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Her name was Rio

Yes, I started the Olympics with one of the blatantly obvious videos, so lets end it with the other!

I’ll be honest, I havent seen a lot of it. To a great degree because a lot of the main events have happened in the middle of the night, our time, but also, because for once, it wasnt relevant to my work, unlike 4 years ago! About the only thing I’ve seen much of, live, was the mens golf, and in truth, that was because I’m involved in a golf tipping competition, and that was part of the challenge.

There have been a few highlights, the most medals won by any GB team, though I assume thats strictly got some cut off point in history, given we won 146 medals in 1908, and its nowhere near that number! But its given the BBC something to talk about, even if by all reports, their coverage has tended to verge between bad, and embarrassing!

Also, I do wonder if the absence of most of the Russian teams has played a part in that, but lets not go down that road. I’m cynical as to how many athletes are genuinely clean, its just that some have been caught, and others havent? Yes, thats a big reason for my lack of interest, in all honesty.

We’ve also had the robbery that never was. How those US swimmers, in these days of social media, and CCTV expected to get away with that, I will never know? Lastly, and saddest for me, is the carving up of events for the Paralympics, due to what the Brazilians are calling budget issues. Nothing to do with the fact that tickets sales for that are very slow in Brazil, a country with a record of lack of concern for disabled people, anyway.

But fine, thats it, until Tokyo has its second time, in 2020, part of an Asian domination, given the next 2 winter Olympics (2018 South Korea, 2022 China) are there as well. Where will we all be then, who knows?

Yes, as I said, the obvious closing video, after Mike Nesmith started it.

Is there something I should know?

So fine, I survived the training period, and now I get ready to get down to the serious stuff. Well, when I say survived, some might say I did better than that. At various points over the fortnight, we had to sit various assessments, and get 80% or better on them, or face a resit, and who knows? Seemingly, what I saw from others, it was never a critical event regardless. Who, me? Fine, lowest mark I got was 85%, and I averaged 89.3% over the lot, not that the average really mattered to anyone other than myself. And yes, big test, got 90%, so… But fine, the Customer Service side of it, in a training sense, other than rustiness, should never have been an issue for me, anyway.

The training for technical service, which starts in a fortnight, might be a whole different matter, but I’ll give it a go. Yes, fine, I know, but I’m more into being controlled by tech, than me controlling it lol! The one personal blessing over the next fortnight, with the exception of 1 day (next Saturday), is a slightly later start, at 10.30, so I might get slightly more sleep than now, which will be a blessing. Later finish too, obviously, but not so bad that it should affect my time to bed, with luck. Yes, a weekday off, on Tuesday, I’ll see if I can come up with anything brilliant, and different for that! Feel free to suggest, mind. Tomorrow, I’m told will be more about getting my email, and systems set up, and not taking calls, but then, on Wednesday, after our day off. dip my feet in the water again.

Of course, with luck, something else is going to come and whisk me away from there, very soon. No, not a series of acting performances in the US, I only wish! No, the preferred job in Bradford, hopefully the checks will be sorted soon, and I can move on to that one. Later start, better money, less travel costs, and all that. Fine, I’ll have to start buying my meal again, but I can live with that!

Oh lastly, a couple of things from spending a little time on the call center floor. Firstly, they use wireless headphones, definitely a new thing to me, but I like the idea of it. Sadly they dont seem to send a signal to take control of your mind, but fine, I’m probably the only one who would enjoy that! Yes, I was doing some call listening. Once it was sorted out how to let me listen in on calls, it was quite interesting. Lets say that the guy I was with Thursday, did a good job. Calls, making me feel welcome, the works! Then Friday, I was paired with a woman, and I could say that I learnt how not to do a good job of it. She couldnt understand why her probation period had been extended, but I could!

Ah well, in for a penny, and all that…The other big challenge will be making the finances balance, until the end of August, when I get the first full pay packet, but hopefully I survive?

The video. You could say that after training, this shouldnt be the case, but who knows?