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Happy hour again?

Oh fine, I lied when I said that the 2 blogs would be the same all week, because they wont be. Mainly because some people reading on the other blog think I’m a natural woman, and for some, after about 18 years, I’d hate to break the news, lol. So we’ll keep this here, and I have an idea for the other place, which I’m sure you wont mind missing. Mind, a lot will know where to find it, anyway!

This week, for those who didnt already know, and I hope most in the LGBT community at least do, is Transgender Awareness Week. I know, preaching to the converted, as lets face it, if you dont like Trans folk, you’re not likely to be reading this!

Anyway, no, I’m not going to preach, so dont worry if you thought this was going to be just that. What I am going to tell you is the amusing story of how I ended up in Portugal during T.A.W (for short) in the first place. Earlier this year, I was talking to someone in the US (if I get too specific, some will know who I mean, so to protect the guilty…) and it was suggested (see, no personal pronoun) that maybe I could go out there, and speak to the Trans community in their state, and try and convince them that things arent as grim as they seem, even with that LGBT hating idiot they have in charge over there. See, not playing to someone’s ego, either, by mentioning his name! Not that I have for a while, but he’s orange, and wears a wig, so… ūüėČ So, I booked this week off at work a long while back, to cover for this eventuality. As you might have guessed, in the end, it came to nothing. What they have done to mess me around since then, absolutely no comment!

So I had 2 options, I could cancel the week of holiday at work, save it for another time, but then my back came up with this bright idea, how about a week somewhere warm, to ease both my pain, and my back pain. So, to cut a long story short, go on budget holiday website, find what seemed a nice option (and most definitely is), and take the week off, and go elsewhere, in this case, Portugal! All seems fine, right?

Well, the thing is, I did a piece for T.A.W for work, both for our group section, and ultimately, for the whole department as well! A lovely piece, a letter to my younger self, explaining to her whats going to happen in her future life, and all that. Of course, the snag is, normally the writer is around to respond to comments at work, and I’m in Portugal, and no access to our Department Intranet. I suspect from the ways its playing out, they’re probably planning to put it up on Friday, so people will barely realise that the ‘old lady’ isnt there until Monday to reply to comments, shrewd move.

Yes, I will let blog readers see it at some point, though as its currently only on my work computer, it wont be until after I get back, and can send the document home! If I dont, remind me, please! Well, assuming anyone wants to see it, of course?

Irony is, me personally, the last thing I want people to be aware of, is that I’m Trans. Me, I’m just another woman, OK? But yes, if you have any Trans friends in need of extra support, this is a great week to do it, just saying…

Right, this is almost the Beautiful South, doing a Housemartins song, which you might have guessed the title of already?

I forgot my name?

The irony is, the main people I would like to see this, cant! In truth, Facebook might have done me a favor with their dastardly deed, though dont quote me on that. Well, I’d been thinking of separating from it, but instead, they walked out on me. Well, on one of my accounts at least.

I have, for sometime, had 2 accounts on Facebook, one for friends, and work contacts and the like, and another for the publishing side of things, the dormant acting stuff, and generally anything LA, or movie related. Yes, there is stuff on the latter that its probably better some friends didnt know, but anyway, no more!

Sometime last year, someone objected to the latter account, because of my name, and because I used a picture of the original Harlean Carpenter, instead of me, as the profile pic. Fine, the cover pictures were me, but anyway… At the time, I sent Passport evidence to Facebook to prove it was my name, and that was it, account reinstated, and a promise that the issue wouldnt arise again.

So yes, when I arrived home Wednesday night, to find out the account had been disabled again, despite all this, I was not amused. So fine, I went through the same ID protocol as before, only this time I’ve come across a ‘Mr Jobsworth’ who because my passport picture doesnt match the avatar one, he wont reinstate the account. So thats it, short of major cosmetic surgery, what can I do? The fact that I used Jean’s birth date as well might play a part, which is 13 days different to mine (Yes, I used the correct year), but in all truth, my name really is Harlean Carpenter, as proved by ID, but they wont let me in. The irony, as a friend from there pointed out, is that there are about 20 other Harlean Carpenter profiles over there, and numerous Jean Harlow ones too, and they arent even using their legal name!

Fine, I will admit it, I was getting tired of Facebook, and therefore cutting it right back, or totally over isnt going to be that hard. I was tempted at one point to shut the other account completely, but now I’ve toned that down to leaving it open for contact purposes, via their message system, and to publicize my blogs.

I know, its not Facebook as such, they are just acting on the whims of some pedantic vintage movie folk, who dont like someone posting under the name, even if its my real one. Lets face it, there is no chance its the real Jean Harlow posting, lets face it! Oh, agreed, if I ever find out who did it, I’d look for my chance of vengeance, but for now, I’ll settle for not wasting too much time on Facebook any more. So if anyone wants me, on my Facebook account, message me. If anyone wants me to see something specific there, message, or tag me! Because otherwise, I probably wont see it!

OK, video time. A song for whoever, because seemingly now, Facebook wont let you have an account in your own name. I only hope ‘Mr Jobsworth’ is happy in his life!…rolls eyes…

Can I have my hour back?

Yes, I know, American friends, you think we’re one week early, and we think you’re one week late! Still, its closer than when the clocks go forward in March, when its generally a 2 week discrepancy, but anyway…it led to an interesting happening for me last year, I lost my extra hour of sleep!

Last year, when Europe put the clocks back, I was still in the US, so didnt get my hour of sleep that way. Unfortunately, by the time the US got around to changing their clocks, and getting their extra hour of sleep, I was back in the UK! I know, I probably got it on a technicality, while flying back across the Atlantic, but of course you dont really get it when its like that, as sleeping on a plane, well…rolls eyes! Premium economy might be nicer, but its not that much nicer!

But yes, tonight, for the first time in 2 years (as far as I’m concerned at least), I get that extra hour of sleep, and yes, I need it! Fine, I dont know how much benefit you genuinely get by it, or lose in March, when the clocks change, I suspect most of it is psychological, in truth?

Mind, my sleeping habits are going to change anyway, given that 4 days out of my working week at least, I’ll be getting up later, anyway. Saturday, sadly no change, or even worse if I want as long on the computer before I leave for work, but pretty sure I’m going to pass on that!

Equally, after pay day on Monday, combined with a day off midweek, I can attempt to get my life back into some shape. Yes, my hair is already booked in to be coloured, and cut on Tuesday, I really cant wait. I can also start to plan to get some waxing done too. Yes, I know, its going to hurt, but it needs to be done! I know, but its nice to have the money to get it done, believe me!

Monday might be interesting in more ways, in that I’ve got a call coming, and a possible appointment with an Occupational Health person, about my back, and other issues. Yes, where do you start, and stop with my joint issues lol? Hopefully one of the options will be a young, pretty, very feminine cybernetic replacement body, but I doubt that! Most likely, a special chair, and maybe a hand rest for using with the keyboard on the computer, and no more. But I can hope, cant I? ūüėČ

Right, back to the video. A fairly obvious song for the occasion, even if I will be asleep when it happens. Not the original, a live version from earlier this year, in fact. A Housemartins/Beautiful South combo!

Bras, boobs and related issues.

Lets get a little more transgender light hearted! That title might get a few men to look at this, anyway!

Ah, guys, bras. One of those things ladies get to wear, but men never do. So fine, you tend to see a few ‘less than sober’ men wearing them after stag parties, or the like, as a ‘prank’, but normally, unless they like the sissification stuff, nope! Alright, some men could maybe do with wearing a bra, given their man boobs, but anyway… normally its just us women that wear them.

I know that boobs (breasts) come in all sizes, and therefore some prefer to make them look larger than they really are, whereas some women take the minimizing route, when they are just too large. No, I dont need the latter yet, nor am I ever likely to!

Most of my early bras were of the moulded t-shirt type, so that at least I had some curve, even if most of it was down to the bra, and not the assets held within them. But equally, my quieter nature meant that I never tried to kid guys with the plunge look, or anything like that. When you are trans, looking like Dolly Parton might not be the best route to go down! Fine, I do own a pair of shaper bras, which fall into a similar category, though I didnt realise that at the time of purchase, honest I didnt!

Nowadays, most of the bras I buy are either the support ones, or the seamless ones, which give you a good shape, without pushing them out into view too much. But yes, I still have some older ones in my collection, and one of those was what aided today’s self amusement in town. I bought some bras in the US, that without quite the bullet look that Madonna loved, do tend to make sure your boobs do present themselves to the passing public. Fine, if you wear a big top, but if you wear something more clingy, as I did today, the effect can be, err, quite spectacular.

Oh, and I’ve got a few bandeau bras, for when I’m wearing a boob tube, or shoulder less dress, just to really confuse.

Added today, by wearing a coat that buttons up just under your cleavage, and…I put on quite a show, I suspect lol! No, I didnt poke anybody’s eyes out to my knowledge, though a few eyes definitely drifted in the direction of my cleavage! Why, hello boys! I’m sure some will remember those ads lol!

To be honest, if the worst I get is a few confused looks, then yes, its fun flaunting them a bit, and that is pretty much all it is. But yes, there are days, like today, when they look far more endowed than maybe they should! But equally yes, I’ll do it again, dont worry about that!

The video, well, it does go quite well with the nature of this. Plus, you get a guy, dressed as a girl, with a fine pair of boobs, definitely false! Though as far as I know, he isnt trans, just dressed up for the video.

Feeling like a new woman

As regular readers might know, I cheat a bit with my cleavage. Dont get me wrong, I’m not entirely flat chested, just that they arent really very noticeable without a little help, so I’ve tended to give them just that in recent times. And yes, since changing gender, thats pretty much full time that my cleavage has had a boost, so that I look good, feel good and all that.

So what’s new, you ask? Well, those silicon breast enhancers may have a much longer life nowadays (even when worn full time), but eventually they begin to break up, and you need to get a new pair. In the old days, the gel was far more liquid than now, and you would tend to notice the leaks. Nowadays, the gel is a different standard, and its the casing that gives, not the gel.

So yes, in the last few months, the signs of wear and tear started to show, and given the holiday in 2 weeks, now seemed a good time to get a new pair. The only thing is with enhancers, they give you cleavage, but they dont look quite right when used on their own. Not surprising really, they are designed as a boost, not a boob!

So this time I decided to splash out a little more, and get a pair of actual breast forms instead. They will look more natural (when covered at least), give a better all round curve, and therefore add to the effect. Yes, they are heavier, but there is more of it, so the weight is spread, or so I thought?

They arrived today, I’m wearing them now. Yes, the curve is far more noticeable, shall we say, and the change is definitely going to get noticed at work, as the whole breast is much larger than before. Should be fun tomorrow lol! The weight, yes, I’ve noticed it. The enhancers were 260g each, and I knew I was wearing them. These are 400g each! I’m only glad I also got a pair of foam ones, which will be much lighter for sleeping in. I probably could sleep in these, but I think I’d wake myself everytime I moved! The foam ones will also be used when flying of course, no more entertainment with airport security lol, while still giving me a full breasted look!

No, its not all negative, far from it. They look fantastic, and they jiggle and bounce much as natural breasts would, whereas the enhancers got put in position, and that was it! I love them already, but they are going to take a bit of getting used to, thats for sure. I know, give it a couple of weeks, I wont even remember what it was like with just enhancers, but today…

I might have to be selective with my dresses in the future, because these beauties will be harder to hide, or disguise!

The video, no, I’m not a 36D, I’m a 38 inch chest for starters, and I dont think I’m D cup wearing these, even if just at this moment I feel like Dolly Parton with them on! But other than ‘Islands in the stream’, I couldnt think of anything more apt!

Same Sex Marriage

Yes, I know, easy get out subject matter for tonight. Well, unless you want to hear about boring things, like getting my nails done, the fact its been snowing again, or the insane shifts at work start tomorrow…No, thought not, so lets do a very rare venture into politics.

So its official, by a very large majority of 225, the government bill permitting same sex marriages has been passed. No, I dont know if thats it, or whether the folk in the House of Lords get to have a say or not, but for now, lets celebrate this fine act.

No, I dont want to get married to anyone, I’m not even technically sure which would be same sex for me at present? I suspect, given that I havent yet had something removed, it would be another man, but dont quote me on that. My medical records say I’m female, passport says I’m male, so who knows? But yes, you’re right, I dont even have any interest in getting romantically attached, let alone married to anyone, so…But alright, I wouldnt mind a Valentines Card from someone in 9 days time, however hypocritical that may sound. Its just been so long, it would be kind of sweet, so…

The irony of this vote though, is that most of the opponents of this bill were Conservative. Yes, the party in power, funny, isnt it? But given that for once, Labour was supportive on this, as well as the coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, it sailed through.

As I say, for me personally, it doesnt mean a lot, I certainly have no plans to get married to anyone, of either sex, now, or in the foreseeable future. Apart from my total lack of interest in sex, I’m far too used to my own independence for anything like that now. So sorry folks, you can wine and dine me, but romance wouldnt be part of the deal. I know, I’m just awkward lol!

But for those of the same sex who do want to be married, I’m thrilled for you, absolutely delighted that it can now happen. And delighted, and amazed about our politicians doing something as radical as this. Alright, the down side, the Church of England isnt involved. Other churches, its their call, and somehow I cant see many rushing to say yes. But registry offices at least, so OK, its a start.

So David Cameron, thanks for that. Now, if you want to start looking into transgender issues with the NHS, you might even get my vote next time around.

Right, the video, I’d like to think this works quite well, and its a group I liked, so… And yes, its the cleaned up version that even children can listen to, lol!

Whats the rush?

Last night I finished work at 5.45, and got home smoothly and sweetly, in just under an hour. Train on time, bus on time, frightening stuff, yes, I know lol!

Tonight I finished at 4.30, hit the beginning of the rush hour in Leeds, certainly hit it in Huddersfield, and took me the best part of an hour and a half to get home! Train was late (shock horror, not!), and of course the bus made slow progress at this end, because of all the traffic.

Thats the thing with working shifts, you travel at all hours. I’ve left here as early as 6.20 am, got home as late as 11.20 pm, so I’ve pretty much seen everything. I’ve also (thankfully not often, other than in depths of¬†winter at least) done shifts where I’ve left in the dark, and came home in the dark, which says it all sometimes.

But anyway…

Its funny, so much is said about the whole rush hour thing being diluted, with so many (like myself) working shifts nowadays, but it doesnt seem so. Fair enough, due to Trans Pennine Express insisting on only running 2, or 3 carriage trains most of the day, the trains would be crowded anyway. We do generally get ‘double length’ trains in the rush hours, but thats about it. Too many people, not enough space, thats for sure. Certainly was tonight, when 2 ‘sort of’ rush hour train capacities get crushed into 1, because of the delayed train. Thankfully I was lucky, got a seat, but so many didnt. Even if the train had been on time (Yes, I’ll stop laughing now!) it would have been busy, but with all the extra traffic as well…rolls eyes!

The irony is, tomorrow morning, on the 7.26 am (yes, early start on a Saturday, aargh!) I will probably end up with most of a carriage to myself. That train, Monday to Friday, total opposite!

Ironic, its called the rush hour, most of the time the term, crush hour would be more apt.

The video, well I’ve never¬†commuted, or travelled¬†like this, thats for sure! More relaxing, and more comfortable than Trans Pennine Express, thats definite!

Pretty amazing!

Oh, right, you love gossip around here? Shock horror, surely not?

As you might have gathered, something that I found pretty amazing happened Saturday lunchtime.

No, not me going to work, that was expected, going by my shift rosters, and my dedication lol. No, it wasnt even the train being on time, though agreed, that can be pretty amazing at times as well! No, its what happened once I was on the train that I need to tell you about.

A guy sat down next to me. Fine, no shock there given the length of trains TPE run on a busy line, thats perfectly normal. What happened next though…Oh, you expect me to tell you? ūüėČ

I’m sitting there, minding my business, just trying to switch off for the 20 minutes or so it takes to get to Leeds. Thing is, this guy next to me wants to talk. Aargh, but alright, I’ll be polite, and hope it doesnt take too long. Ah well…At first its about the reason he was in Huddersfield, checking out for a roofing job to do. Then he asks me where I’m heading, I mention work, a few questions, yadda, yadda yadda and all that. Next thing I see him getting out one of his adverts for his job, and I assume he’s seeing if he can get work off me. Wrong again, just proves how blonde I can be at times.

Nope, its because it contains his phone number, and he wants me to ring him on it when I’m free for an evening drink together, and yes, its absolutely clear he thinks I’m a woman. Yes, I’ve got the enhancers in, so I’m not flat chested, but even so…Maybe he doesnt mind the butch looking ones, I really dont know? Voice isnt a giveaway of course, thats soft enough, but…I do smile, and just avoid laughing, other than inwardly.

No, I dont know if he might have been my type, he was kind enough that he might well be, but one thing was for certain, he wasnt looking for a woman with an extra bit attached, just where, well where he might have been hoping to slip something long and hard at some point! Yes, I was touched by his care, and the fact he fancied me for company. But no, I wont be ringing him back, that would just be cruel, and unfair on such a lovely guy.

But yes, if I can attract a man without trying, without make up, who thinks I’m a woman, hey, I feel good! To be honest, if I had all the right bits that he wanted, I’d probably have gone out for a drink with him, just for being so nice to me, but under the circumstances…I’ll never know, and sadly for him, neither will he. Unless someone can solve that problem for me, pretty please! Just fit me with a ‘socket’ instead of the ‘plug’ please, the rest seems solved¬†for him¬†lol, and would be heaven for me.

Oh, he got off at Dewsbury, the stop before me, so I’m suspecting he only saw me side on while on the train. But as he aimed for the seat (yes, there were empty double seats at the time), he must have seen me on the platform anyway.

What attracted him to me, absolutely no idea, I hope it wasnt the boobs, as they were the only things about me that were fake lol. I cant believe it was these, but hey, its an excuse for a Beautful South song, so no harm there in my opinion.

Perfect 10

PS Any sizes mentioned here are UK ones, people in other countries may need to translate lol!

And no, I’m not, generally I’m a 14, though in some places, and especially with clingy stuff, I tend to be a 16. Dont think I could be a 10 if I starved myself, even with all the changes to my figure, but thats not the point. Oh, and one last comment about shop sizing, what on earth is a 12-14, it either fits someone who is a size 14, or it doesnt! Me, I tend to get a 16-18 in things like that, because one things for certain, that other size really wont fit on a ‘big’ 14, thats for sure.

To be honest, I’m quite happy to be a 14, though alright, verging towards 12, not 16 would be the nicer way to¬†go. Actually the beauty of this song is the fact that Paul Heaton actually makes the point that he prefers bigger girls, and so generally do I. To be blunt, size 8 looks tiny to me, and as for anything less than that…yuck! So yes, this blog is about size issues, but I suspect you’d guessed that already!

You might also gather that I’m not a fan of ‘matchstick’ models, it sets all the wrong image to young girls, and look at all the problems with anorexia thats given us! Even more so if you think that some of those models are probably airbrushed to look slimmer in pictures anyway.

So if anyone wants to send me any clothes (budget stuff is brilliant), then you know my size! Bra size (38B, or C, depending on if I’m using inserts or not), and a shoe size 8, though high heels are definitely out! And no, I’m not expecting any offers lol!

The other perfect 10 I want to slip into this, is cricket related, a bowler taking all 10 wickets in an innings. And no, beyond ancient black and white film of Jim Laker, I’ve never seen it done. I think I’ve seen a 9 for, on 3 occasions, once on TV, and I think twice while scoring club cricket, though I might well be wrong on the latter, its about 30 years ago or so¬†I was doing that!

OK, its video time, you’ve worked out the song, and worked out the group, so not much more to say. This isnt the original video, though I’m sure you can find that through the You Tube link if you prefer. Sadly this version doesnt have Jacqui Abbott either, its a more recent live version than that, though Alison Wheeler does a good job herself. The setting is quite nice too. So settle back and enjoy…

Happy hour

Well actually you could say its been 14 happy hours so far today since I got up, its been a non working day lol! Dont get me wrong, I do enjoy my job, but there are times when its nice not to have to suffer the whims of a certain train company, and have to try to get to Leeds within a reasonable period of time! Also it gives me chance to catch up on things, and recharge the batteries as well. Well, not literally, but…Its nice to be able to sort of switch off every so often, I must admit.

Oh, and a promise to a certain Kiwi reader, tomorrow’s posting will include cricket again! I know thats why she subscribed, and there is a bit of a date tomorrow, so…

I guess the title of this might give away where the pop video is heading tonight, a song released 25¬†years ago, almost to the month (actually released very end of June). This was my first sighting of Paul Heaton, though not the last, as I was a big fan of Beautiful South, another band he helped to form. I admit it, the one I really loved¬†the voice of in the latter group, was Jacqui Abbott, hope I’ve spelt that right? Was it any coincidence that the bands popularity waned when she left?

The video is an interesting mix of real people, and clay ones, which might not be much now, but 25 years ago…was possibly a bit new, certainly was to me!

Tomorrow, the main subject will be cricket, and sometime later in the week I must mention transgender issues again, after all, they are what I started this blog to post about mainly lol!

Sorry, the video, as if I’d forget