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Catching up on events

Yes, I humbly apologise to anyone who might have been concerned about my impending death after Tuesday’s posting, but thankfully, or otherwise, depending on your opinion of me, I’m still here.

So lets catch up on the events of the latter part of the week, then if you’re good, I’ll come up with something more interesting tomorrow.

You could say that a couple more rare events happened on Wednesday, in truth. Firstly, for the first time in a long while, I made a book sale. Yes, only one, but its been so long, anything is good. Funnily enough, I had advertised one of my books that morning, on Facebook, care of that anniversary thing they have, to annoy people, or otherwise. But equally ironic, that wasnt the one I made a sale on! If anyone does want to take a chance on my books, a link is though you can find me under the same author name at other popular places too.

The other pleasant surprise I got on Wednesday, was a reward from a hotel group I’m a member of. A while back, I did a survey for them, and there were some prizes of a £10 Amazon certificate, and amazingly, I got one! No, I havent done anything with it yet, still pondering on that. Sadly, I’ve failed to find any genuine space craft on sale for £10! 😛 So I’m expecting it will either be something to wear, or something to eat, but undecided as yet.

Beyond that, and the main reason why its been so long since I wrote, I’ve been out doing interviews, and things. Had one over Bradford on Thursday, which I battled through, much as usual, which I suspect will probably bring the expected result, a lack of success. But hey, this week, who knows? Yesterday, I done my signing on in the morning, then headed over to Leeds, to register at an agency, as requested. Yes, I’m getting ever more cynical about these places, because when I got there, they told me that recruitment for this role had been suspended that morning. If I didnt know better, I would cynically think they never existed, but anyway, we will see.

Lastly, given a pair of successes this week, I decided to give the Lotteries a go this weekend. Well, last night, on the Euro Millions one, I got 1 number. Yes, no prize. I suspect tonight, with the UK one, will be more of the same, but I can hope, for a few more hours at least!

Oh, and my American ‘boy friend’ still seems to be in love with me, despite a few more postings showing I’m clearly not a natural woman. Who knows, maybe he knows, and doesnt care, but I dont see it that way, to be honest. But hey, I dont hide things, so…maybe one day I will get married, as a blushing bride. Yeah, stop laughing! Me, a wife, in California, you have to be joking, surely!

Right, the video. Something from a TV show from the 60’s, that I’ve found. Seems these 2 fine ladies are still going strong, at 79! Yes, married, I might get some day, but dont expect to see me holding my breath on that.


I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas

No, its not quite the song title, but its certainly the more apt version over here at present, with our current weather. Thankfully there is no flooding here, but its been pretty awful in the South West of England, thats for sure. I hope Santa has got some scuba gear for delivery purposes down there lol! Seriously, I feel so sorry for those whose Christmas will be ruined by this awful weather, but in all honesty, its barely stopped raining all year over here!

Still, better than the 2 foot of snow dumped on parts of the US last week, including, yes, you’ve guessed it, Kansas!

Presents, well, I know one, a bottle of wine from work, which I’m hanging on to, as I dont have many to open on the day, so have added that to my collection for the big day. Tomorrow, I’m going out, but not into town, you wouldnt get me going there for all the tea in China, it will be crazy down there, if not worse! No, going in the opposite direction, getting my nails touched up, and needed massage and facial, for my aching limbs, and rain, and wind battered face. Will look, and feel better at least, even if beauty is a miracle needed beyond that lol!

Out for Christmas dinner on Tuesday, pretty sure it will be a blouse and skirt look, got a nice matching green set, and they would be favourite at present. Mind, the dress is still in the wardrobe, so…but its a big outsider lol!

And then, back to work Boxing Day! Yes, thats it for the holidays for me lol!

So finally, I’d like to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and thanks for reading all my little pieces through the year. Yes, I’m sure there will be at least 1 more post in 2012, but better safe than sorry. The video, yes, I think you’ve worked it out by now