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gender identity equality?

Yesterday at work, I saw this item (or a similar one at NBC, which I cant find as quickly) about Obama again seeking to get the bill through the Senate which will make it illegal to discriminate against someone job wise, or job interview wise, due to their sexual preferences, or gender identity. Seriously, my main annoyance with this is that its taken so long to actually get to this point, and even now, may only pass by the barest majority permitted.

That article

To be honest, if passed, this may well work in terms of someone currently employed, but I still feel that in terms of interviews, the dice are still loaded, especially against trans people. And before anyone points out that I am trans, and have a job, well thats because I’m in a job that I started before I made things official! Whether they would take me on now, with the same skills, well, maybe they would, but I think it might be a more challenging issue somehow. Not that I currently have any plans to put it to the test (besides which, this legislation relates to the US, and I’m in the UK), but would be interesting to see any reaction if I did. There might be employers who would take me on regardless, but I bet there are a few, where if I was a natural woman, my chances of employment would be far greater!

Strictly, I have had one interview since then, for a promotion at work, but didnt get it. But no, I only applied for the job because it was ‘suggested’ to me that I should, as I didnt consider I was suitably qualified in the first place. So to me, it doesnt count as discrimination, just that there were better candidates for the jobs.

Would I get a job in the US at present, if I was legally allowed to do so? Given many over there think I’m a woman anyway, I’d like to think I’d get a fair crack on merit, but who knows? Instinct says yes though, and that if I didnt get it, it would only be because I wasnt good enough.

So, I wish this bill success, but just wish we didnt need it in the first place! So employers (reading this?), if the best person for the job is openly transgender, can you put your hand on your heart and honestly say they’d get the job? Interesting test, isnt it?

The video, classic 4 minute pop, which is what the situation might be, if there truly was no gender identity issues in the world