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She walks, quite easily in fact

OK, the sentiment relates more to Bride of Frankenstein than Metropolis, but besides that…But in actuality, my little bit of hair that I have left is a mix of dark, and white, just like Elsa Lanchester in the film, though sadly I wasnt given the lightning treatment, but other than that…

I have done a bit of walking of late, partly because I’m determined to try and improve my mobility, and partly because while in the warmth, and safety of the hospital, why not? But outdoors, havent really done more than a couple of hundred yards at any single time until today. Not that I walked a mile today, about 600 yards at most each way, with a nice gap in between trips, but I did it, and it wasnt too bad at all. Agreed, it helped the only real road I had to cross both ways, I timed it well traffic wise, just as well, because I’m still pretty slow but better than I was.

In truth, I feel better now all that hair is gone, even if I hadnt really noticed how much I now had until I tried to put the wig on at least. Yes, funnily enough, it fits very nicely now, lol. No, havent yet matched the outfit to the hair, but thats coming tomorrow for sure. Well, providing the over 10 year old silver Lycra suit doesnt fall apart with age when I try to put it on. Seems OK, but giving it a little stretch, and trying to actually put it on might be different issues?

Though yes, hair wise at least, I’ve been a silver lady ever since I got back from hairdressers, and fine, I’m loving it. I’m not sure whether Eric didnt notice it, decided to ignore it, or just not comment once I had it on, but anyway? Ella did at least, the moment she saw it, in a positive way. I’m not sure how the hospital staff would take to it if I wore it next Thursday to the meet the staff/machine appointment, so I guess the safe thing will be to go as a redhead, but maybe…?

Funny, next week is the last non 5 day week of travel to Leeds for a while, though I now have 2 trips over there at least. As well as the one mentioned, the rearranged Occupational Therapy appointment is now on Tuesday afternoon, for which I will definitely have to be a redhead. Short bob, or shoulder length look though? Choices, choices, as those 2 wigs are due to arrive on Monday. But fine, I admit it, I do love the silver look to the hair in truth, though I will need a newer, and less figure hugging clothing option if I’m going to match that in look, for sure. Well, people have been asking what I wanted for Christmas, so… Might also want a better quality silver wig too, lol! I know, but I thought this was only for fun, but the look is definitely growing on me!

I know one thing that probably wont be growing on me after the next 7 weeks or so, travelling to Leeds, and back! But other than that…

So, to the video. Well I walked to the hairdressers today, and then walked back, happier with the hair length, so…



These things happen in pairs

Yes, a play on words, in a literal sense tonight.

Shortly before Christmas, my trusty ankle boots basically gave way at the seams. They werent expensive, they have given great service, so in that sense, no complaints whatsoever. Well, other than that the place I got them from no longer seems to sell them, but…ah well, new pair needed.

So fine, even though over here, it hasnt been brutally cold (yet), I went over to my furry winter boots, to get me through to the New Year, when I might actually get a chance to go shopping for some new ones, next week in fact. Guess what I noticed a few days back, they are beginning to give way, in the same area, though thats more the moulding giving way, than any seams. Yes, again, they’ve given great service, but why do they all have to go at the same time?

Strictly, I still have 1 pair of boots in good condition, barely worn, so fine. But OK, these are calf boots, white, a little silliness I bought a while back. Yes, I should just wear them anyway, but they are a ‘little cheeky’ for work. Thankfully the winter boots are still usable, so I will probably stick with them, but I do think the calf boots might be fun…and all dominant, and the like, grin!

And oh, to add to all that expense, I’ve needed a new pair of slippers as well for a while, something else I will have to buy next week, aargh. They are still wearable, but showing their age horribly, so…

I dont know, is there such a thing as vintage style boots? If there is, are there any at a sensible price? Or are boots something that havent changed a lot over the years, other than material, presumably? I hear about, and buy too much vintage, and vintage style clothing, but never seem to hear about vintage footwear, thats all?

Hopefully, work will come through…let me explain. At the beginning of December, we had details of a contest come around by email, I think they called it a snowball or something. So me, who never wins anything, gave it a go anyway. Announcement of the main prizes, nothing, unsurprisingly. Anyway, last Monday, as I was heading to make a coffee, on a break (I know, me make a coffee, never known!) I passed the bosses, and got called over. Now, as far as I knew I’d done nothing wrong, so…seems I did win one of the lesser prizes, the equivalent of a load of cash, in points, to use in the company discount scheme. Now, given I dont have a card of my own (other than pre paid ones for abroad), I’d never bothered to join up. So now, hastily I did, and my boss, sent off the email, giving them the details, so I could get the points on my account, and spend some of my winnings. Amazon, at least, you can buy gift cards directly with points, no need for a credit card top up. 🙂

Nothing appears, so yesterday, he chased it up for me. As of teatime, points still not there! If I can get them, I can treat myself to a nicer pair of boots, buying them via Amazon, so please, whoever is responsible, give me my points!

If not, I suspect it will be Wakefield, budget shoe shops, or maybe a charity shop pair, if I can find something classier, at the right price? Now I could also do the points, as I could pay for my hotel stay in May, the night before flying out the same way. Still, the discount on that is until the end of the month, so hopefully by then…

No, I’m not expecting to win a second competition lol. Might be hard, the only other one I know that I’m in, is the weekly draw on the Friday lunchtime 49’s bonus ball at work! 29, if you want to cheer me on!

The video, quite apt for all this footwear I need,