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Something There To Remind Me

Alright, lets get away from the ‘cheery’ stuff of late, to somewhere that truly is a fond memory. Less specifically, Los Angeles. More specifically, and in a sense, a million miles away from the buzz of Hollywood, Pacific Palisades. Yes, this gorgeous piece of heaven is just over an hour away from Hollywood by bus, but in a sense, its a whole different world, and I love it!

Ironically, I first found this haven of peace, purely by accident. My April trip, my plan was to get a bus to Beverly Hills, look around there, and go back to my hotel afterwards. Thing was, I didnt read the journey plan correctly, and the bus (service number 2) doesnt actually go into the centre of BH, but stays on Sunset Boulevard, passing the edge of town. By the time I realised I’d missed it, I decided to stay on the bus, and see what happened. I did consider getting off in Westwood, and having a look at UCLA, but something kept me on the bus. Eventually I saw the approach of a small town, and decided I’d get off there, and have some lunch. Yes, that was Pacific Palisades, and having eaten, and had a walk around town, I’d fallen in love with this peaceful oasis.

So fine, the decision to go back there, in October, was an absolute certainty. Lunch in the same place, a walk around town, and then a stroll down the canyon, to the ocean. It might yet be the last time I walk by the Pacific Ocean, but I hope not. Due to an accident, the bus journey back was not one for fond memories, taking about 2.5 hours, instead of the just over an hour that it should be! But anyway…

So why, now, am I reminiscing about this place? Simple, if you follow golf at all, this weeks tournament is taking place at, yes, you’ve guessed it, Pacific Palisades! No, I never saw the Riviera Country Club up close, not really the sort of place a humble girl like me would go, just like that. Not really of great interest as such, anyway. But yes, its nice, for a few days at least, to see somewhere I have such good memories of, again.

Hopefully, hopefully, one day, somehow, I will return! No idea when, unless a wealthy LA citizen wants to make me his amour, mistress, or courtesan, at present. Or just offer me a job, hint, hint! But yes, at a time of low feeling, its nice to see somewhere that fills me with nothing but good memories.

The video. Yes, a clue in the title, I guess. Just remember, when this was recorded, this lady was approaching her 65th birthday. The song was a major hit for her, when she was 18! But I loved this song then, and still do now.