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More than a feeling!

Yes, I know it could all still go wrong from here, but seriously, if you’d told me that 1 win back at Fenway from the last 2 games of the World Series would be enough for the title, I would have taken your offer, happily.

Dont get me wrong, it wont be easy, because as this incredible series has proved, nothing is straightforward. We’ve had a win (for Boston) on an attempt to steal a base, and we’ve had a win for St Louis on an obstruction ruling, a pretty rare event. There have also been 1 or 2 ‘normal’ games, but lets not worry about them!

Oh, and in game 6, St Louis have a pitcher that gives up as many runs as Trans Pennine Express trains run on time, in other words, not very often! But hopefully, one good hit, and 🙂 If not, we can try again in Game 7, I guess?

No game tonight, both teams are heading back to Boston today, and start off again tomorrow night, when I suspect Fenway Park will be crowded, and loud! I only wish I could be there, but might be for the best I’m not, I dread to think what the tickets cost! But yes, all the same, I’d love to see it live on TV at least. Unfortunately, my shifts this week make that an impossibility, given the games start after midnight our time, and I have to be up early the next day!

But in my dreams, I’ll be imagining Big Papi hitting that winning home run…I hope!

The video, well, the group have the right name at least. The song, the clue is in the usual place lol!

Colonic Hydrotherapy – The Experience

Anyone of a sensitive nature should look away now. Given I’m going to be talking about the workings (Or non workings) of the bowel here, its not hard to work out the big issue, is it?

Yes, today marked the day when I thought I would teach my errant bowels a lesson, and have a session of colonic hydrotherapy (or irrigation, much the same thing). I’ve suffered from bloating, and a grumpy bowel for a few years now, but finally got up the courage to do something about it.

So fine, I’ll quickly get through the mundane stuff, and let you get to the interesting bits, OK? Fill out a quick medical form, have my blood pressure checked (just slightly high, but as she said, that place will do that to you!), and then on to the more serious stuff.

Firstly, a rectal check, so tender I didnt even know it had happened. All I felt was my 2 buttocks pulled apart, and then…We get to the serious stuff, the insertion of the speculum into the rectum (to hold the water pipes). Yes, I knew it was in there, but really no pain, just a sensation of being a bit filled, thats all. It only goes in about 2 and a half inches, so that may explain it.

Then the fun begins, the water starts to flow. Its gravity controlled, so its a slow speed, and quite warm to be honest. Beyond feeling it moving around inside you, nothing to it! Had been told that when it started to feel like I wanted to go, then say, and she’d reverse the water out of me, hopefully taking the rubbish in my colon with it. This was done a number of times, along with some abdominal massage, and yes, I felt lighter, and better at the end of it.

Then a visit to the toilet, principally to let the water that didnt want to be pumped out, out. I did have a bowel movement too, but not a large one, didnt think I had much left in me, to be honest. Got told I have a sluggish bowel, probably down to diet and lifestyle, hardly an easy challenge for a shift worker to always eat healthily, lets face it! Got a herbal remedy to help with that matter, too.

Anyway, an hour or so later, at home, the bowel decided it disliked being filled with water, and being sluggish, and rumbled at me in a nasty way. I went to the toilet, and lets just say the bowel wasnt sluggish at releasing material then!

So the review, was it a worthwhile exercise?
At this point, its hard to say. At the moment I feel lighter, and more comfortable in my tummy than I have in a long time. But given I’ve emptied everything out, whether the bowels will stay active, I have no idea! But in the short term, its definitely done some good.

I’m tired after, but that might be as much to do with my crazy work shifts, as having my bowels washed out.

But yes, for now at least, I’m glad I did it.

A change of look

Yes, I’ve decided to give the old blog a makeover, at least for the length of the World Series, and maybe, should the right team win it, a few days longer too! Yes, of course I am, go Cardinals…not! 😛

In a sense, its even more special for Boston this year, given the bombings at the marathon and everything, that something special should happen for the city. And yes, it would be pretty special if the Red Sox won the World Series this year. Because in a sense, of all the New England/Boston teams, the one closest to that horrific day were the baseball team.

They had played earlier that afternoon, and just as they were readying themselves to fly out of town for their next matches, a loud noise was heard at the stadium. Yes, those horrific bombs going off, rather taking the shine off another successful Red Sox day earlier. And yes, like the Cardinals, in the National League, they had 97 of them this season, an American League best. Its only the 3rd time since 1995 that the best team from the season in each league have met in the World Series, a stunning fact.

So, about 4 hours from writing this, the World Series will start in Fenway Park, and hopefully the only explosions will be fireworks celebrating a Boston victory. Yes, I’m biased, so sue me! 😛 Hopefully history will repeat itself, because when they broke ‘the curse’ back in 2004, they beat the Cardinals too!

As someone who loves her sports history as much as her sport, its great to see 2 senior clubs there, the Red Sox have been in Boston since the start in 1901, the Cardinals (under a few guises) have been in St Louis since 1882! And of course Fenway Park has been around for over a century itself! The St Louis stadium is a modern one, but as a friend would remind me, Boston doesnt have a view of the Arch!

And yes, my choice might be favoured by my dear friend Kate, who is a proper passionate Red Sox fan, who I’ve just tagged along with for the ride. Her cute little dog, named Fenway (surprise!) might be a little less biased, given the folk who look after him while Kate is away at work, are Cardinal fans. Therefore his chances of getting fed treats will only rely on which house is the one celebrating the win. All he will be hoping for is a 7 match series!

The video too, is a very special one. A few days after the bombing, the Red Sox came back to Boston for their first home matches. There is a 7th innings tradition in the stadium nowadays, the singing of Sweet Caroline. Kate isnt a fan, but anyway… Totally unexpected, totally at his own expense, who should turn up at the stadium, and offer to lead the singing that day, but the man himself, Neil Diamond! This is the performance. It is live, the double sound is due to the tape the Red Sox use normally, when he isnt there, which was the only music format available, given the visit was so unexpected

Boston Brave, and Boston victory…I hope.

Just a week to go

No, nothing sensational, just the end of British summer time, thats all. Though in all honesty, summer has been over for a while now, its just that date declared by the ‘powers that be’ that this is the end of summer time, and we return to what is our natural time zone. The irony is, we spend less time in that, than we do in the artificial one created by bureaucrats, in the deep distances of the past. Ironically, a century ago, the idea had not even been contemplated, it only happening for the first time during WW 1. Hopefully it went better than the tragedy that was that war zone.

Then in the late 60’s it became a permanent thing, though the dates, and number of time zones moved have varied over the years, nowadays its 7 months of the year, far longer than a British summer will ever be! Its funny, I always begrudge the hour of sleep I lose in March, but dont seem to get the same benefit of the extra hour in October, for whatever reason. One thing is for sure, after next Sunday, I will be coming home in the dark pretty much every night for a very long time. Ah well…

The summer has been pretty good, my 2 traditional trips to the US, both to cities beginning with R, Rochester, and Richmond. Both were great trips, but alright, I’m already looking forward to next year, and getting to Kansas at some point. Other trip will be to Albany, for those who care about such things. First trip will be late, not until May, because of the late Easter, and things.

Beyond that, there was a trip to Belfast, for cricket, something I might have more difficulty repeating next year, due to some little football tournament called the World Cup! Seems England have qualified, by the way (tongue in cheek)? That will make travel complex, given I doubt we will be allowed to have holiday during that time.

Oh, and lots and lots of work…rolls eyes! Still, 4 weeks from now, a weeks break, and I’m already ready for it! Shortly after that, the office dinner, and the flapper look will rise again lol! But thats all in the future, so…

In tribute to what is about to pass, a classic song

It’s a little bit funny…

…and maybe convenient too, in the way that the US shutdown ended just before the real crisis moment occurred. Yes, I think it was a battle between 2 stubborn forces, and reality kicked in, just before the critical meltdown, how handy that was!

To be honest, the Republicans seem to be getting most flak for this, and fine, that probably is to some degree justified. Dont get me wrong though, I dont see the Democrats as the innocent party that they are trying to portray themselves as. No, both sides were making a pretty good mess of this, with the poor public stuck in the middle of the 2 squabbling parties.

As I say, one side, or maybe both, bottled out, quite rightly, just before catastrophe struck. No, it wasnt the first US government shutdown in recent times, nor will it be the last, I suspect, but its the longest one I remember.

Funnily enough, and maybe conveniently enough, I left the US just before shutdown struck. Given that airport security and the like continued much as normal, I doubt I would have seen much sign of it anyway, but who knows? But given the mess their economy is in anyway, this isnt going to help! Fingers crossed it does sort things out though, especially for someone hoping for an opening to go over there and work, at least for a while.

I’m not going to do a long piece on Obama care, I dont know enough of the details to do so, but a lot of the angst, and stubbornness seems to relate to that. Hey, I’ve grown up used to the NHS in this country, but have no idea how closely that matches up to it.

To be honest, I have no idea how long this current solution will work for, debt still seems to be a growing issue, and I get a feeling this is more a plaster on the wound, than an actual cure. But I’m glad its over, for now at least.

The video, well there’s a sort of clue in the title

Oh, and while on things American, can I please point out that the Boston Red Sox (or bad beards) are only 1 win away from the World Series, I hope they make it. And no, my cheerleader outfit has failed to be delivered as yet, no generous benefactor so far lol.

Health issues and things

As some who know me already know, my knees are a surgical mess. Started with a kind pony depositing me into a show jumping fence when I was about 9, and I became tangled up with the poles, damaging both knees, and pretty much wrecking any cartilage in them. A few ops later, and they are generally fine, though given the lack of circulation through that area, and the wonderful British penchant for cold nights from time to time, I can get pretty bad bouts of cramp at times in both legs. I survive, but believe me, its painful when that bad cramping starts!

The knees also make little things, like cutting your toenails pretty tricky, due to the lack of flex in the joints, which means I go to a podiatrist, but more on that later.

Oh, and I wear glasses, for chronic short sightedness too, pretty much as long. And yes, nowadays, the hearing is less than perfect too.

Beyond all that, and a dodgy wrist due to breaking it when slipping on ice, I’m not what you would call in perfect healthy shape lol!

One other intermittent issue is my bowels, they can be highly temperamental at times. Those of a delicate nature should look away now! I have spells where I can hardly defecate at all, and when I do, it doesnt really push out, then a few days later, well I could crap for Olympic medals! So no, they arent the love of my life, my inner workings.

I’ve always tended to see colonic irrigation as one of those fad things, that gets a mixed review as to whether its good, or bad for you, not that until recently there was anywhere locally I could have got it done. So I suffered… A little while back, the holistic centre where I go to the podiatrist (foot specialist) started doing Colonic Hydrotherapy as a service. Much the same thing I gather, though dont quote me on that. But still I thought, no, I’ll carry on, but…tonight, at the centre, I let my guts win (or lose, depending on how you look at it), and booked myself a session for Friday week. I have no idea what I’m letting myself in for, I have no idea how much good it will do, but lets give it a try! Apart from the cost, what have I got to lose?

Any comments, other than dont do it, would be much appreciated lol!

The video, sorry, I thought about this for ages, and this was the best I could come up with, and thats pretty much a facepalm moment!

Sweet old fashioned girl

Well, its the look I’ll be aiming for, at the Christmas Dinner at least. Snag is, whether I can pull off the sweet bit might be a whole different ball game altogether lol!

But the old fashioned look, most definitely, dress fits in so perfectly with that. The one thing left that I’d love to get my hands on for the night, is one of those wonderful black, helmet bob wigs, as modelled by the dummies in BHS in Leeds, and I suspect elsewhere too. Anyone know someone who works there, so I can borrow one? Or if some BHS worker reading this can get me hold of one, principally only for the night, I’d be so grateful. Yes, I’ll probably end up splashing out for one, knowing me! No, I think I’ll forego the cigarette holder though, thats a step too far lol!

And alright, I wont be so old fashioned that I wont be on the internet beforehand, something no one in the 20’s could have even vaguely dreamed about. But look for the do, oh absolutely, darlings! Make up is going to depend on the luck of the dice, as there is no way I will do it myself. If I’m off, I’ll probably get it done before I go, if its after work, it will probably be the scrubbed look, and people will have to live with it.

Yes, you’re right in assuming I’ll book a hotel room nearby for the night, same place as last year in fact. Two single beds, so if I pull (yes, you can stop laughing now!), I’m made for the night! I have two chances of that, even if I was interested, thats none, and less! Irony is, all summer long, I’ve been getting discounts offered for hotel stays, now I want one to appear in my email box, nothing! Still, fingers crossed, and there is a while yet, so…

Yes, the big date is not until the 5th December, but it was announced this week, hence the blog.

So, does anyone want a sweet old fashioned (flapper) girl? No, thought not! :p

Talking of which, there is a vintage fashion fair in Leeds this weekend, planning to go pay a visit after work tomorrow at 5.00, to see what I can find.

The video, a song older than me, and thats saying something. The star of the video, even older, boop, boop a doo!

You have to wonder…

Well, this afternoon I was doing what I would term an online interview using Yahoo Messenger re various issues, and the matter of my transgenderism came out. Well, fine, I brought it up, mainly because I was being asked about previous romantic involvements, and things, and I mentioned having a female partner. Therefore the interviewer assumed it was a lesbian fling, and went on to ask about such matters.

Now at that point, I could bluff my way through pretty well, I’ve done it before, or given that the people at the board know I’m trans, though the interviewer didnt, and admit it. So for once, I admitted it, it wasnt much of a lesbian relationship, given I was a guy at the time. Given that even back then, my man bits didnt really work properly, and the fact I couldnt get my head around the idea of male sex, even if I thought I was a man at the time, and yes, it didnt really work out. Not surprisingly, I didnt try again afterwards, which explains the fact I’m coming up on my 13th anniversary of asexuality!

So he asked if I missed sex, and I answered no, I didnt. Then I was asked if I thought my shunning sex was related to my transgender issues, and I answered that I suspected it was, but of course there is no way of really telling. But it makes you think, doesnt it? If I’d transitioned when in my early to mid twenties, would I now be a happily married wife, or at least living with someone as a couple? At least there is one thing thats for certain, I wouldnt have had children!

Of course, the other thing you have to wonder, is how different my life might have been, if I had been born a woman. I might have got married, I might even have had children, and life might have been so different. But like so many things, you can only wonder

Oh alright, the video, this one suddenly came to mind late on. Sadly I cannot find an actual live version of this, so

Would be frightening, me as a mum, I should think lol!

I’m cute!

Alright, maybe thats pushing it a bit too far, but at least now I have the evidence, that with the right make up, the right look, and alright Karen, the right hat, I can definitely tend towards cuteness, and even reasonable attractiveness too! Sadly I wont be able to prove it here until next week, as I only have the book evidence of these facts, and wont have any computer usable versions until next week, when a few of them arrive.

Even then, some might laugh at the idea of me being cute, but I try. One thing is for sure, I look far better than I could have ever imagined I could. Romantic proposals, I doubt it very much, and even if I did, would I want to get involved, probably not?

But I must say that it was great fun doing some vintage style shots, and I deliberately took some of the pictures in black and white because of that, and I think it works, a lot of them really do have a vintage feel, and I love that. I’m certainly glad I had them done, thats for sure.

If anyone wants to know who the miracle workers are, for a photo shoot of their own in the Leeds area, then ask! Karen, Dave and Hayley are sure to give you a really good experience, I must say.

Oh, the video, what can I say, I’m cute!

Everything changes…maybe not?

So alright, what changed after my week away, err, lets see, nothing really!

Yes, I still wore trousers to work, though I’m sure nobody would object if I wore a skirt, but…yes, I’m a wimp that way. Though it must be said, if I get much joint trouble, the temptation to switch to skirts might just become too tempting! I might just do so anyway at some point, just to see if there is any reaction 😀

It has been done once before , but that was Boxing Day, so only literally had to cross the road wearing it. Whereas going all the way to and from work in one might be seen as more of a challenge. Have got a couple of dresses that could be described as day dresses, but dont think I’ll go quite that far yet. Skirt wearing though, hmm… 😉 watch this space!

Work hadnt changed, was as crazy, and understaffed as ever. Seriously, and they wonder why people keep leaving, but…rolls eyes!

Train service hadnt changed either, still as lousy as before. Train was 5 minutes late in the morning, both arrival at Huddersfield, and at Leeds. Coming home, the train left Leeds on time, but clearly the driver was shaken by this fact, and we were 6 minutes late by Dewsbury, which is only 10 minutes or so down the line. He even managed to turn that into 8 by Huddersfield, only a further 8 minutes on from there. Seriously, they should change their name to Trans Pennine Woefully Slow, at least then they couldnt be done under the Trade description act!

So all in all, the only thing that really changed, was the colour of my skin, yes, I’ve got a bit of a tan, after a week in the sun! Oh, and it was about 20 degrees cooler yesterday than Richmond last week, ouch!

Oh, and something else thats changed, Robbie Williams looks a lot older than this now lol!