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A gap in the distance

Well, actually, to be honest, since I last posted, not much blog worthy has actually happened. So lets focus on one strange, and ironic moment that happened today, on the journey to the guest house.

As we were coming along the front in St Helier, I was talking to my driver, who was shuttling me from the airport to here. And of course, soon after the airport, I got asked that question that I suspect so many visitors get asked, “Have you been here before?”, and I admitted that I had, but a very long time ago.

After some chat, he asked me where I’d stayed back then, and I told him, The Alexandra, and he confirmed what I already knew, that it was no more, seems it closed about 10 years ago or so. In that time (unsurprisingly) there have been developments along the front, and indeed some land reclamation as well, making it almost impossible to get many bearing points that I could remember.

So I asked him (just in time, in fact), to point out to me where the hotel used to be, and he did. I’ll admit, even after all this time, seeing the park, but not seeing the hotel was a bit strange. I have a vague image of it still, but thats all, I visited it enough for that. And yes, now its got me wondering, whatever happened to Sue Clark(e)(?), the member of staff I had regular contact with, and visits to, back then. No idea, its over 30 years since I last spoke to her, and given she was just slightly older than me, I assume she’s still alive, but have no evidence. Beyond her work at the hotel, I know she was originally from Bristol, but thats all I can remember.

If anyone who knows her, realises who I’m talking about, let her know I mentioned her. No, I dont expect contact, and lets face it, I’ve changed a lot since then, in more senses than one!

So anyway, as its been a glorious day over here today, late afternoon (I only arrived at the guest house about 3.15), I took a stroll down into St Helier, and didnt recognise anywhere! Not surprising I guess, in all honesty, but I sort of thought, one landmark, but, not one so far. 😦 Mind, I ended up in the shopping area, and that would look totally different anyway!

Tomorrow, probably plan to do another memory trip, by getting the bus out to Corbiere lighthouse, then walking back a way, and then getting a bus back to town. No, I doubt very much the lighthouse has changed lol! The buses, what I saw of them, are a lot more modern than then!

I never was a diary keeper (I have one, but only for recording my work shifts in), and I have no idea if Sue kept one either, and if she did, whether I ever made an entry in it. But despite all that, this brilliant Yazoo song deserves a bit of love!