lol! Hey, I can start dreaming of the Bills in the play offs again.

Also in September is a chance for the Irish to ‘bloody a few noses’ at the 20 over version of the World Cup Cricket, the first game of which I will be in the US for, but thanks to the internet, I will still be able to find out whats happening. The second qualifier is the day after I get back, might need to get that as a day off lol! For getting over jet lag purposes of course, nothing more lol!

Oh, right, the video you say, just get to it. Well this includes NFL (and Baseball) as well as a few sporting bloopers too. You could say our Olympic hopefuls are in Dire Straits (or maybe not?)

In the summertime

Yes, well for a few days at least, it seems that finally summer has arrived here in Yorkshire. And arrived in style, it has to be said. Hottest day of the summer, I think it reached 80 here today, but dont quote me on that. All I can say is, it felt like it did. So of course today was the day that I had to end up walking miles lol!

Had an appointment at the beauty therapist this afternoon, getting the fingernails gelled up, a facial, and I now have less eyebrows than before too. So why all the walking? Well, at 1.30 there should be a bus to Wakefield, which runs close to where I go for treatment. Please note, I said should. Yes, you guessed it, still stood there at 1.40, and bus nowhere in sight. So, I got a bus most of the way, then walked from there. Unfortunately, from ‘there’, to the therapy place is pretty much an uphill walk. Not Alpe D’Huez, or anything like that, but for a middle aged, non sporting type, well its definitely uphill lol! And of course, I was running short on time by then too, for 2.00 appointment. Yes, I made it, and bus did eventually pass me at pretty much the last moment, but must have been 25 minutes late.

Anyway, treatment over, I head back to get a bus back down towards home. Oh dear! Apparently the road was closed further on, no bus was going to appear anytime soon! So I had the delight of a near 2 mile walk home, in blazing hot temperatures, wonderful. And yes, I was hot by the time I got back, and hopefully my arms will turn out tanned, not burnt, but knowing my luck… But alright, being out in just a t-shirt and trousers this summer was quite something.

Given the forecast for tomorrow, I’m hoping to get out again, hopefully the trains will be more reliable than the buses today, but wont hold my breath on that! Not certain where, just get out in the sun for a few hours somewhere, thats all.

Lastly, for all the cricket fans here, I saw the most amazing game tonight on Sky, Sussex v Gloucestershire. 40 overs, over 420 runs, and a 37 ball century from Scott Styris. Not many sides score over 190 in 20 overs and lose, but Gloucestershire did!

The music, an absolute oldie, and the least said about the sideburns, the better! But it just seems suitable, for a few days at least

Biting the dust

Its amazing just how many times, and how often sports commentators can put their feet firmly in their mouths. And yes, alright,.its so funny when it all goes wrong for them.

All summer long, the Sky cricket team have been going on about how brilliant the England cricket team are, and how only the weather stopped them being the No 1 team in all 3 versions, and then they play against a decent team, and oh dear! Things looked so bright for them on Thursday, a great start against South Africa, but since then, oh dear! A quick collapse on Friday, but still they were saying how the bowlers would do so well. Err…

South Africa declared today at 637-2, a lead of 252 over what England managed with all their batsmen! Still, as they were saying even then, the wicket is so good, that England will just bat out for a draw. Next time I looked, they were 65-3! By the close they’d reached 102-4, but still 150 behind, with a full day to play, and most of their batting gone! No, by then I watching another sport (more¬†in a moment), so I have no idea how the awfully biased commentary team coped with that.

Ah, but I was still going to watch a sporting collapse, little did I know. Yes, the end of the Open. I turned on to hear the BBC commentators saying that Adam Scott only had to keep going to win the title (4 clear, with about 4 holes to play), and they couldnt see him not doing that. Oh. dear, 4 over par for the last 4 holes, and  he presented the title on a plate to Ernie Els!

I¬†know, I’ve never been in that position, nor am I ever likely to be, so I have no idea how hard doing what they do is, but I suspect its not easy. But its not them that amuse me, its those commentators who only succeed in putting their feet in their mouths, and not learning by it. I know, live commentary doesnt give you time to think too much, but clearly in the case of the cricket commentators at least, they get provided with rose tinted glasses.

So, in tribute to those clever folks behind the microphones, I pay¬†respects with…

Mountains in the bra

And no, thats not the name of the song this time around, though you could work out the cryptic connection by looking at one of the artists lol! Light hearted element to this post, btw.

Back in the good old days when I was first buying bras, I was in Primark deciding what to buy. And guess what, I saw something called shaper bras on sale, and thought that maybe they were a good idea, especially as my curves were much smaller back then. I innocently assumed that it meant they would simply shape my growing cleavage for me, maybe helping them to get a bit rounder, and fuller.

Err, wrong. As I soon found out, the aim of said bras is to make you look like you have a figure like Dolly Parton (hint to the music), regardless of the size of your boobs within the bra. But even more ironic, not only do they give you the Dolly look, when wearing said bras, it feels like you’ve got Dolly sized boobs too! I have no idea what the bra is made of, but it makes them feel so heavy, its amazing.

Yes, you’re right, secretly, I love the feel it gives me, absolutely amazing. Who wouldnt feel good, feeling that stacked, lol? But seriously, I’ve never worn them outdoors, for the obvious reason, that without an amazing makeover, I suspect they would just be a bit too much! Not that I’m that flat chested in a support bra nowadays, but I dont come close to filling this. Maybe one day I should go out in one, just to see the reaction? I suspect if I did, it would probably be in the US, where I seem to get a higher natural¬†female factor anyway, but even so…I wonder if I would carry myself differently knowing, hmm?

And no, I havent bought any more shaper bras, or any plunge ones strangely enough, cant think why? Generally support bras to be honest, the odd t-shirt ones, as they seem to give them the best support.

The video, well, what else could you call my pair when they look like they do at present? Maybe a pair of Islands in the stream? ūüėČ

Living In A Material World?

Something happened yesterday that made me wonder just how crazy this world is at times?

No, nothing serious, just that the pin in my watchstrap split, leaving the watch dangling from my arm. Yes, I caught it, and besides which, its only a cheap one, think it was £6 when I got it, and thats the whole point. To get a new strap for this watch, will cost me about the same as a new watch of the same kind, crazy or what? The snag with that, is the few days I will be without a watch, waiting for it to arrive from Amazon, or the like.

No, I dont want the strap as a giveaway, or for watches¬†to be more expensive at the budget end of the market, just think its a crazy thing¬†if you are trying to be environmentally friendly, thats all. Ironically, when I had this strap fitted (I’ve had the watch a while, and¬†the original strap did the same thing), I got a 2 year guarantee on the strap from the provider, and I’m still within that period. Snag,¬†where I got it from has¬†stopped doing business¬†in the current¬†recession lol! So, all I’ve got is a worthless bit of paper…!

I probably will get a strap, if not tomorrow (when time is a premium), more likely Thursday, when hours suit work wise, though I will hate being without one tomorrow if I do that.¬† I did have a second watch, but it vanished when my room was redecorated while on holiday, and has never been seen since. Probably just buried somewhere, but ah well…

Anyone know of any 20’s style, budget ladies watches btw? ūüėČ Should really have a second watch regardless, and that would be so much fun to have. Modern workings, old fashioned looks.

The video, a woman I enjoyed the music of, way back then, when Madonna’s style was more fun. I’m not really a Material Girl in that sense, more the one who just wants to have fun, but anyway…I do love that dress though!

The Wonderful British Summer

Well, ideally I’d be writing this at the halfway point of the Ireland v Afghanistan 4 day match, but unsurprisingly this summer, that hasnt happened. In fact, due to the ‘wonderful’ summer that we’ve had over here, not a ball has been bowled in the first 2 days. And ironically now, we are both better off points wise with a ball not being bowled, unless a result could be forced in 2 days, a highly unlikely event.

I know, British summers arent renowned for wonderful weather (with a few humble exceptions, I vaguely remember), but this one has been absolutely dismal. At this rate they’ll be able to¬†hold the Olympic swimming events¬†at the main athletics arena! We’ve had a few warm (but wet) days, and an awful lot of cold/chilly (and wet) ones in all honesty. At the present moment all I can hope for is some decent weather when I get to the US in September, though knowing my luck, I’ll take this lousy weather with me, and that will be the only decent week over here!

Apologies for the moaning post btw, but this weather is really getting to me, sorry. No, never, nothing to do with it affecting Irish cricket, and if you believe that… And alright, another early start in the morning does nothing to cheer me either.

Good news, yes, there is some. Had a good massage today, and the back is happier for it. Legs arent complaining now either! Also had a nice meal out tonight, with good company, so…not all is bad lol.

The song tonight, pretty apt for this dismal summer, I guess?

Once In A Lifetime

Well, I held fire on this, just in case I was able to talk about a British man winning the singles title at Wimbledon, but it wasnt to be. But hang on, a British player did win a mens title this weekend, but not one that anyone would really have known about before the last few days. Jonathan Marray was one half of the winning doubles team yesterday, the first win by a Brit in the Mens doubles for 76 years! And guess what, he’s from Yorkshire! ūüôā

Alright, I hadnt really heard of him before the last few days either, but anyway…So, given even now the average lifespan, that could be¬†a once in a lifetime moment. Certainly 2 finalists in the same Wimbledon definitely could be just that. Murray may well make another final in the next few years, but any others doing so? Hmm?

Not that things will get any lighter at work, in less than 3 weeks time, we have the Olympics for just over a fortnight! All I can say is that in 10 weeks time, I wont be writing a blog in Yorkshire. No, not retiring, thankfully I will be on holiday, across the Atlantic yet again. Maybe something once in a lifetime can happen for me, a new life in the US? No, things like that never happen in real life, especially for me, but you never know? ūüėČ

Oh go on, you’ve worked out the video tonight, I’m sure? Same as it ever was? All I can say is thanks to Andy Murray, for giving me the chance to post this Talking Heads classic

Born on the 4th of July

No, not me, nor the film, this is about a certain country across the Atlantic from me. Yes, the USA is 236 years old today, in terms of independence from the UK¬†at least. Seems kind of ironic now, given the relative size, and strengths of both countries, isnt it? Alright, I’ll resist the old 51st state joke…just! ūüėČ And yes, I’m hoping that all my American readers are having a wonderful day today.

Its interesting to consider, if my Irish ancestors had gone left, instead of right just over 100 years ago,¬†well I might be celebrating today as well! But thats history, nothing I could control, so…I’m here in England instead! Could it have been Kansas? Well I doubt it very much, but you can never tell lol!

No, I’ve never been in the US for todays celebrations, or for Thanksgiving, but maybe sometime in the future I will. Snag is, while working, July isnt a good time to be taking holidays as far as work is concerned. And November is a little late in the year, unless you choose your destination carefully lol! Besides which, I see these as family celebrations, so I would feel like I was butting in to some degree if I did. I know one wonderful man who will say otherwise if he sees that comment though.

I’m not certain if summer has finally arrived, temperatures are finally heading into the high 60’s, and its even stopped raining, though probably not for long, this summer!¬†Forecast for the weekend would certainly suggest it wont last long!

The music, what could be more apt than this today? Brought to you from the icon that is Fenway Park, on the day it turned 100. Just enjoy…

Anyone for tennis?

Yes, I know we are in the middle of Wimbledon fortnight by now, but better late than never! At least Euro 2012 is now over, though just to cheer me up, qualifiers for both the Champions League, and Europa Cup start this week, what a depressing thought!

No, tennis isnt a big sport for me, though I have my perverse moments when I show interest in Andy Murray, even now. And alright, it does help in the sense that the cricket is rained out again tonight, shock horror with this awful summer we’re having here.

And guess what? Its raining at Wimbledon, but there is still live tennis, on one court at least. But lets not talk about those men playing tennis now, lets talk ladies tennis. Back in the old days, there were lady tennis players who made me look feminine. And that was long¬†before I even realised that¬†I wasnt really a guy, it has to be said. There were one¬†or two who were all woman (one was so buxom,¬†she must have had a very strong bra!), but¬†a good number of them looked like some of the male players lol! Oh, and shock horror, a good number of them were lesbians, either openly, or slightly less so. Stories got out, but, as nothing was official… Oh, and of course, one transgendered player, Renee Richards.

Nowadays not only are seemingly the vast majority thoroughly hetro, a number of them take time out to have babies! And yes, alright, a good number of them are quite pretty as well. Alright, there are still those like Serena Williams, but…lol, far¬†less of them!

When I was at school, and for a few years afterwards, I went to a day at Wimbledon, but that was a very long time ago. Funniest memory of that, on an outside court, I watched a match involving a young, slightly loud qualifier from the US, not really taking much notice at the time. But everyone took notice of him for many years to come after that. His name? John McEnroe! And I saw him play his second ever match at Wimbledon, hows that? Ah, the memories.

The video, slightly obtuse, given what the lyrics actually¬†‘suggest’, but the video features exercise, and does include Olivia Newton John swinging a tennis racket, so…