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The Irish cricket season…

Is just about to get slightly lively!

Yes, the big match against England is now only a few days away, and a desk at work with Sky Sports TV has already been ‘grabbed’ for Thursday lol! Will miss the start of the match commuting to the start of my shift, but will get to see most of it, albeit without the benefit of sound.

The Irish squad was named a few days ago, no surprises there, but didnt really expect anything else to be honest. The development squad (or A team?) was also picked for a game against a Sussex side, and an Under 19 squad named too. The ladies team have been playing in Holland this week, mixed results, just have to mention that they have an amazing 13 year old in the squad, and she’s there on merit! Had a decent week too, it should be noted with the ball. England ladies, keep your eyes off her, though maybe they arent like their male counterparts lol!

The England squad was named today, they seem to be taking a chance by resting a lot of big names, and assuming they can still beat us. Hopefully they will be proved very wrong! Funny, you’d think they’d want their revenge after the World Cup, but ah well… we need the ranking points anyway, lol!

Then September brings 2 Associate Cup (4 day matches) to Ireland, the one against Namibia cancelled at the start of my blogging career will be played in Belfast, then Canada in Dublin, plus 2 one day games as well. That should keep them busy lol!

Yes, I will be wearing green to work next Thursday, cant possibly think why, lol!

Oh, and last but not least, a totally different sport, and showing support to one side of my Irish ancestry at least, Kerry play Mayo in the All Ireland senior gaelic football semi finals tomorrow. Good luck to them, hopefully they would win with, or without it anyway. The other side of my family, Offaly. Need to go back a fair few generations, but it seems those of us with an Irish background (especially Americans) dont seem to worry about things like that!

May the rest of your weekend be a sweet one, as they say.

A post from across the Irish sea

Yes, writing this from a sunny Belfast, instead of sunny West Yorkshire for once!

The funniest thing today has to be at the hotel on arrival. Last year I was a Mr, with a different surname, today I was booking in as a Ms, but… didn’t blink an eyelid, lol! And yes, they remembered me, worked out I was over here for the cricket, so…Oh, and forecast is good for tomorrow, so fingers crossed for a good days play, and an Ireland win of course!

OK, the boring bit for some, the transgender stuff! I guess if most T-girls were offered one element of cosmetic surgery, they’d go for the boob job, or breast augmentation, to give it its correct title. Not me, I wouldn’t mind being slightly bigger, but in all honesty, C cup would be fine by me anyway. Nope, the first thing I would change is to get the Adam’s apple reduced, its the biggest give-away we’ve got in all honesty. Second would be the genitals, and only then might I start thinking cleavage. So if any doctor is reading this, and thinking, well they know my wish list, lol!

And finally, going off in a totally different direction, Kerry beat Cork today in the Munster Gaelic football final, so pleased about that. Yes, Kerry is one area I can trace ancestry back to, the other is Offaly, should anyone care, and I actually got to see some of it, which was great.

Oh, and if anyone has a specific area of things they want to know about me, please don’t be afraid to ask, or if there is anything else they want me to write about, do the same. Either let me know through comments, or by email.

Hoping the weekend has gone well for my readers, speak to you again soon,

Stevie Lou