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Wanted! Well, my boobs were, seemingly!

In truth, I’m not quite sure why I’m posting this tonight, because then I’ve got to come up with 2 more blog ideas this weekend (any suggestions, feel free to comment), but hey, while its still clear in my head, lets roll with it.

Yesterday, at the end of the working day, I did my daily dash for Bradford Interchange, where I pick up the bus for my journey back to Huddersfield, and home. And no, I dont redo my hair, my makeup (ha ha), or anything else before I set off home. So fine, I look far from perfect by then. Some might say I look far from perfect at all times, but anyway, less of that!

Most of the walk was fine (unlike the actual bus journeys, but besides that…) until I got near the entrance of the Interchange. There, sat on the wall, were 4 men, who I would guess were a bit older than me, or about my age, as in truth, I wasnt looking closely at them, being more focused on getting to the bus station section in time to get the bus home, than anything else. But yes, they were nothing special, that was going to make a woman swoon!

So, just after I’d passed them, one of them said, probably louder than he planned to (or maybe he did want me to hear?), “Well, if beauty is supposed to be skin deep, she was born inside out.”

Yes, ouch, though given I’m trans, and given I wasnt showing my best look at the time, I probably didnt paint the prettiest picture. But fine, what made me smile, despite that comment, was what one of the others replied.

“Yeah, but did you see the size of her tits, they were great!”

So yes, flattered or otherwise about my looks, he liked my tits lol! At least he didnt do a Trump, and grab for my pussy, might have got a shock if he had. Mind, supposedly, Trump attempted to grab Ru Paul’s pussy one time, many years ago, the sight of his face must have been a treat. The story says that he hastily left the party after that lol. How true that is, no idea, but in truth, with all that has come out of late, it wouldnt surprise me if it was true.

So, is it fair to say, my face could do with a major makeover, but clearly my boobs dont! Of course, they are far from natural, but dont tell the poor guy that!

The video. Well, what one part of my body clearly was, even if the rest of me might not have met with the same approval!