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Forever Autumn

On this side of the Atlantic at least, its now official, summertime is over. Oh, agreed, summer has been over for a while now, but in these times, we stay on summertime, clock wise, for about 7 months now, but yes, this morning, we got our hour of sleep back, that we gave up in March. Yes, all my American readers, you still have a week to go before you get that, and indeed you start summertime a week, or two before us, so it must be nearly 8 months for you?

Of course, normally, at some point in the year, you get your hour back. Unless, like for me 2 years ago, you’re on the wrong side of the change when the UK change, but have crossed back before the US does. I suppose that strictly I got it, as the flight arrival time would have been different for that week, but of course, it doesnt feel the same that way lol!

No, I’m not going to comment on the winter weather this year, as the so called experts, for the 4th year running, are forecasting a really cold winter. Yes, thats right, the last 3 years, never happened! So…I guess they have to be right sometime, but for now…? Fingers crossed they’re wrong again, especially now I’m an old crock lol!

Of course, not everyone gets a cold winter anyway. Though yes, I’ll be hoping Southern California can get another wet winter, and then hopefully the drought issue can really go away for a few years. And of course, anyone reading this in the Southern Hemisphere is just getting ready for summer!

And agreed, unlike the blog title, and indeed the video (shock horror, lol), it wont be forever autumn, because winter will come around, and then spring, and the clocks will go forward again unless some idiots unleash nuclear war on the world at least!…rolls eyes…

Of course, talking of wars, and the world leads us to tonights video. Thats because this song is actually from the incredible Jeff Wayne musical, The War Of The Worlds. So tonight, you have a choice (assuming you even listen to these pieces?). If you have 13 minutes to spare, then watch this

You get an extra song, lots of Richard Burton, and a great live performance. If you dont have 13 minutes, then just have the main song