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The hazard of wearing heels

And I dont mean wearing high heels either, I know they hurt, but thankfully at my height (5ft 10 or so) is that I really dont have to wear them unless I’m feeling daft, crazy or something, or the day I head to Royal Ascot or the like, now wouldnt that be something!

No, I mean just little wedge type heels, nothing drastic, only an inch or two at most, but you should see the state of my feet, and ‘hear the complaints’ I get now lol! Why write this today, well I’m off to the podiatrist later, and I know she’s going to say something. I dont know why its got this way the last few months, I’ve been wearing this type of shoes for nearly 2 years now, but its only just started happening as badly as this, no idea why? And no, I have absolutely no desire to wear stilletos lol!

As I say, I dont need to wear heeled shoes at all, but I cant deny I do enjoy the feel of doing so, well other than when my feet complain loudly of course! Maybe if I’d worn them all my life, my feet might be used to them by now, but anyway…? I have now got a new pair, with supposedly more comfortable inners, but of course, until I get my feet done, its hard to tell how much better they are really. So after today…

Oh, and finally, for those who only come here for the video links…guess what I need for the winter? Mind, I’m not looking for heels, but…a 60’s fashion ‘classic, as well as a fun song. I suppose in a sense this has a bit of a female dominant feel to it, so if any man wants ‘Mistress Stephanie’ to demand he buys her a pair of boots lol? 😉 Size, style etc on request, and no, cheapies are fine. breath holding, nope! Anyone worked it out before clicking the link?