Waiting for my boyfriend

Due to the stunning (relative) popularity of the sensational news that I tried my luck on a dating agency, lets do a brief follow up piece. Mainly because there isnt much else to talk about, so…

Fine, it might just be the site I went to, but the main thing I’ve discovered with this place, is that while some might like to ‘meet you’, as per their version of the like button, in reality, most of them dont, they just want to chat. Yes, perhaps on the pricier sites, like Match, or EHarmony, because they’re paying for the privilege, they move a bit quicker, but here…it seems most want to talk, but go no further. Even more so when I make it clear I have no real interest in them sucking me off, which seems to be the main trans fascination for supposedly straight men. No, I really dont get that, if they’re straight, why do they want to suck another person’s cock (especially one who wishes she didnt have one!), but anyway…

I mean, I assumed in this case, the girl would be sucking her man off, but…rolls eyes! At least I’m not paying for this, the only consolation, as I see it! So no, I’m not seriously expecting this to lead to me being whisked down the aisle some how!

Funniest moment so far? This morning, some guy in Leeds wanted to meet me, or at least according to the button he did. So I went to take a look at his profile, as I usually do with these. He looked OK, and his profile comment was full of words about people being all talk, and no action, much as I’d discovered. So, I wrote him a quick message as such, commenting about this. Anyway, he replied to me that he didnt suppose I was any more interested in a chat, and ‘first date’ than any of the others. So I replied, that actually, I would, given he’s relatively local (unlike everyone else I’ve spoken to), I thought why not?

Never got a reply, so I suspect he was no more interested in a date than any of the others, in truth. Fine, I’ll give it a few more days, before giving up the battle, I guess? Or maybe at that point, change it to woman seeking woman, just to see what happens? More of the same, I suspect, but I might just give it a try?

But if anyone knows a wealthy, trans girl loving guy, living in the Los Angeles area, let me know, or tip him off about me, or something! Bonus if he’s Dominant, but equal partnership would be fine by me. Hey, if he wants to mind control me to be his Domme, I wouldnt complain. But realistically, none of that ever is going to happen to a girl like me, lets face it.

Right, video. What I’m doing at the moment, waiting for a boyfriend lol.

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