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Spring is here (supposedly), and that means…

…that the Baseball season is back!

Strictly, depending on your time zone, it started last night, though here in the UK, it was actually 1.00 this morning. But anyway…And no, I didnt stay up to watch it!

But today is the first full day of baseball, and as I type this, I’m having the pleasure of watching the New York Yankees getting thumped by Toronto, oh heaven. After this, I’ll take in a little of the other New York team, the Mets, playing in Washington. There will be more, but given my time zone, that will do for me tonight!

The strangest thing though with watching the Yankees tonight, is after all these years, no Derek Jeter. Hey, if anyone is a certainty for the Hall of Fame, first time around, its him!

As for me, I keep hearing tales that the Seattle Mariners are going to do really well this year, but I’ll believe it when I see it, been supporting them far too long for that!

Me, I’m planning on watching the Dodgers play the weekend after next (17th, or 19th) which will be great fun, and my 9th Stadium I will have seen baseball at. I have already visited 9, having done the tour of Seattle, but not having seen a game there yet. If I can find a way, as a non driver to get to Anaheim for an Angels game, then I will, but not sure how easy that would be?

September? Depends where I end up. New England, then maybe. Idaho, then no!

But care of ESPN, and BT Sport, I suspect I will get a decent fix of baseball this year, all the same.

Well actually, it finally felt like spring today, and if its the same tomorrow, I might go over to Leeds, and take in some cricket. Just a friendly, between Yorkshire, and the local university team, but if its a day out in the sun, watching cricket, I’ll take it!

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the warmth of California, for sure!

The video, a piece of baseball history. Yes, the obvious song, but a far longer version than what is sung at games. This recording is incredibly from 1908, hows that!

Looking for a New England, Part 2, Albany

So fine, the clever ones of you out there are already pointing out that Albany isnt in New England, its in New York State. Absolutely true, it is, but objection overruled, its a stop off point on this holiday, so…

Yesterday,the first half or so was spent driving up here from Hyannis, pretty much the rest of it was spent sheltering in the hotel from the torrential rain that greeted us, even before arrival, ran into it en route. So, beyond my first experience of drive in food, not much to report.

Today, what a difference. Cooler, yes, but sunnier, drier, most definitely. It saw Kate and I team up with James, who then drove 2 baseball fans up to Cooperstown, where the baseball hall of fame is. Kate knew in advance, shock horror, I didnt, though it wasnt long before the signposts gave some of the game away.

The only HOF I’d seen previously was the Ice Hockey one, in Toronto. But yes, baseball is of far more interest to me. And yes, even if you only have a passing interest in baseball, and are in the area, well worth a visit. Unsurprisingly, given their general record, and the fact they’ve only existed for 35 years, there arent too many Mariners in there yet. Red Sox, maybe a few more lol!

It was wonderful to see James again, unless he surprises me, it will be 18 months or so before I do so again, looking forward to that already.

Tomorrow, heading back into New England, the third and final part of this blog segment should be from Foxboro on Friday. Until then, I will leave you with the classic baseball song. Yes, those who have followed this for a long time will know I used it before, about a year ago. But seriously, Baseball HOF, what else would you expect?