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Tesla Girl

No, not in the David Copperfield sense, though I must admit that is one experience that it would be absolutely incredible to try. But yes, I want that metal suit before I do so lol! All that electricity around you might be some effect, but I’d like to live to tell the tale!

As you might guess with my blogging record, the hint is more in the song title as to what this is about than the literal sense of the term. Though if anyone has a spare tesla coil, and one of those metal suits, then yes please! 😉

I’ll be honest, the last music concert I went to, was a while ago, 2001 in fact. The Seekers, in Bournemouth, on one of their revival tours. So yes, I’m not a regular nowadays by any means. But next year, everything permitting, a pop concert is in store, from another group who were first famous quite a while back, about 30 years ago or so, and you might have seen 1 or 2 of their videos attached here. Yes, its OMD, who yesterday announced a concert tour for next year, and they are coming to Leeds next May at the Academy. And yes, I had to look up where that is in Leeds, didnt have a clue! Not that far from work, or the station, which is handy. Tickets actually go on sale Friday, just hope I can manage to get one. Well, unless someone is thinking of a Christmas present for me? No, thought not!

One thing that is new for me, is something called Gold and Platinum packages, offering the front seats, and other extras, at extra cost. Much though it might be fun meeting the band and all that, I certainly wont be going for that in all honesty, but judging by Facebook comments on it, it seems a popular move nowadays. I’m not saying it wouldnt be nice to meet them, and if nothing else, ask Andy about the whole Louise Brooks thing, but not at that expense, I’m a Yorkshire lass who values her money!

Yes, I have seen them live once before, in London, about 1982, so its about time I saw them live again lol! And one other advantage, I wont be the only middle aged person there, thats for sure!

The video, a different type of Tesla Girl to the one mentioned above, do love this video