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That back to work time

Yes, in all but the literal sense, the holiday is over. Lets face it, I wouldnt be working at 9pm on a Sunday anyway, so, yes, right, done and dusted! Just a shame the weather has been so uninspiring this week, but it is January, so what can I really expect? But even so, its not been the loveliest weather, even for January.

Tomorrow I get to have the fun of getting to and from work, which probably wont be fun. To be fair, most of this week has seen the public transport not being too awful, but they’ve probably just been waiting for me, so they can fall apart lol! Other shame is that its an early start tomorrow, as the video will say, 6 o’clock already, aargh, that will be me in the morning! In fact the alarm will be set just before that, but anyway…

The funny thing is, what is there going to be going on? Hey, at the moment, even the all weather racing is being cancelled by the weather, so…Whether this means work is relatively sane, or you get idiotic requests for football in Division 6 of the Fiji league, I have no idea. Given the intelligence levels of our staff, and the desperateness of punters to spend money, nothing would surprise me on that front!

Clothing, definitely trousers and winter boots tomorrow, thats the safest bet I can offer you! Skirt and shoes, ask me about that when the temperature gets at least to the high 50’s lol! Anyone got a coat with a heating coil inside it? So yes, the blog rate will return to a quieter level again after today.

So given its work, and knowing my luck, chaos on the trains, what could be more apt than

An Eternal Flame

Well alright, this wasnt the original plan for todays blog, but I suspect the weather has got in the way of the most important event of the weekend, so lets go to plan B.

Yes, for those who know, you’re right, this was going to be about a cricket match in Belfast tomorrow, between Ireland and Australia, but I suspect the chances of that happening are limited, judging by the weather here, and reports from Ireland.

A great shame, as it was our big game of the season, despite many other important ones coming up against Afghanistan, and others. Fingers crossed the game can happen, but no breaths being held on that.

So alright, second prize. As everyone probably knows, at the end of next month, the Olympics start in London. Currently the Olympic flame is touring the country, though I’m sure its enjoying the weather as much as we are lol. On Sunday, it comes to Huddersfield, the highlight of its journey? 😉 I wont be hear to see it, I’m working Sunday, and will be gone to work long before it arrives here. Funnily enough, its in Leeds on Monday, and I wont be there either, as I’m not working lol!

Would I have gone to see it anyway, probably not, I’m not one for big crowds in all honesty. Quite likely that you wouldnt see much anyway, and thats assuming all this rain simply doesnt put the flame out! And no, the forecast for the whole weekend isnt good!

But given the cricket situation, its an idea for the blog.

The music, well the title, as often gives a hint. An 80’s classic from the Bangles, more featured in wedding videos nowadays, but seems rather apt for the Olympic torch.

Just another Manic Monday

To follow on from a crazy Sunday, in the cricket at least. Though work was pretty lively too, I must admit. Got a long shift again today, but at least I’ve then got 2 days off to recover.

Yes, the Ian Bell incident, I’ve never seen anything quite like it, though sadly at work we had pictures, but no sound, so wasnt entirely sure what was going on at the time. Was Bell an idiot, probably. Was India right to do what they did, probably as well. But it was nice to see such sportsmanship in Cricket, especially when you think of all the diving, and dying swan routines you get in soccer nowadays.

Got an interesting email from the place I go to in Leeds for the laser treatment yesterday, got a number of half price offers for August for various treatments. One thing that I saw is something called non ablative chemical peels, which sounds interesting to someone who loves to experiment, but  have no idea how good they really are? I’m sure they cant work feminising miracles, but if someone knows differently…? Main thing I need is some treatment to make the breasts swell a bit, not necessarily size increase, just a fuller figured look. Ideas anyone?

Need to ring them up re a promised free makeover anyway, when I did it before I just went for a minimal look, and probably should again. But they mentioned something about supermodel looks (more for genuine women I suspect), but tempted to challenge them to see just how good they can make me look. Certainly would be fun walking through town, and working that way, but is it the wise way to go? Maybe I should take the enhancers and bigger size bra with me, and go in for the full look that day lol! I’m not normally a devil, but… 😉

PS they do vouchers, but wont hold my breath for offers lol!

Oh, song, well maybe, alright, has to be…