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Whatever next, a rhubarb festival, maybe?

Well, yes, it sounds crazy, but in fact, it already happens, for a few years now, in Wakefield, the town I visited today. In fact, the famous rhubarb festival was only last weekend, but, like Trans Pennine Express trains tend to do, I was running a bit late for that!

Rhubarb is actually more interesting than you think, and before you ask is it fruit, or is it vegetable, I’ll tell you the answer, its both! Over here, for some reason, its a vegetable, but in the US, its a fruit! Personally, I see it more as the latter, but anyway…

Its so famous over here, that Yorkshire forced rhubarb is one of those foods that has a protected designation from the EU! Even more so, if it comes from the famous Yorkshire triangle, I kid you not!

Forcing apparently keeps it sweeter (grown in heated dark sheds during the winter) which is pretty helpful, because on its own, its a pretty sharp taste! I only really know it cooked in pies, and crumbles, but as the video shows, it is useful in other ways too.

Oh, and one other fun connection, for me at least. Kansas State is probably the college I most root for in the US, and their sport teams are the Wildcats. Wakefield’s rugby team, yes, you’ve guessed it, are also the Wildcats!

For me though, my favourite thing about Wakefield, the wonderful charity shops there! For some reason, vintage, and vintage look clothing (more the latter, I suspect) seems to be plentiful over there, I have no idea why, but I am very grateful. To support my home town of Huddersfield, we too have some good charity shops, but beyond one, finding anything less than modern looking, is nigh impossible. So not hard to see why my shopping expeditions take me to Wakefield!;)

So, the next time you have rhubarb pie, just think, it might have been grown in a shed near me! Hope that thought doesnt put you off it!