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Lets Be A Little Rebel

OK, lets have a look back on that dramatic dating agency experience, looking for men, and ponder the next, perhaps more daring step.

As I said a few posts back, the one thing that surprised me, was that men didnt seem to want a submissive transgender girl to perform sex on them, they wanted to perform sex on me! And yes, I expect most of them would say they were straight, but anyway…Of course, as history shows, that might all be talk, as that seems to be as big a step as anyone on there wants to take, well, for men of my age at least. Younger people might tell a different story, but for those of us of an older generation…

But as one friend pointed out to me, they were surprised at my choice of gender chasing, because as they said to me, I’d be happier with a woman, in a lesbian relationship, and yes, I think they’re right. But was it worth trying it out, to see what happened? Yes, I think it was, and I’m glad I did it, in one sense, though I’m not sure it was ever the right one.

But yes, tomorrow, I plan to change the advert to woman seeking woman, and see what happens? Me, I’m not sure that lesbian women will really want a woman around them, with an extra bit, but who knows, I was surprised by the number of men looking for women who wanted to, and did contact me. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what level of contact I will get, if any, but I wouldnt be surprised to get a small number at least. Maybe more, who can tell? And whether those that do, want to do more than chat, that might be another issue!

And after that experiment has had its time, I suspect it will be going back to a single life. A female partner would be wonderful, but seriously…?

OK, fine, tonight, lets go for the double, artist wise at least, for the video. Well, some might say that a Transgender girl, looking for a female, lesbian partner, might a be a little rebel?

Waiting for my boyfriend

Due to the stunning (relative) popularity of the sensational news that I tried my luck on a dating agency, lets do a brief follow up piece. Mainly because there isnt much else to talk about, so…

Fine, it might just be the site I went to, but the main thing I’ve discovered with this place, is that while some might like to ‘meet you’, as per their version of the like button, in reality, most of them dont, they just want to chat. Yes, perhaps on the pricier sites, like Match, or EHarmony, because they’re paying for the privilege, they move a bit quicker, but here…it seems most want to talk, but go no further. Even more so when I make it clear I have no real interest in them sucking me off, which seems to be the main trans fascination for supposedly straight men. No, I really dont get that, if they’re straight, why do they want to suck another person’s cock (especially one who wishes she didnt have one!), but anyway…

I mean, I assumed in this case, the girl would be sucking her man off, but…rolls eyes! At least I’m not paying for this, the only consolation, as I see it! So no, I’m not seriously expecting this to lead to me being whisked down the aisle some how!

Funniest moment so far? This morning, some guy in Leeds wanted to meet me, or at least according to the button he did. So I went to take a look at his profile, as I usually do with these. He looked OK, and his profile comment was full of words about people being all talk, and no action, much as I’d discovered. So, I wrote him a quick message as such, commenting about this. Anyway, he replied to me that he didnt suppose I was any more interested in a chat, and ‘first date’ than any of the others. So I replied, that actually, I would, given he’s relatively local (unlike everyone else I’ve spoken to), I thought why not?

Never got a reply, so I suspect he was no more interested in a date than any of the others, in truth. Fine, I’ll give it a few more days, before giving up the battle, I guess? Or maybe at that point, change it to woman seeking woman, just to see what happens? More of the same, I suspect, but I might just give it a try?

But if anyone knows a wealthy, trans girl loving guy, living in the Los Angeles area, let me know, or tip him off about me, or something! Bonus if he’s Dominant, but equal partnership would be fine by me. Hey, if he wants to mind control me to be his Domme, I wouldnt complain. But realistically, none of that ever is going to happen to a girl like me, lets face it.

Right, video. What I’m doing at the moment, waiting for a boyfriend lol.

Romeo and Juliet

Oh fine, thats about as unsubtle a hint as to what the video that I could come up with, I guess? I was going to surprise you with the Killers version, but the live Abbey Road version of that has disappeared from You Tube, so… yes, Dire Straits, live, which I havent used before.

Yes, I kept that resolution, took that big leap in the dark, and signed up to a dating website. Given that its a free (of sorts) website, I only had 2 choices, male or female. So yes, I went female, its how I live, so…But yes, I made it very clear in the profile that I was pre-op trans, but even so, no prizes for working out some didnt read that. I did get bombarded initially by men, but thankfully, after that initial rush, things have calmed down somewhat. Yes, again, annoyingly, I could either seek for men, or for women, but not both. I could open a second account, for my lesbian side, but have passed on that as yet. Still tempting, maybe, mind, just to see what happens?

I’ve found a couple that know the situation, have still shown interest, and yes, they might be fine, but havent stirred my ardour, just yet. There is one other, who definitely interests me, but he’s in Houston, Texas, and lets be practical, much though I’d love to move to America, and get married, developing a relationship in the first place, especially given my current financial situation, its complex! Younger man too, ooh! No, I have no idea what his plans are, for my ‘bits’, I’ll find out in time, if we can find a way to make things happen, but I’ve no idea how, at the moment.

Then, tonight, I got the message that made my weekend. A wonderfully sweet note, a profile that actually made me laugh, and smile to see it. The snag, if you want to see it that way, he’s older than me. And no, I dont mean a couple of years older, either! Fine, nearer 20! But do you know what, I like him, and I’m wondering if I dont care about the age difference! Yes, he seems that adorable. Fine, he’s not on my doorstep, but neither of the other 2 from over here, are that, either. So maybe tomorrow, I might have to have a look at train fares going down his way, as I want to meet him now, if nothing else!

Funnily enough, my only previous long term partner was nearly 20 years older than me too, but that was a while back, so not sure how that relates? And Derbyshire will be easier to get to than Texas! So…? No, I’m not telling you more about him, he might be mine! 😛

Right, to the video, you know what it is, so lets just roll with it!

Would anyone be that crazy?

Yes, I suppose its the whole new life, coinciding with the start of the New Year that has me thinking that way, but I was wondering earlier today if anyone could possibly be crazy enough to fall in love, or at least fancy me out there in the world? Almost certainly not, especially given my total lack of interest in sex, which is a pretty big thing for most people, and thats even before you get to the issues of my genitalia lol! I know there are supposed to be transgender folk lovers out there, but not sure that I’ve ever met any, let alone any that I might fancy! My preference, I guess, a woman, and live as a lesbian lover, which might be slightly less of a complex issue for me, than a man, but to counteract that, I suspect pretty much all lesbians prefer their ladies to have all the right bits, unlike me at present. But yes, the right woman would be the preferred option for me.

I guess I’m more likely to attract a man, and I guess that as long as he could live without penetrative sex, I might roll with other ways of doing it, in an easier way. Wouldnt be the first blow job I’ve ever given, for sure! Of course (ha ha), if I found the perfect man, I might consider actually getting ‘the bits’ changed, but I couldnt see that as a priority somehow. I know, I know, until you dip your foot in the water, you dont know how warm it is, and all that?

I think the other big issue that is against me, after so long, is the whole set of conundrums, known as trust, love, and other various things, with another person, after over 15 years of having no one to rely, or depend upon, except me! Oh, and the fact they’d be getting someone who has got pretty independent, living as a single person!

So yes, fine, I’ve pretty much answered my own question in words, its not going to happen, even if part of me quite fancies the idea, is it? I suppose someone might enjoy the challenge, but where do I find them? I guess the obvious answer for someone like me, is these online date sites, but I’m not sure about them. Apart from which, most require a fee, for all the best options, and I’m not flush with money at present. And even then, how good are they, really?

So, fine, I’ll stay single! At the same time, I really, really would love to go out on a date, just once as a woman, but I guess its not going to happen. Ideally, a lesbian date, as I think I’d find I’d settle easier with a woman, but open to all offers…

No, I know, wont hear a thing!

The other thought that amused me, and I even considered, especially given the submissive style of the corset I love, would be to try and find a Master, or Mistress to serve. Probably would involve all the same sex issues as above, but in a strict sense, you dont have to love your Mistress, or Master, just be happy to serve, and obey them. Takes all my love issues out of the equation lol!

But again, I would have no idea where to start, so its not likely to come to anything more than words. Mind, at least I’d have someone who would probably be happy to see me tied tightly into a corset lol! Again, I think I’d prefer a Mistress, mentally, but a decent, caring Master might just work. Obviously if I could find one who wants a robot (or robot like) submissive/slave would be great, but hardly likely, so…?

Oh fine, not going to happen either, is it?

So yes, you’ve guessed it, this time next year, I’ll still be single, and posting like this again. Well, apart from the new name issue at least!

Right, the video. What I probably need, either literally, or in the Dominant sense, someone who cares dearly for their sub/slave.

Fine, end of romance rants for 2015, honest it is!