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Goodbye ESPN America, I will miss you

To be honest, I dont watch an awful lot of TV with sound. Before that confuses anyone, given where I work, we have masses of screens on, for the racing, for the football (soccer) and other sports, but for obvious reasons, given its a call centre, we dont have any sound on, 99% of the time. Yes, there are a few occasions when the sound goes on, but not very often.

At home, where I can have sound on, the viewing is limited. Pretty much BBC News, Sky Sports (mainly for cricket), and ESPN America for Baseball, College Football, and other things. Sadly for me, tomorrow is the last full day of ESPN America on TV. Why, its something that annoys me even more, is because of Football on TV politicking!

Basically BT Sports have bulldozed in on the football market, and have bought up the ESPN channels over here, and are only keeping the main channel in action.Even if they do (seemingly unlikely) continue to show baseball, there is no agreement with Virgin Media, so its gone for me anyway.

Let me explain. Most of the Premier League football up to the last season was on Sky Sports. ESPN had 1 or 2 games as well in a week, as well as showing plenty of other football. I didnt care, never watched the channel, as people know, I cant stand football! But I did watch its sister channel, ESPN America. Mainly for the baseball, yes, but other things too. As well as college football, they do some fantastic documentaries in the 30 for 30 series. Only Sunday, on an early shift, I sat engrossed as I watched a feature on a 1962 college football team who remained unbeaten during the season, but that was barely the feature of the film. Yes, it was Mississippi, in the days of segregation, about the first black pupil at the college. Oh wow! Unbelievable now to think that 50 years ago, in the Deep South, that was still going on. Did you know Michael Jordan played baseball, as well as basketball? I wouldnt have done, but for another film in this series.

But seriously, apart from the baseball, which I will seriously miss, there is one gem that I will miss just as much. You’ve probably missed it, its broadcast at 6 am, then again at 7 am, Tuesday to Saturday over here, and its called Around The Horn, hilarious stuff. Mainly because of one man, a genius called Woody Paige. The rest are good, but when Woody is on, its crazy!

So all I can say is, thanks ESPN America, for all the good memories, I’m going to miss you.

For those of you who have never seen Woody in action, here’s your chance

A general catch up piece

Sorry, its been a while, work and a few other things are responsible for that. Normal service will resume at some point in the next few days, I promise you.

So right, catch up time. The photo shoot, well I lied, it happened on Tuesday, not Monday, but hey, it happened, and it was lots of fun. I’m told the pics look good, and certainly what I saw, on the camera, that seems to be the case. Official viewing was going to be Tuesday, but is now on a short delay, as the photographer has been called down south on a family issue. Still, should be soon, really looking forward to seeing the results.

A couple of styles that were most Brooks-ish, a few shots in a fur coat (fake, which I suspect Louise’s were not), and lots more in a gorgeous sparkly top, and hat, including some with me playing with a feather boa, great fun. Some other outfits too, hopefully I can get some in a way that will enable me to post them on here. Certainly some great stuff for a 20’s style author, that is for sure.

Talking of which, at some point next week, I will be posting up my 3rd story as an ebook, an absolute Louise Brooks homage, with some nice OMD cameo touches too. Yes, I’ll let you know when its up, feel free to purchase that, or my other 2 books btw. Please do, 17 sales in all so far, but wouldnt mind a few more. Oh, and in setting up Paypal, to get all those royalties, I had to name the company, went for the obvious, Merry Brooks Publishing. No, I dont ever expect it to make the FT-100 lol!

Oh, and a piece of silliness yesterday. The Euromillions lottery thing (no, I havent bought any lottery ticket in years!) had a special yesterday, instead of 1 guaranteed millionaire, as they normally do (we pay 2 pounds, as opposed to 2 Euros, so they have to give back some way), they were guaranteeing 100. So I joined in with the office syndicate of 9, but we didnt win a thing. So no upgrade on the flight to the US in September, 8 weeks today in fact. Ah well…

The video, go back to that paragraph about the book, and you get the answer. Different mix, no idea which one, but some interesting shots of Louise, including a brief segment of her in the 70’s, when you get to hear her speak.

Yes, 8 weeks from now, I will be a long, long way from here, even if it wont be Kansas! Enjoy

Oh, last thing, get better soon, Malc Holmes, after suffering from heat exhaustion during a Toronto concert, where it was meant to be 115 in the hall! I know you arent on the original recording of this, but you’ve played it a few times since then. All my best wishes to him, and the rest of the band.

Just An Old fashioned Girl

Well, as always with me, I never believe something is going to happen to me, until it actually happens, but…it seems likely I’m getting a photo session done on Monday, and even better, it will be vintage style. No, I dont know if it will be 20’s, or a more recent era, but it will be fun, whenever its from, assuming it happens. Yes, I know, it should, but I’m a natural born pessimist lol!

And yes, if it does, I will post at least one picture in the blog, I promise you. The added bonus of it being a vintage look, is that it will fit in with my author persona, even more so if it is a 20’s look. And yes, I do mean 1920’s, not some fantastic silver item of the future that we dont even know about yet lol! Sadly in a sense, the hairstyle would be mine. I know my wig wearing days should be in the past, but if I could get hold of a nice black helmet bob wig (like the ones the dummies in BHS Leeds get to wear) then that would be even better. But given this is Friday evening, and its happening Monday lunchtime, I dont think it will.

Make up and hair done, so I shouldnt look too shabby, should I? 🙂 Certainly it will be fun regardless, and despite the flappers generally being younger than me, oh, who cares, darling?

Before that, I’ve a long weekend at work to look forward to, ah well…but maybe on Monday, boop, boop a doo!

The video, well continuing with the 20’s thing

This is the Starship Enterprise

No, it isnt really, just a silly piece in tribute to the extra monitor now placed on the Escalated Agent desk at work. Yes, it is greedy, but in a sense it was needed, just looks weird, and takes some getting used to using, thats all, especially for old biddies like me.

Seriously, it was needed, due to the fact that the Admin system we use in that role, doesnt leave a visible taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Therefore, when you had to jump on the phone to help out with a queue, or at other times when nothing is happening on that front, changing between that screen, and anything else you wanted to look at, was a bit of a nightmare. Instant, in either direction just couldnt be done.

Whereas now…

Last night I was simply flicking from one monitor to the other, the office system on one monitor screen, everything else on the other thing, wonderful stuff. Only thing was, it felt like I was on a flight deck or something, switching the mouse between the 2 monitors to deal with everything. Fine maybe, if you’re a young whizz kid, but for someone like me, a bit strange. But I will get used to it, I’m sure.

But for now, given what it reminded me of, I thought this video apt. Having said that, the song is so awful, I wouldnt blame you for not playing it, just acknowledging it.

A Land Down Under

Anyone who cant work out the video, you’re either too young, or lying to yourselves lol! 😛

Though funnily enough, this piece isnt about Australia, or even the Ashes (which happens to start tomorrow), its about another cricket team, Ireland.

Today, with 2 matches to spare, not only did Ireland qualify for the 2015 World Cup (in Australia, and NZ), they earned the tie that guarantees they have won the group. There might be 2 more games in September against Scotland, but apart from pride (and there will be plenty of that), they arent so important for us now. Oh, and not only that, but the concurrent 4 day competition, they are in the final of that too, again with a game to spare, and all but guaranteed to finish top of the league too.

No, I dont expect to get to Australia in 2015. Apart from the sheer expense, I’m not sure my body could endure flights to and from there, its one of the reasons why I’ve put west coast of US holidays on hold for now. So I guess I’ll settle for watching on Sky, probably mainly highlights, as it will be happening overnight here, and I have to go to work! Ah well…

But guys, if by any chance any of you, or any of the support team do, glad you made it, and I’m proud of you. But please, not as tight as today, its not good for the nerves at my age!

The video, yes it is, but a live version, just for a change.

Having A Heatwave

Oh my, things are starting to warm up now, I think summer has finally arrived, and allegedly will be around for a while now. How long before people (probably including me) are complaining that its too hot! Ah well…

So, what are the tennis commentators going to go on about now, given that the long count of years since a Brit won the men’s singles at Wimbledon is over? I managed to catch the end of it at least, and saw the magic moment. I was also following a far more important victory today, that of the Ireland cricket team against Holland. Another victory on Tuesday, and they are at the next cricket world cup in Australia in 2015 with a round of matches to spare. They are already in the Inter Continental cup final with a match to spare as well, and that without most of their county players.

In other news, its now official, I’m an ebook author. If you want to know more details, ask, but otherwise thats the only news you get about it, on this side of the blogs at least. No, I dont expect to make my fortune, but it will be fun. The signing tour, somehow I doubt it!

The video, yes, you might have worked it out, and yes, its sung by a blonde. But not Marilyn, or me (thank goodness), its the one and only Miss Piggy!

If you prefer Marilyn, and I expect some will, just find it on You Tube!

Well I wanted the bob look!

Yes, I had my hair highlighted and cut today, was a bit overdue to be honest, but with work, and things of late, its taken me until now to find the time to get it done. But yes, as Linda put it this afternoon, when I went to get my nails done, and my face, err, facialled, for want of a better word, its lighter now. But then again, that was always the plan.

The thing is, the 2 ladies working in the hairdressers were commenting about a client coming in later in the week, who had always had the same style, for, well, a long period, shall we say? And to be honest, until recently, I’d been much the same. Then just before the Christmas do last year, when I had it highlighted, I asked for what I termed a long bob. In the sense of bottom of the neck, but shaped accordingly. Looked good, gave me my ‘sort of’ desired bob look, without going too boyish in doing so. Yes, as you know, going too boyish would be an issue for me lol!

So anyway, I rose to the bait (or non bait), even if the comment hadnt been aimed at me, and asked her what style she thought I should have. “Back of the neck?” she asked, and I assumed she meant the normal zone, near the bottom, and said yes. Ah, she meant it literally, and now judging by this picture of Louise Brooks, its not much longer than hers!

I should imagine this is a 1930’s picture, going by the lack of the famous helmet fringe, but seems the normal length she chose. If anyone needs a pic of her more famous fringe, try this

My current look, well apart from the blonde highlights, see the first picture as a good guide. Actually, it prides me to say I’ve got slightly more fringe than that! 🙂 But no, nowhere near to that in the second picture lol. So yes, I’ve got the Louise Brooks bob! Just hope that it doesnt look too boyish is all I can say. At least I’ve got 2 assets that make me look less boyish lol!

Big challenge at work tomorrow, will anyone notice? Probably not, but…

Oh, the video, another classic character from that era