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Runaway train

Hey, what an opportunity I’m giving you, two sets of comments for the price of one, plus a brilliant and thought provoking video.

Alright, lets get the trivial stuff out the way first, a rant about an incompetent train company called Trans Pennine Express, some poor Brit’s might know them only too well? I’ve made my general feelings known about them before, so I’ll keep this brief. Just to say that its at least 10 days since I got home on time on one of their trains, and still counting. I’d love to say tonights being 9 minutes late was exceptional, but it isnt. Train fares will go up again soon, but service quality certainly wont! Aargh!

Right, now to the serious stuff. It must be, I’m going to discuss the video, and not keep you waiting to guess. Its Runaway Train (blog title gives that away anyway) by Soul Asylum, and at the end you’ll find one of the video versions of the song, there were 3 in the US, plus international ones as well, if anyone wanted to know.

The one thing we will never know, is what made these people runaway in the first place? Principally because even from this version, many are still missing nearly 20 years on, and others are now known to be dead. A terrible fact when you think about it, or at least I hope it is? Abuse, depression, something else, we will surely never know?

Me, the one I’ve suffered with is depression. Really badly at one point a long while back, but thankfully I did recover, though I’ve had a few lesser bouts since then, but nothing St Johns Wort and the like couldnt cure in time. But at one point, no, you dont want to know. In hindsight its not hard to work out what was screwing me up back then, something I’ve put right in the years since then, and thankfully now all niggling concerns seem gone, thanks to hypnosis as much as anything else. So dont worry about me now, I’m fine at long last, just a shame it took me 50 years to get there!

I suppose the other thing that amazes me about these children (and they were teens when they disappeared) is how easy it is to just disappear off the radar like that. Well assuming they arent just dead or something of course, but…And some clearly werent, because they did reappear due to the videos some years later! I suspect life is very hard, and I cant imagine how awful it must be. Even in my lowest points, I never felt like getting on a ‘runaway train’, but I guess it was tempting at times. And lets face it, the suicide rate amongst young transexuals is agonisingly high, as they struggle, and sometimes fail to be able to live with the body given them. Its not hard for me to understand that, but thankfully I’m now past that point.

So, I proudly present the only Soul Asylum song I really know, and only hope that even now, someone might read this and say, I think I know where ….. is, wouldnt that be great?