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Do you know the way?

To Leeds in my case, lol! Its been so long that I’ve almost forgotten by now! Only kidding, especially as I’ve been through there twice while on holiday. But its certainly been a while since I went to work, I suspect the email box will take some sorting out, mainly from stuff that will be totally irrelevant by now! Though the song might mention another city, somehow.

Yes, its back to work in the morning, and in the worst way possible, got to be at my desk for 8 am, and that means being up by about 4.45 in the morning, thats going to come as one major shock to the system, believe me! So alright, in one sense I’m just about ready to go back now, its just that tomorrow’s timing is not the way that I’d fancy doing so!

Its actually been a really nice break, for a stay at home one, and have got a lot of things done, some decent shopping trips, and more pleasingly, plenty of writing too. I admit it, at one point I’d got jaded with writing, but I’ve tried a different style of late, and am really enjoying it. Time is still going to be an issue for writing, but at least I will be more inclined to grab my opportunities now. But no, its not something I’m likely to post here lol! :p

So alright, I’m a minx, I did a Facebook posting today, hinting at having had a boob job, maybe you’ve seen it if you come from there? No, I havent, but after over 8 days of nigh continuous enhancer wearing, it feels like I have. (Not for baths, or massage, but all the rest of the time…) I am going to miss them tomorrow, not only for the shape, but I suspect the weight as well by now. I might yet go with them to work, but somehow I suspect management wouldnt get the joke, or like it, so probably not. I suspect I have the right to, but dont quote me on that? Anyone got a spare £4K or so lying around, then I really could give work a nice surprise!

And yes, for good, or bad, depending on your opinion, you might get less blogs again now for a while. I assume if you’re reading this, that fact will be bad, but…?

OK, dont worry about the street map of Leeds, I’m sure I’ll find my way! 😉

Alright, the video, Frankie Goes To Hollywood. They seemed to find their way to the top of the charts often enough, but this wasnt a single, which explains the basic video. And oh, I do know the way to San Jose (California), been there a couple of times, quite a nice place.

They think its all over, it is now!

The holiday that is at least! And dont I know it.

Not only is it back to work tomorrow, its an 8.00am start, which is definitely going to be a culture shock after this week, I dont think I’ve been up one morning before 8, let alone early enough to get to work by then, which actually means getting up before 5 tomorrow morning, so no, I wont be late to bed tonight!

Its actually been a good week, enjoyed the break, and managed some good shopping trips into the bargain. I know, a woman and shopping, shocking news lol! irony is, the week started in Halifax, and ended it there today as well! I actually bought a top for the company christmas dinner earlier this week, but wasnt convinced about it. Luckily the rest of the party headed into a candle shop, I headed into Peacocks opposite. Finally found the sale offers corner, and with Nicole’s help found 2 much better ones. What is it they say about 2 pairs of eyes, and all that?

The more surprising thing this week, I’ve started writing again. Its been quite a while since I went for anything lengthy, but this one seems to be flowing quite nicely at present. The rough version of Chapter 1 has already been sent to my wonderful editor, and Chapter 2 is progressing, but wont get finished tonight. Will it surprise some that its set in the twenties, and might just be inspired by a certain lady of that era. I dont think I will ever get back to writing as much as I used to, but its nice to know I can still ‘ride that bike’ if the mood takes me. Dont expect a link here though, not unless you ask privately, and only then will it be available once edited and posted.

Just in case anyone cant work out who it is, this might give them a clue! The singer is Roisin Murphy, as with a previous singer, I know nothing about her, but she has a nice voice.

I would say think of me about 5 tomorrow morning, but as most will be asleep then…