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Good luck ladies, make us proud!

Quick word of warning, anyone expecting impartiality, and a lack of bias in this posting should probably go elsewhere now! The rest of you, pull on something green, and settle down for a quick read.

I’m sure if cricket is mentioned to most, then they think of men playing cricket, not women. Wrong, Irish women play as well, have had a pretty good summer, winning their division in the English county championship, and all that.

But this isnt about what happened during the summer, though it was pretty good all the same. Today, according to that wonderful Cricket Ireland website, the Ireland ladies cricket team left these shores, for the World Cup qualifiers starting next week in Bangladesh. 4 teams out of the 10 will qualify for the WC in 2013, so it isnt going to be easy, but all the same, I know they will do all us fans proud! Oh, and I know a couple of famous names of Irish male cricket (Jeremy Bray and Trent Johnston) will help to keep them in hand too.

A couple of the players have a famous surname in Irish cricket, that being Joyce, hopefully one or two might have heard of some chap named Ed, who is quite a handy batsman so I’m told! 😉 Still to see him live, as he had more important matters in hand when I was over in Belfast for the Namibia games, becoming a father! Belated congrats to him, should he by some miracle see this!

Quite the remarkable thing though, is the age of 2 of the players, and so talented at such a young age. Kim Garth is I believe still 16, Elena Tice incredibly is only 13, but both are totally deservedly in the squad. So yes, Ireland doesnt only produce fine young cricket men, but ladies as well! 🙂

Yes, I try to follow (of sorts) all Irish international cricket, as this posting shows. The men will get their time in the spotlight in the spring when they have a qualifying tournament for the 20 over World Cup later that year, I promise them that, again if any of them see this. Highly unlikely, but…

The video is not new, if anyone has anything relating to the current squad, I’d love a link, but in the meanwhile…this was posted last year, so I suspect many of the players are the same anyway.

Have a safe trip to Bangladesh, have a wonderful, and hopefully successful time while you are there. Sadly I can only be with you in spirit at this time. Make us even more proud of you all, you know you can do it!