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I bought a book!

No, I know, nowhere near as controversial as Katy Perry supposedly kissing a girl, but something rare, all the same. And probably more actual than Ms Perry anyway.

To be honest, I cant remember the last time I bought a book that wasnt a travel guide, or a travel anthology, but lets just say its been sometime. I do read, darlings, but its direct from the internet stuff, and lets not discuss the material involved lol.

But something, or should I say, a certain someone made me break the habit of a long while, though when I get to read it, I’m not quite sure. That person, Laura Moriarty, though its fair to say its not her that took me out of my buying slumber, but one of the stars of the book. Of course it is, its Cora Carlisle. Whats that, you dont believe me? Right again, yes, its the other star of ‘The Chaperone’, one Louise Brooks. 😉

The book strictly is fiction, though given that at this time, Louise did travel to New York, with a chaperone, to join a dance school, I suspect faction is a better term for it. And judging by the reviews, Laura Moriarty seems to have captured the style of Brooksie very well. It might well become commute reading, though given that I have to change glasses to read, dont quote me on that just yet lol. Might otherwise fill those boring flight hours to Boston and back in September, but doubt I can resist it that long!

To be honest, I probably really only purchased it because I had a tiny amount of credit at Amazon. Combine that with minimal credit on a pay as you go credit card, and it was just enough, so…I broke the habit of a while lol!

No, I dont expect this to bring about a dramatic change of reading style, but it will be fun picking up a book again, after so many years. I did it a lot as a child, but not so much since, especially since internet story sites appeared. But yes, it will be fun to read about what Brooksie ‘might’ have got up to during the twenties.

But going back to the original line, I have no desire at all to kiss Ms Perry though!

The video. Well, you’ve had the song before, but not this version. Of course, the irony is, this is the classic OMD line up live, but only Andy was actually on the record, the others had all left by the time this was released in 1991. The plus point, some projected shots of Louise behind them, some from the video, some I dont recognise from there.

Enjoy, or ignore, as you choose