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Its the final countdown?

Well, barring the need for a trip that is unexpected at this time, Saturday sees me starting off on my last ever ‘Inter-EU’ holiday, to Portugal. Also, I guess I’d better add the codicil that is the fact that I am assuming at this point that we will actually leave the EU in March 2019, because lets face it, weirder things have happened in life, for sure! But yes, all things considered, this should be the final time I do this. I just hope this doesnt totally ruin my hopes of moving somewhere hot, all year round, after retirement, but fear it might.

Of course I’m old enough to remember a time before we were even in the EU, and back then, if I remember rightly, there were just 6 countries in the Common Market, as it was called back then. At that time, barring 1 school day trip to France, I’d never been to any of the Common Market Countries in my life. By now, I’ve been to 4 of the original 6, and 20 of the current 28, including the UK! The most visited (excluding UK, obviously) would be Ireland, easily, though most of those visits would be before it entered the EU, but besides that…

The thing I’m going to miss the most, is the easy entry to said Countries, as a EU Passport holder. Mind, given that ‘Old Mother Time’ has caught up with me, I will no longer have to stand in the queues to get through passport control any more, just ride through in a wheelchair. I must admit, the main reason I always booked the service to the US was because of getting into that country through Immigration, for which my back wouldnt stand, but I’ve been ‘advised’ that it might be wise to use the service now to Portugal, so yes, its been booked tonight. I cant see the queues being so long that I would have standing time issues, but its done!

Oh, there is one unique thing that I shall be able to do this time around. My only time in Spain was over 20 years ago, when I got the ferry across from Vila Real De Santo Antonio, to Ayamonte, just across the river. The irony back then, the amount of time I could spend in Spain was limited, as I had no local currency to spend. Yes, pre Euro’s days! Now, next week, no issue at all, as one currency works in both countries.

I’m not planning a stressful week for my trip, it really is an attempt to get some sun, and heat into my back before the UK winter kicks in! A planned trip to Faro, (I’m almost in Spain, at Monte Gordo), and a planned trip to Spain, and a lot of relaxation. Oh, and maybe use the hotel spa once or twice, if I can afford it! Other than that, health break, lol!

Oh, to add, I’m out on Thursday evening, so this is the last blog before the weekend, from the Algarve, just saying…

Fine, video time. The obvious song, but not the obvious group. I havent used a Post Modern Jukebox cover version in a while, so lets right that fact tonight

My journey will go on, and on

Yes, anniversary moment tonight. Handy I found out about this, because I’ve got 4 days off, including today, in the next 5, so if you wants blogs for each of those, suggestions might be handy!

Just over 100 years ago, there was only 1 way to cross the Atlantic, by ship. Nowadays, apart from people with a lot of time, and a lot of money, no one does it by ship. Why, when you can reach the East Coast of America in about 6 hours, and if you can get a direct flight, the West Coast in about 11, would you want to spend more than a week on the Atlantic Ocean, with very little to see?

But in truth, it was really only after WW2, and the invention of jet planes, that flying the Atlantic, as a viable means of transport became possible. And it wasnt until the 70’s, and 80’s that it became practical for most people anyway! Nowadays, if you didnt make that trip by plane, well it would be a strange event!

But 105 years ago, and yes, there is a clue in that date, if you wanted to cross the Atlantic for pleasure, to emigrate, or whatever, sailing there was the only way to do it. Given that the only time I have spent a long period of time travelling by sea (beyond a few hours) was up the Norwegian coastline, from Bergen to Kirkenes, and back, I have no idea what its like to be at sea for days on end, and seeing nothing but water. I’m sure if you’re into that sort of thing, fine, but not for me. At least that Norwegian trip, some of the stops were long enough to get off, look around, stretch your legs, but on that trip, bit tricky!

Yes, on 14 April 1912, there was a ship ‘speeding’ across the Atlantic. You might even have guessed its name by now, thats right, it was the Titanic! Supposedly unsinkable, but an iceberg was to prove that claim wrong. Unfortunately, due to the conceit of the owners, and said claim, there wasnt more than a few lifeboats, and more than 1500 people died that night. Its recently come out that there was a fire, which may have damaged the hull a few weeks before, which led to the incident, but in truth, now, we will never be sure. There have, over the years, been many movies made about that moment, though the most obvious is the Winslet/De Caprio movie of the 90’s. In fact, the first was made only months after the sinking, and included an actress who was on board the ship at the time! Most of the movie industry was still on the East Coast at that time, I might add.

But yes, the next time you hop on a plane, for a long distance flight, just remember that 100 years ago, you couldnt do that. A ship to New York took about a week, or just over. To travel to Australia, as many did to emigrate, must have felt like forever! Whereas now…

Yes, the video is the obvious Titanic related one, though no, it isnt Celine Dion! Its a Post Modern Jukebox moment instead. If you prefer the original, it shouldnt be hard to find!

The blind leading the blind?

Fine, I was going to do something different, and something I cant believe might happen, but as the gentleman hasnt been seen all weekend, it might well be that he’s seen sense re me, and doing something remarkable, so lets put a hold on that, for now at least.

So, in that case, lets focus on the obvious subjects, me, and work. Well, unsurprisingly, I survived 2 weeks of customer service training, and 2 weeks dealing with customer service issues, but lets face it, with my work history, it would be more worrying if I didnt! But fine, now the fun stuff starts, even if, by irony, I’m not going to have to put these talents to the test. For better, or for worse, entertainment wise, the better job offer approaches, so I’ll go through training, but then…move on, unless something strange happens. I must say the pay issues make me feel less guilty about going, as does sly digs about my inability to get to Leeds for 7.30 am starts (not mentioned at the interview, was told 9.00!), and keeping the role.

Yes, tomorrow is the start of Technical Services training. Now, this should be fun, because as a few friends at least will know, my technical knowledge is limited, to put it mildly. The running joke I make, is that I’m more interested in being controlled by technology, than being in control of it! So yes, this could be, err, an experience! Looking at it positively, if I gain any knowledge through this part of the course, it can only be a good thing, right? But yes, the idea of me being a tech expert, is about as likely as me being a ……., which is what I thought I’d be writing about, so…? 😉 No, Stacie, you arent allowed to tell people what that is, either! 😛

Fine, I dont know how much of what I will learn will be of use to me in the outside world, as opposed to the job, but we will see? All the same, at the end of the fortnight, I might know a bit more about technology than I do now! Not that its hard for that to happen, but anyway…OK, one thing I’m not looking forward to, that 9.00 start all week. Means leaving here early, which means getting up very early, but…I’ll survive!

The video choice? Well, you might say that if I was giving out tech advice, this might be a fair description of how things would be? No, not the original, but a Postmodern Jukebox delight, set in a 50’s diner, pure heaven!

Oops, I did it again!

Yes, fine, alright, stop laughing, so I managed to miss (again) where my appointment was yesterday afternoon, but it wasnt my fault, honest it wasnt! More on that shortly…

But firstly, back to Thursday evening…

Actually it was a good, fun evening, which I thoroughly enjoyed, even if you could strictly say I shouldnt have been spending money on something like that, when I’m not actually in work, but hey, a girl has to chill sometimes, so…The fashion show was fun, though in all truth, I’m probably glad I was only watching it, not taking part. Though there were some lovely outfits, but anyway…One thing that did come out of it, beyond wearing a nice dress for the first time, was having my hair styled. No prizes for working out what look! Fine, you want to see, well, OK…

Me in lacy dress

Anyway, then to Friday. Yes, finally managed to get the phone interview with Jet 2 sorted, and I passed! Assessment centre is on Tuesday afternoon, feel free to wish me luck! After that, and signing on at the Job Centre, I headed for Leeds, to register with a recruitment agency. Yes, I knew the address, and yes, I knew where it was, but… I was expecting it to be like the others, an easily recognisable office from the outside, oh dear!

So I walked right past the building, and did a loop of that section of Leeds. Then I specifically looked for the address, and discovered this huge, multi floored building matched the address. So I walked in, and there on the 2nd floor, my goal. Hey, I passed it 15 minutes early, and only got there 3 minutes late in the end!…facepalm!

Then, all duties done, I headed for home. Today has been calmer, beyond picking a few losing horses for a competition I’m in, watching England win in the cricket, and writing a new story for an anthology, its been a calmer day! Oh, and got an email, I actually sold 2 books today!

Fine, the video. Well, you have a choice tonight, or you could play both, I guess? Firstly, the Britney version, if only because of what she’s wearing

Secondly, and the version I would go with, is Post Modern Jukebox bringing out the Marilyn Monroe version of the song

And alright, lastly, the plea for support, so that the picture you have seen is of Stephanie Harlean Carpenter, not Stevie Lou Nicholls. Honest, its the last time I’ll annoy you until nearly the end, so…if you’re feeling generous…

Playing catch up again!

Yes, I know, this is a bit overdue, but the last couple of days have been a little crazy, and a little depressing. But anyway, must push on, and besides an interview this morning went better, so…

I know, shock horror, I actually cinched one of those competency test things this morning, now move on to a proper interview on Tuesday morning, so fingers crossed for that. But yes, I must admit, the last couple of days, prior to today, I had began to feel the lack of a new job getting to me, but hopefully I’m over that hump now. Otherwise, I might have been suggesting that modern technology, and a brain/computer interface, and an interview competency download into my mind might be a wise move! Might still be, and I’d certainly enjoy it, so if anyone is offering lol…? 😉

I suppose the most amusing thing that has happened over the last couple of days, was being asked to do a survey by a recruitment agency re a job I applied for with them, the snag being they never even contacted me about it. Or indeed a previous one I applied for with them, so unsurprisingly, their marks were less than stellar! Seriously, dont they check these things before sending them out, or do they just send it to the __th candidate who applies to them blindly? Who knows?

And on top of everything else, it seems like summer might have arrived, though probably not for long. Was out earlier in a top, and skirt, to put something in the post. Well, actually the top is a very short dress (as in above the knee), but I’m too old to wear it as that, I feel. Maybe I should, but given the surgically battered state of my knees, probably not? Oh, thats the other thing, while I’m getting that download. A new, young looking, Harlow lookalike body would be handy, do the download into that, along with the rest of me! Yes, I know, I wish!

Oh, and talking of Jean, I promise you a blog on Sunday, if nothing else, as that is a very sad anniversary, that I certainly want to cover.

So fine, I want a cute, plastic (or metal) body, as a good looking blonde, so lets see. No, not Aqua, I’m not that cruel. So instead, here is the excellent Postmodern Jukebox version of that song.

Come on Jeannie, lets go party!

Well, in just 5 weeks from now…

Well, around the time I guess I will finish writing this blog, I should be at Atlanta airport, trying to grab a decent coffee (and probably some cake) before catching my connecting flight to Los Angeles, and my hotel in Hollywood, hard to believe it will be so soon. OK, fine, short of something amazing happening, this will be an out of work person heading for Hollywood, in a reasonably luxurious manner, but hey, I might as well get some pleasure out of the redundancy pay off, might be the only thing I do enjoy out of it!

Yes, the seats are a grade up on economy, for the second time in my life, though not as extravagant as I would have done, had I got the money, and already had a job lined up. So no, not business class, but what one calls ‘economy comfort’, and the other calls ‘premium economy’. The hotel at least, my normal sensible budget type, though I must say, for me, Quality Inns quite fit my needs.

But then comes the burning question, how wisely should I spend while I’m over there? After all, I’m only likely to get to Hollywood (and Beverly Hills) once, so…No, I dont mean in the sense of Universal Studios, and Disney, those things hold little interest for a vintage loving girl like me. No, what I mean, is if I get the chance to live the vintage life, should I do so, and to some degree, ignore the extra cost?

No, I dont mean drinking champagne at the swanky hotels. Well, not unless someone has fallen for my charms (ha ha), and is paying for it. What I do mean, is something like this.

Now, that would be fun, but given I should be spending pennies wisely at that time (of course I could find a job between now, and then, but no breath holding around here), is that just a silly spend of money I should be saving? I know what my ‘inner Harlow’ would say, go out, have fun, and enjoy yourself, just for once. But my ‘outer, practical Yorkshire lass’ is likely to have a fit at spending money on something like this, at a time like this. Of course, going to something like this might be my big break in the movies, so… (yes, I am joking at this point)

Mind, the funny thing is, if I’d still been in my job, I wouldnt have been extending the trip, and couldnt have gone anyway, it would have been happening the evening I landed in town. Technically, the other practicality should be, packing of clothes, especially nice dresses. And yes, normally when I go away for a week, I can pack comfortably 1 case going out, and just about squeeze everything in coming back. And yes, this time, its 10 days! Thankfully, because I’m travelling in ‘luxury’, I can take 2 cases. No, I’m not planning on 2 large cases, I’m not that strong. But 2 medium cases, given that I will get taken to the airport, and collected at both ends (that wonderful person, Nicole at this end, and one of those shuttle things in LA), I wont have to get cases too far. So, packing an extra dress, or two…?

The other thing that concerns me, is going somewhere like this, when I will quite literally, as a visitor to town, know no one. Also, I’m a non gambler (well, apart from Grand National), and like Ms Harlow, I’m not a good dancer. But…the chance to dress up, 30’s style, in Hollywood, can I seriously resist that? Possibly not! I know, Jean wouldnt care less, and would soon make friends, but this is me, so…just let loose my inner Jean, I guess, and see what happens?

So, if anyone just wants to post a comment, telling me I really ought to just go wild, and enjoy myself, feel free to do so. Hey, use a false name, or anonymous, just say something! I know people read these, I see the stats! I feel I should, but its just the thought of spending money, in this way…aargh!

OK, piece over, lets cut to the video. A group I love, recorded in LA, of a song I love too.

Raise your skirts, girl!

I had an amusing moment recently at work, and one that came totally unexpectedly. At lunch, I went across the road to get something to eat, nothing shocking there, I grant you, Greggs must see me coming by now, and given I win no prizes for originality in what I buy generally, they can probably even guess in advance what I’m going to ask for.

No, the amusing moment came when I got back in the office afterwards, and jumped in a lift to go back to my floor. There was another woman in the lift, about my age, at a guess. So I just press my floor button, she does the same, and the lift moves off.

So I hear the line, “About that skirt you’re wearing.”, and lets face it, I thought this was going to be, err, fun. Well, fine, it was, but not in the sense I was expecting. Her complaint about my skirt was about the length of it. And before you jump to conclusions, her complaint was that it was too long!

When I pointed out that my knees arent a pretty sight, so wearing a short skirt isnt practical (and above the knees is meant to be a no-no at work, though others seem to just ignore that), her firm reply was that there was nothing to stop me wearing a midi length skirt though! And yes, she’s right. But it just proves that you shouldnt assume what the complaint is going to be about, as yes, I was expecting it to be about me being in a skirt!

But fine, I’m still wearing an ankle length skirt to work at present lol. Though yes, going out today, I did wear a midi length skirt, so I can do it! Snag was, I sat at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to go to the beauticians, and it was trying to blow the skirt up over my knees!

I suspect for Kansas City, all I will need is a shorter, lighter skirt, so they might get more wear yet, but I’m not sure I fancy that for the cooler weather fast coming in this country. But maybe, if the weather is warm in September, well, I might have to show a bit more leg at work!

But dont worry, guys, no mini skirts, or short dresses for me! My knees might be seen as WMD’s to eyes, lol!

OK, to the video. What girls, in shorter skirts want to do, by the brilliant group known as Postmodern Jukebox

Not a Whigfield moment

Though this blog does relate to what happened on Saturday night, and a few hours before.

As regular readers will know, last night marked that event that is becoming less rare (thats the second year running I’ve been to one, after…hmm,… a while), going to a concert. Strictly, this was modern music, in the sense that the group are a bunch, of young, talented artists, thrust to fame with the aid of You Tube, as opposed to last year, and OMD, who have been around a while lol!

But in a sense, going to a Postmodern Jukebox concert is actually more akin to a step back in time, it has to be said. No, I cant speak from experience of a concert in the 50’s, let alone one in the 30’s, but in all honesty, but for the mobile phones, it could have been a time warp. Yes, they did request no use of the new fangled gadget, to fit in with the setting, but in all honesty, that was never going to happen, but anyway…

So fine, when Scott Bradlee (the genius behind the group) first said they were going on tour, he suggested that wearing a vintage look might be fun, so I took him at his word. Alright, me finding something vintage style to wear might not be the biggest challenge in the world, and wasnt, in fact it was more a case of deciding which item to wear! I did consider flapper style tops, but hey, I’m 1930’s now, and besides, they are rather boob revealing, so…Yes, despite going by train, I really did consider a dress, but bottled out. I know, should have done it, but too late now!

Me, I do it properly, got Abbi to do my make up 30’s style, and even gained myself a beauty spot for the evening, Jean would have been proud. Hair coiffed into 30’s curls, and looking and feeling great. Oh, what, you want to see?

Oh, fine

silver 30's look 1

silver 30's look 3

Happy now? I know, I know, Jean never wore glasses, but hey, I’m a short sighted version of her!

The concert, yes, it was well worth the effort. The vast majority were in what would loosely be termed modern clothing, though there were a number of others who’d made the effort to look the part, though from many decades of course, all adding to the mix. The show that the band put on was brilliant too, really glad I went. Being honest, a long dress would have been a bit out of place, didnt see many (as in hardly any) that dressed up.

The other thing you always wonder, is how will they sound live, as opposed to the film versions, which maybe one take, or might not be! To be honest, I would say the comparison was pretty good, if not better. So yes, if you like music from the past, and Postmodern Jukebox hit your town, or nearby, go and see them, its well worth it. Especially as currently prices are still quite cheap, I suspect that may not last for long, they really are that good.

OK, the video, and yes, its PMJ, you wouldnt expect anything else? They performed this last night, sounded as good as this, to be honest

A Real 30’s night

As some might already know, if you read these blogs regularly, I’m off to a concert in Manchester next month. I know, I know, most go to these things quite often, but I’m not most, in more senses than one! Last year for OMD was certainly the first for about 12 years, but now I’m going wild, going to another the year after lol! But this time, being absolutely radical, its not a group from the past, its a group around now, though the sounds they produce make it sound like they’re from the past, Postmodern Jukebox.

Please, dont ask me how I found them, because now, being a good blonde, I cant remember. I suspect someone posted something of theirs on a forum, or Facebook, or something, and I was hooked, unsurprisingly. But even then, me actually going to a concert, I know…To be honest, I was assuming they would just be a You Tube phenomenon, but then they announced a concert tour, including the UK, including Manchester! So fine, at £10 a ticket, oh why not? Of course, by the time I’ve paid the rail fare, and everything else, it costs more, but what the hell, its not often I get in at the start of a group hitting fame, so…I went ahead, and bought a ticket. It seems I wasn’t the only one, because a few days later the show was moved from a small place down town, to a larger place, a bit further out from the centre!

Of course one thing appealed to me on the invite, the advice to

Come visit the Postmodern Jukebox universe (preferably, while wearing your best vintage clothes)!

appealed to me no end. No, unless I have struck very lucky in my charity shop buys, I dont own any actual vintage clothes, but I have a number of items that are definitely vintage in style, both blouses/tops, and dresses. So they would qualify, I guess? I doubt most would notice the difference anyway!

No, in all honesty, given that as things stand, I’m going, and returning by train, the chances of me wearing a vintage style dress are slim, to say the least, given its the night that England play Italy in the World Cup, and I’m sure there will be some idiots about, over imbibing on alcohol, and however much I pass, a Trans woman, in a dress late on Saturday, when drunk, might be seen in a bad way? I know, maybe not, but I dont think I want to take the chance, not solo at least. But I can always take the lead of my favourite 30’s lady, Jean Harlow, and go with the blouse (vintage style) and slacks look. Yes, I know she was seen in gowns, but generally, of her own choice, she preferred the casual look, so I could do the same?

However, if any of my readers are going to this concert, or know of anyone in the Huddersfield area going to the concert, with a spare car seat, then I could really doll up! My rail fare would be just over £12, so I’m more than happy to match that in petrol/parking money. Hey, maybe even a little more, as it gives me dress flexibility, and also I wont need a taxi home from town when I get back.

And before anyone wonders, yes, I’m making an effort for the big day (more expense lol) having booked up for a make up session for that day, and to get my hair styled, both in a 30’s fashion. So I might still be trans, but I should be quite glam! So if anyone wants to make my day, by allowing me to safely wear a dress, oh please do! Email at, if you want to contact me. I will be buying a rail ticket in advance (to reserve a seat going), but not for about a fortnight yet. So…

Yes, Abby will be doing my make up, though I’ve already told her that I dont need ‘those’ Harlow eyebrows that could scare anyone! The rest of the look though, yes please. I suspect she will be googling the look in the interim somehow. Sophie will be doing my hair, as is the norm, though normally when she sees me, its not just for styling, but that will be, plenty of blonde curls, I hope.

Right, the video, one of the comments claims this is Harlow singing, but I’m treating that with a massive pinch of salt, as far as I know, Jean’s voice was always dubbed for singing, lets just say it wasnt her strong point! Not sure if she played the piano either, but…

So, if anyone knows someone who can aid this damsel in distress, or can do so themselves…let me know!

Come and get it. Your last Jersey blog

Yes, the video inspired the title, so sue! 😛

As you might have gathered, this is the last blog from Jersey, by this time tomorrow night, I’ll be back in Yorkshire, all things permitting. Due to fly out, at 3.15, for Manchester, if anyone wants to mark my progress, which I doubt you will!

Today, when I woke up, it was raining hard, which I thought was going to mess up plans somewhat. Fine, but by the time I was ready to leave, about 10.00, it was cool, but dry! So, back to plan A. Well, as much as I had a real plan at least! During the week, I’d seen buses going to somewhere called ‘Living Legend’, and I assumed it wasnt an air flight to Carmel, to meet Doris Day. It wasnt, unsurprisingly. Its one of these tourist places of course, telling what it calls the ‘Jersey story’. It does, one of these film things, and it certainly showed me the history of Jersey, in an entertaining way, mainly because Brian Blessed was involved. This man, of the loud, distinctive voice could never be dull, if he tried to be! Yes, it was quite good, certainly for the price, by modern tourist attraction standards.

My niggle with the place though, was that they opened the doors to the building at 11.30, and the film starts at 11.45. So the time to see the display upstairs, before heading down to where the film was shown, was limited to say the least. Even more so if you go in a couple of minutes later, to avoid the rush! I did manage to see the montage of shots from the 1930’s (I know!) before we were called downstairs, but I wanted to see the 20’s as well, so I thought fine, I’ll do it afterwards. Err, no, because at the end of the film, you come out into the shop, with no way of getting back to the display, aargh! Yes, I’ll live, but its annoying.

So after that, back into town, and what I thought was one last lookaround, before going. Did that, got the bus out to Gorey harbour, for one last look at the view, then back here. Yes, last lookaround, or maybe not? I ended up deciding to walk back over into town, for my meal, though beyond finding this delightful Italian restaurant, where the pizza was wonderful this time (irony, Pizza Express, the one big chain I’ve eaten at, is the one less than good meal this week), and good value too.

That was it, and I suspect the next time I leave here, will be to go back to the airport, and home!

Its been nice coming back to Jersey, and beyond one mentioned event, I’m really glad I did it, to see the place again was nice. But yes, 16 weeks from now, I’ll be heading to Kansas, really cant wait!

However, 3 weeks tomorrow, I’ll be seeing this group in concert, in Manchester, so looking forward to that too.