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Reviewing the situation

Well, they think its all over, the holiday pretty much is now! Back to work tomorrow morning and all that, hopefully the trains are running better than the week before this, not that it would be hard for them to do so lol!

Its been a good week, the batteries definitely feel a lot more charged, due to a number of decent nights of sleep in a row. How long that good feeling lasts now is another matter entirely though. Starting with tomorrow morning, but ah well…

Its funny, I’d already been ‘convinced’ that I should wear a dress to the works Christmas Dinner, I just wasnt sure I had anything that fitted the bill, but apparently I did. Though funnily enough, none of them will be worn on the night. Well alright, one of them will be taken with me, just because “the dress” is a size 12, and though I got into it once, I want cover, just in case. But given allĀ my accessories are now gold coloured, fingers are crossed lol! Well, apart from shoes at least, but apart from that…cant see that happening now unless I find a pair by sheer luck. The main question now is to bob, or not bob my hair, not sure on that, but it wont be too short if I do, dont want to look “too much” like a boy, do I? šŸ˜‰ The helmetĀ fringe needs more of a miracle, than a decision all the same lol!

Christmas shopping, as far as I know, all I have to get, is got. Well, unless we do a ‘secret santa’ at work, and I get talked into it. I usually do, if we have one, so…I might have one small one to get yet!

The biggest bonus of the week was trying the Aqua Massager in Manchester. Even now, nearly a week on, my back seems great, and my knees are much better too, really amazed just how effective that has proved, with just a 10 minute session. Alright, I also had a normal massage the next day, but even so…

Which leads us to yesterday. A birthday in the house, a visit to the theatre, and I wore a skirt and heels in public, and the world survived lol! Yes, it was a long skirt, and the heels were of a wedge variety, but…it went well. No, I wont be wearing one to work tomorrow, back to trousers, especially in this weather! Oh, and flats, or boots, for sure too!

Next week, I get to wear a dress in front of workmates, that should be something, especially the ones from departments who dont normally see me much! Cant deny it though, the idea has got to me, it should be fun…I hope!

Oh, the musical I went to see. Well those who know these things may have got a hint from the blog title. For those who dont, it was Oliver, with Neil Morrisey as Fagan. And yes, there was 1 Bob the Builder reference slipped in lol! The video though, is the finale of the film version,

The End of Summertime

Yes, I know, summer actually officially ended about a month ago, but as this weekend marks the time when the clocks go back, you could say this truly marks the end of summertime. And yes, James, before you say it, I know, the US is a week later than us changing back, but as I’m currently living over here…

I’m not sure whether summer actually ever arrived over here lol!

The other thing that marks the end of summer for me at least, beingĀ a baseball fan, is the start of the World Series, the end of the very long season. And yes, that starts tomorrow, though it will actually be Thursday morning over here when it starts, but all the same. For a while, it looked like we might have some new teams there this year, but all got turned over in what I will term the quarter finals, I think the official name is the divisional series, but anyway…so San Francisco and Detroit get to return again to the final stage. As 5 of the 6 series so far have gone to the last game, we might be going for a while yet. But given the other was a 4-0 for Detroit, maybe not!

I’ve been to San Francisco, twice in fact, and both times ended up in a wonderful baseball park during my stay. Sadly once was a day game, so didnt get to see the sun set over the Bay, while watching the game, because believe me, thats really something! No, never been to Detroit, nor likely to do so, I suspect.

Actually, this was the first year for some time that I didnt get to a live game while over there. I should have done in April, but if you look back through the blog, well, you’ll see I had fun with American Airlines back then, and Sunday was the only Seattle game at home, so… Strangely enough, I wont next year either, unless either Wichita, or Rochester suddenly get a franchise over the winter lol! Thankfully, care of ESPN America over here, I have seen some live baseball this year anyway, including the Mariners once. But yes, its not quite the same thing as seeing it live in the flesh.

November starts a ‘social whirl’ for me, at least by my standards. As already mentioned, I’m off to see a movie on the 1st, something starring Louise Brooks, whoever she may be lol! šŸ˜› Seriously, really looking forward to that. Then later in the month, off to see the musical, Oliver as a birthday treat for someone close to me. Then at theĀ beginning of December, the Works Christmas Dinner. Ah, the busy life of a ‘flapper’, darlings lol! Thats probably it though for a while, unless someone knows something I dont!

Next week actually will bring even more travelling ‘entertainment’ for 9 days, though of course I’ll only be travelling 7 of them. More on that on Thursday’s blog though.

For now, the song is nearly 50 years old, the performance clearly isnt.