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Stevie goes to Hollywood! Maybe?

Yes, lets follow up on the last blog, where I hypothesised on the idea of going to Los Angeles on one of my US trips, and commented on the public transport situation there. Unsurprisingly, no one answered my questions for me, so I investigated for myself. Now, whether its because the position has dramatically improved in the last 10 years, or whether I was given poor information, but from what I can see, the public transport situation there isnt as bad as I was expecting it to be. And seemingly there is even a decent service from there, to Glendale, so even paying my respects seems possible, so…

Now yes, you’re right, normally when I go anywhere in the US, on my own, I tend to stay somewhere near the airport. Yes, its convenient, given I’ve usually had a long flight (or combination of flights) and just want to get to the hotel, settle in, and take it easy. But seriously, I’m planning to follow in the footsteps of Harlow, Brooks, and Lake, and head to Hollywood, and not stay there…? Even more so when I saw some of the delightful ‘old’ hotels in the area. Yes, fine, I cant afford them, not unless one of the film studios wants to offer me a contract! There are a couple of more budget hotels in the area, that have been around a while, but the reviews dont look too good! Equally one or two of the chains seem to have hotels in the area, that clearly are modern, but look the part, from the outside pictures at least. Anyway, all will be investigated more closely, if, and when I decide I’m going.

To be honest, it would, even at my level of budget, cost more than my normal US trip. Distance plays a part, that always increases the air fare. And of course, the really big cities cost more to stay in than the smaller ones. So all in all…but it would be an amazing experience, so I think thats the compensation involved.

I’ll be honest, there is probably only one good reason why Stevie going to Hollywood isnt already a safe bet, and thats her old body. Yes, I mentioned it, its a long way, 2 long flights, and my body isnt getting any younger, and the joints are getting stiffer, so…My plan is simple, if my body doesnt revolt totally after the flight to Kansas City in September, I will be going next year, for sure. But, and its a big but judging by my last 2 West Coast excursions, I’m not sure how well the body will hold up. I hope it does, but I’m getting on, so I really dont know, but keep your fingers crossed.

The irony, Jean Harlow never planned on being a film star, she went with someone else, to their audition, and got plucked for stardom herself. No, seriously, no film studio is going to take a chance on a 56 year old (will be 57 by then) as a star, whatever people say about looks, I’m not as young as Jean, anyway! Besides which, I havent acted since school, so…

But yes, at least I get to see the stars for Harlow, Lake, and Doris Day, and probably a few others, and get to experience the whole Hollywood sensation, if my body is up to it! Oh, and experience the whole Hollywood scene! So, fingers crossed! Why Lake? Seems a few think I resemble her even more than Harlow, and I can sort of see their point. So you can judge

veronica lake1

Another bonus, judging by Twitter at least, unsurprisingly, there seems to be plenty of vintage clothing options in the area. So, all in all, Stevie may well be going to Hollywood, even if I dont literally follow in Harlow’s footsteps.

The video, well, when a certain Mr Sinatra first visited town, a headline appeared in a newspaper, and many years later, this group took it for their name.

They were different, so if your tastes are delicate, then maybe I wouldnt watch?

Not the planned blog!

An extra blog here tonight, a tribute to Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo Bills, who passed away tonight, at the age of 95

the thoughts of a wannabee robot

Well, I had a few words of wisdom lined up for you tonight, but having just read the news, you might, or might not get to read them later.

Back in the mid 1980’s (yes, I really am that old), the first TV coverage of American Football reached the UK, and I got hooked. Originally, we got a highlight package, about a week behind, but that quickly turned into live coverage of a match each week, as Channel 4 cottoned on to the fact that they might have hit the jackpot here. But that was it, back in those pre internet days, we were lucky to discover any other scores before the following weekend. But I, along with many others was hooked.

Funnily enough, for me, I had once listened on the radio to part of a game, way back in the 70’s, I caught up with American Forces radio…

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And now, the end is near

No, dont panic, or celebrate accordingly, I only mean to my holiday.

Yes, tomorrow evening, US Airways permitting, I will return home to the UK after my break here in Richmond. Given that Kate set out this morning to go home by the same airline, and wont get there until tomorrow, due to a miscreant plane, I wont hold any breath until I’ve taken off from Philadelphia in all honesty. But, fingers crossed…

Its been a nice break, got some things done, others havent seemed to happen, and unless I actually get some writing done in the morning, they arent going to happen now. Its been great teaming up with Kate again, even if we didnt see as much of each other as we would have hoped. But believe me, I know all too well of work getting in the way of other matters!

But the weather has been great, as has the hotel, so all in all, its been a nice break for me. The other side of things, back to work Monday morning.

One last thought from Richmond, tonight I went out in a dress, and high heels to dinner alone. No one blinked, no one reacted in any way. Now, if I tried that on a Friday night in Leeds…rolls eyes! The big difference, no one trying to drink themselves into unconsciousness, maybe? Or already that drunk, and still drinking like its going out of fashion. Why is it only the Brits who think they have to drink themselves silly every weekend?

The video, its in the title. The legend that is Frank Sinatra