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Not getting married in the morning!

Yes, I know, I really wasnt expecting some beau to come and whisk me off my feet tonight, but a girl can dream. Seriously, no, it didnt happen, big surprise. Ah well, there is always Kansas City, wouldnt be a more apt place for it to happen, though I guess Hollywood would be a decent second prize, for a Harlow lookalike lass.

But yes, the sparkly blue dress, the high heels, all got worn when I went out tonight. Seriously, I’m amazed how easy it is to walk in heels, though that doesnt mean I’d want to wear them for the full length of a working day, and I certainly wouldnt want to have to run for a bus wearing them, that is for sure! But for a couple of hours, for a nice meal, with friends, absolutely.

And yes, it is nice going out wearing a dress, dont do it often enough, but I dont get that many chances, but must take at least 1 nice dress away with me in September, I must say. I did last year in Richmond, but given it was the night I was flying solo, I saved Kate from that sight. Maybe this time around…I’ll see what she thinks! As nearly all over there treat me as a woman, I’m sure it would be fine, but I must respect her views too. Plus, how many dress up in finery nowadays to go out for an evening meal, anyway? But yes, for me, its fun to do.

And no, I havent even looked at one of those dating sites, I really dont think I’m the romantic kind, even without ‘other issues’!

The video, well, this is more than 50 years old, and maybe it shows? But then again, so am I, so maybe that shows too? This is a lovely song, if not my favourite version. That is by 70’s group, Middle Of The Road, but I cant find that on You Tube, well not via the search engine, anyway. So lets go with the original Shirelles version

Or as an alternate (or extra if you’re greedy), a version by my favourite Bradford band, Smokie

PS Seemingly the 400th blog, wonder whats the most anyone has read, other than me?

A look back at 2013

The personal version at least. When WordPress issue the yearly stats for this site, I will post the details here, as before, for anyone that cares?

Yes, I know, a couple of days early, but if you saw my shifts for the next couple of days, you’d know why!

I suppose the main thing that has happened this year that surprised me, is that I’m now an ebook author, and have received actual royalties for my stories. Alright, so I currently only have 4 story releases (the 5th early in the New Year), and have only sold 34 books, but if you’d told me at the start of the year that I would have made any money by it, I would have laughed at you! But its been fun, I must say.

This year has seen 3 big trips away from home, one to Belfast for a couple of days cricket (involving a lot of rain, and some cricket) so that I could see Trent Johnston play one more time, before retirement. The other 2, unsurprisingly to the US, the R’s of Rochester, and Richmond. With no disrespect to Kate, or Richmond, the Rochester trip was the special one. The chance to see where Louise Brooks lived for many years at the end of her life, and more importantly still, to pay my respects at her graveside were precious. More on her in the look forward to 2014 on New Years Day, shall we say? 😉

Oh, and the other surprise event, I went to a pop concert! That had been quite a while, I promise you. Yes, I got to see OMD live in Leeds, a sort of full circle seeing that I saw them in concert in 1982, in London as well. I almost saw the Beach Boys in Richmond too, but discovered it too late to sort it all out for me and Kate. Yes, alright, about 3 hours before the concert in fact, far too little notice!

Sports wise, beyond the cricket, I had the coldest game of Baseball I ever hope to have, back in Rochester, in April. I think the official temperature was 43, but I dread to think what it felt like, given the wind chill factor too. I was glad to get a hot coffee (or 2) afterwards, in a valiant attempt to get warm again.

Beyond that, pretty much work, and putting up with Trans Pennine Express, and their awful service took up plenty of time. No comment on either.

The video, well, its not a song tonight. My best selling book (so far) is one called ‘No Place Like Nome’, based loosely around the 2009 Iditarod race, just over half my sales in fact. So the video, well, its Nome, in February 2009, the month before the race the story is about. At one point, they put up the chute, before taking it down again, but dont blink, or you’ll miss it!

Happy New Year to all my readers, see you in 2014

Just a week to go

No, nothing sensational, just the end of British summer time, thats all. Though in all honesty, summer has been over for a while now, its just that date declared by the ‘powers that be’ that this is the end of summer time, and we return to what is our natural time zone. The irony is, we spend less time in that, than we do in the artificial one created by bureaucrats, in the deep distances of the past. Ironically, a century ago, the idea had not even been contemplated, it only happening for the first time during WW 1. Hopefully it went better than the tragedy that was that war zone.

Then in the late 60’s it became a permanent thing, though the dates, and number of time zones moved have varied over the years, nowadays its 7 months of the year, far longer than a British summer will ever be! Its funny, I always begrudge the hour of sleep I lose in March, but dont seem to get the same benefit of the extra hour in October, for whatever reason. One thing is for sure, after next Sunday, I will be coming home in the dark pretty much every night for a very long time. Ah well…

The summer has been pretty good, my 2 traditional trips to the US, both to cities beginning with R, Rochester, and Richmond. Both were great trips, but alright, I’m already looking forward to next year, and getting to Kansas at some point. Other trip will be to Albany, for those who care about such things. First trip will be late, not until May, because of the late Easter, and things.

Beyond that, there was a trip to Belfast, for cricket, something I might have more difficulty repeating next year, due to some little football tournament called the World Cup! Seems England have qualified, by the way (tongue in cheek)? That will make travel complex, given I doubt we will be allowed to have holiday during that time.

Oh, and lots and lots of work…rolls eyes! Still, 4 weeks from now, a weeks break, and I’m already ready for it! Shortly after that, the office dinner, and the flapper look will rise again lol! But thats all in the future, so…

In tribute to what is about to pass, a classic song

And back to reality

Yes, I made it home safely, not without a little entertainment from a stubborn air passage thing at Manchester this morning, that refused to budge for about 10 minutes, but after that…its back to work tomorrow! Just hope I’m not too jet lagged, in all honesty. Normally work decides to give me the Monday off, to get over it, but this year, in their wisdom, I’m working tomorrow, then off Tuesday. Then working Wednesday, off Thursday, yes, great logic there, isnt there?…rolls eyes…

But besides that, what is there to say, beyond hi, and letting you know I got back here. Oh, the fact that I spent a silly amount on a dress, maybe? I went in Macy’s at the local shopping mall, and there was this most wonderful, blue, 20’s style flapper dress. What I would term cleavage cup style, so I wouldnt even have given away any trade secrets when wearing it. Fine, its only a 12, but thats a US 12, so should fit. Snag, its a zip up type at the back, and they can always be a challenge. So it proved, I couldnt quite get the zip to do up, aargh. I should have taken that as a sign, I really didnt want to spend $100 on a dress anyway, and leave it at that.

No, I cant do anything that easy, can I? There was a pink dress, equally flapper style in look, but with shoulder straps, instead of strapless, but…they had it in a size 14! Yes, it fitted, and yes, I bought it! It is gorgeous, but both were above the knee dresses, so I ended up having to buy hose as well, due to the state of my knees, not a pretty sight.

Well, I’ll wear it for the work Christmas do, I might wear it again if we all go out for Christmas dinner, but after that…? We will see!

Oh, and last week taught me one other thing, my knees prefer me wearing a skirt, far less restrictive on the joints than trousers. To be honest, I changed into a skirt Sunday, didnt wear trousers again until coming home Saturday. I know, modern women wear trousers to work, but I’m tempted. The high heels, no, I dont think I’ll be wearing those to work though lol!

Right, the video. No, nothing to do with the blog whatsoever. Just that its a brilliant band, a great song, and I love the gold wig. Well, you could say its about the 2020’s I guess, and my look is 1920’s lol!

And now, the end is near

No, dont panic, or celebrate accordingly, I only mean to my holiday.

Yes, tomorrow evening, US Airways permitting, I will return home to the UK after my break here in Richmond. Given that Kate set out this morning to go home by the same airline, and wont get there until tomorrow, due to a miscreant plane, I wont hold any breath until I’ve taken off from Philadelphia in all honesty. But, fingers crossed…

Its been a nice break, got some things done, others havent seemed to happen, and unless I actually get some writing done in the morning, they arent going to happen now. Its been great teaming up with Kate again, even if we didnt see as much of each other as we would have hoped. But believe me, I know all too well of work getting in the way of other matters!

But the weather has been great, as has the hotel, so all in all, its been a nice break for me. The other side of things, back to work Monday morning.

One last thought from Richmond, tonight I went out in a dress, and high heels to dinner alone. No one blinked, no one reacted in any way. Now, if I tried that on a Friday night in Leeds…rolls eyes! The big difference, no one trying to drink themselves into unconsciousness, maybe? Or already that drunk, and still drinking like its going out of fashion. Why is it only the Brits who think they have to drink themselves silly every weekend?

The video, its in the title. The legend that is Frank Sinatra

How much!

Seriously, I love most things American, especially the pretty much total acceptance that I am a woman over here, as opposed to the head bashing I occasionally do with some in my own country, plus the very odd idiot, as mentioned recently. I’ve no idea what the American equivalent of an anglophile is, but I’m one. Of course, if push came to shove re job interviews and things, would it still be the same? I’m inclined to think yes, if they think I’m a woman anyway, there is no chance of gender rejection, is there?

But the one thing I dont get, food portions! Seriously, I thought I was getting a meal for one, not a whole party! Fine, I know the British appetite is generally smaller anyway, and even by our standards, mine isnt large, but…I cant remember the last time I actually had 2 courses over here, other than when I cheated, and had a starter, and a dessert! Sunday, I got a large salad provided before the meal, but hey, the meal itself was as much as I would have wanted anyway, if not more! Last night, I didnt even get close with the Chinese meal, barely about halfway.

Regardless of cost, and to be honest, last night wasnt that expensive, its the waste that bugs me! The meal size might be fine if 1 of those American footballers turned up after a game, but an ordinary person like me, aargh! And fine, if some people do want that much, then consider a smaller portion option on the menu, for those of us who are never going to eat the ‘standard’ size meal. No, I know, things wont change, but no harm in asking.

The other moment of hilarity yesterday was looking at clothing at the shopping mall. Now you have to remember, much of my stuff is budget, charity shops, or markets. I do get some nice stuff that way, but hey, the price tag is nice, especially for us Yorkshire lasses with tight purses. But this mall was full of what I would term, nice shops, and were priced accordingly! I know, some people spend that much, or more in our country, but for me…Bring on Old Navy and the like over here lol!

Today should again be relatively quiet, I’m hoping at some point to get some writing done, which hopefully long term will boost the bank balance, or at least pay for the cover pic, and styling! Tomorrow Kate is planning to get me downtown to the Science Museum at least (about 15 miles), as she put it, by some means or other! No, I have no idea, as public transport around here is just awful, the first time I’ve found this in any largish American city I’ve visited. So no, I wont be moving here lol! Thursday is planned to go further afield, I’ve heard Washington mentioned as a possible, but lets wait and see. Again, no idea how we get there, but I’m sure Kate does.

The video, is in tribute to the food portions over here, though Michael Jackson might turn over in his grave at this. What can I say, Weird Al Yankovic is an acquired taste, but one I love

Welcome to Richmond!

Well, yesterday was easier than I thought, US Airways definitely getting plus points for the journeys yesterday, both bang on time. Yes, the intermediate bit at Philly airport, through Immigration and Security was a tight squeeze, but got to the Richmond plane just as they were starting to board.

And yes, the weather listened to me, there was some light rain last night, but that was it. This morning, its fine, a perfect start to the day. Not that this will be the liveliest day of the week, Kate doesnt even arrive in Richmond until just after 4, and given public transport is minimal during the week around here, non existent on Sunday’s, well, I wont be going far before then!

But I have got one job to do, a little walk to a nearby (20 minutes walk or so) AT&T shop, and hopefully get my little US mobile phone working again, its on charge as we speak. I’m sure its a shock to it, hasnt been used for the best part of 2 years, but anyway…At this moment I have no idea if it can be revived, or whether I will need a new one, a journey of discovery in that sense, but it will get me out for a while at least.

Then later, to the airport, and meet up with Kate, and then off to the hotel I’m staying at for the rest of the week at Short Pump. I suspect today will end up being quite a leisurely affair, given she’s flying in from Oklahoma City today, and I know how much flying takes out of you! But the rest of the week should be fun.

The video, yes, the hotel internet is so good that You Tube works, well, it relates to that little phone

PS I so love Agnetha’s outfit!

A friendly welcome

Yes, I’m sure that in every sense but one, I will get a friendly welcome to the US tomorrow. And no, I dont mean the Immigration official either, as the vast majority of them I’ve found to be fine, or better. Of course, the one time it wasnt, was Philadelphia, so…hope I dont get her tomorrow lol! Not that she’d recognise me, I’ve changed a, err, bit since then!

No, what I’m talking about is the forecast weather for Richmond, tomorrow afternoon and evening. Yes, I get to be greeted by thunderstorms, oh joy! No, not that they really bother me, but will probably limit the walking I can do tomorrow evening, a tactic I normally apply, given the legs tend to stiffen up on long flights. Ironically, its the only lowlight currently in the weather forecast for the whole week!

Thankfully nowadays, you can get food delivered in, so I wont starve, and I’m sure I can walk a few floor lengths indoors if necessary, but anyway…With luck, the weather forecast will be wrong, but…I doubt it!

So thats it, the last words from the UK for a while. I will try and do some posts from Virginia, but it will be dependent on things, so if I dont, then forgive me.

The video, well, here’s the weather forecast lol,

The way old friends do

Yes, you’re getting Abba again, but they are one of my favourite groups, so I suspect thats hardly a shock to you. Not a song that all should know at least.

Oh, and you know some silly woman mentioned about the acceptance rate, and everything? Yes, absolute kiss of death, wasnt it? No, it wasnt the young clubbing crowd in Leeds that caused the hassle though, it was one ‘rather drunk’ Indian (or sub continent somewhere) guy on Sunday in Huddersfield that provided the grief.

I wanted the first bus turning up (in fact, either did for me), and he didnt. So I walked past him, and he went loopy. Something about “Are you a man or a woman?” and he’s groping me! Though of course I dont get the same stimulation from my breasts being squeezed as some would, I reacted accordingly, angrily! Next thing, as I’m getting on the bus, he must have come up behind me, and shoved me over, and going crazy, shouting at me. I think someone must have dragged him away, because he was a short distance away when I got back up. No, he hardly got me, but the knee crumpled a bit, and I went down less than gracefully I guess? Only when I was safely on the bus, several rows back, did he start again, but the bus driver just shut the doors in his face, and drove off!

Funny thing is, this morning at the station waiting for the train, some guy was looking at me, and I think it was him! Sober now, it must be said, he looked me in the eyes, lowered his head, and walked on. Might not have been him, but it was funny if it wasnt… I’m fine now anyway, braced the knee Sunday night when I got home, all seems fine now. Yes, I’ve had a bit of surgery on the knees over the years, they arent strong, but surviving, so it seems!

Anyway, on a more positive note, and relating to the title of this thread, I am of course meeting up with an old friend this weekend, Kate, in Richmond. You could also say Richmond is an old friend, but…Yes, I’m looking forward to teaming up with her again. No more work now for 11 days in a row, thats another good thing to look forward to! Tomorrow is getting the body ready, Friday is for the hair. Saturday is for flying across the Atlantic, cant wait!

Possibly more before then, but not promising.

So, to the video, you know what it is already, so…

That time of year again

Yes, alright, I know the NFL pre season play started last week, but today marks the Bills first foray into play, and at the moment of writing (30-13 in 3rd quarter), its going surprisingly well. Of course, as the cynic in me would point out, when they were reaching the Superbowl 4 times, we used to lose virtually every pre season game, so…who knows? 4 weeks from now, we will know a lot more, and 6 weeks from now, I’ll be watching a game or two hopefully while in the US. Of course I might get to see some on Sky Sports before then, but anyway…

No, I dont expect anything amazing from them, but for a few more weeks at least, I can dream.

The other ‘funny moment’ tonight is that I’ve got the US PGA golf on TV, coming from…Rochester, New York, where I was in April. Well alright, just outside the city, at Oak Hill, Pittsford, but its given as a Rochester address lol! 😛 I will always have fond memories of my time there, thats for sure. Given that I never got to Buffalo, I might still get back there sometime of course, would be nice.

And yes, the other regular occurrence fast approaching at this time of year, my next holiday trip to the US, back to Richmond in Virginia, after 13 years! Still less than the gap between visits to Rochester, so… Meeting up with Kate again will be really good too. And yes, guilty, next years destinations are all planned out too, if not sure which order yet, but it should be Albany, and Kansas, all things working out. So many possibilities for 2015 though, no idea how that will all play out yet, but pretty much all east coast, or mid west at most, which will please my old body.

On other matters, no, I havent seen the photo book display yet, hopefully soon, and I can post something here.

Oh, and on a more depressing front, the Premier League football season starts next week, ah well, cant have everything, I guess?

Right, given most of what I’ve talked about, the video is topical. But its not the original artists, but these are two young ladies I could quickly become a fan of. Hopefully medical people wont get a surprise with the tagging here lol!