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The better you bet?

I must admit that when I heard this news yesterday, I was pretty stunned. Mind, its quite apt in the week in which I get (briefly) to Las Vegas, that the US decide to shake up their betting legislation dramatically.

For those who know, here in the UK, betting outlets are everywhere, in the form of betting shops, though according to some, nowadays they are more like mini casinos, or amusement arcades. As I now only go in once a year (or twice, if like this year, I get winnings), I have no idea of the pros, or cons of the glittery betting terminals now in all the shops, as I never even glance at the things. Apart from the Grand National, I havent had a bet since William Hill made me redundant in 2015, nor do I plan that to change…well, in the UK at least!

Up to now, if you wanted to bet legally on any sport in the US, you either did it in Nevada, or through a Nevada outfit, and that was it. Principally Las Vegas, though I suspect Reno had options too. Horse racing, well there is on course betting there, and some states have betting outlets, purely for racing, and thats it! Yes, I have actually been in an off track betting shop in New York State, firstly about 30 years ago (somewhere near Watkins Glen), and slightly more recently, when I went to Rochester, but they were like old fashioned betting shops over here, very basic, not places designed to stay in for hours. But other sports, oh no!

Oh, please, yes, people in the US bet on sports games outside of Nevada, very illegally, but it happens! So anyway, recently, the state of New Jersey started a court case to permit venues in their state to bet on all the other main sports. Yesterday, they won! In the case of Delaware, they seem to have only been waiting on the result of this case to start doing the same. On top of all this, numerous states have got things in early planning stages, and will follow in the near future. Some of those states listed didnt surprise me (Yes, New York was among them), but then there was ‘Bible Belt’ states like Kansas, and Oklahoma, wow! Yes, I could see the irony of me working in a betting outlet in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, in the footsteps of Clara Johnson! No, I dont imagine it will happen, especially with me being Transgender, but I cant deny I would love the irony of that!

Sadly, the only state I’m going to visit this year isnt on the list, Washington, and I dont think Florida was on them either, and thats only a maybe at this time. But yes, sports betting in the US, legalized, who would have thought it? So if anyone needs experienced staff to run one of these outlets for them…? Be a fun thing to do before retirement, I must admit!

Right, video time. The moment I knew I was blogging this, this song came immediately to mind. Not one of those songs that The Who are remembered for, but anyway…

Just because you get sent a job opportunity…

…Dont assume its practical!

Having applied for one job at William Hill, I wasnt expecting to get bombarded by other vacancy opportunities by the company, seeing I didnt request them! Anyway, I’m guessing that if you apply for one office based role, they think you’re interested, and available for others.

But yes, fine, I was stunned when the next morning, a vacancy opportunity appeared in my mail box from them. I mean, the job is nothing I couldnt handle doing, in British terms, it sounded the equivalent of a betting shop manager, or assistant manager. But yes, you’ve guessed it, it wasnt in Britain. Fine, Tahoe, Nevada. And it clearly said asked if I would be interested in such a role.

Silly question, by half! Of course I would. And given they were suggesting it to me, I assumed that someone along the way, over there liked the look of my CV, and wanted me to apply. So, excitedly, I did! Filled in all the details, only to be told that I didnt meet the qualification requirements, and that it would be taken no further.

Fine, I wasnt surprised, if still a shade disappointed by the news. I only realised that their system just sent out everything randomly the next day, when I received similar job offers from Romania, and the Philippines! Yes, it was then I took a closer look at the settings, and adjusted them (sadly) to Leeds area only.

But yes, for a few hours, I lived the dream, I was going to work in America, in the sports betting industry. Ah well…

No, thats not everything! This morning, they tried again, and this time it was a job in Leeds. Yes, could do everything required for that role, I’m positive, absolutely. You know why? It was the job I was doing before being made redundant, when they cut back on numbers! No, I didnt apply, because the shift hours wouldnt work for me, now you dont get taxis home late at night.

And fine, it wouldnt be Nevada, either. Ah well…at least I got to dream the dream, briefly.

The video. Well, given its one of the big casino cities in the US, I thought of this number from the 70’s.