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A Belfast Air

I know, I know, the traditional tune for this is another city in Northern Ireland, but given I’ve been breathing in the Belfast air for a few days now…I could also have called it, Oh Maxy boy, but that joke would have sailed over non cricket fans heads!

Ah, the cricket. Yes, the Max is Max Sorensen, taker of 5 Australian wickets in the 88 overs of play managed over the last 2 days, most of them yesterday. We managed a whole 16 overs today before the rain came in, and blew the rest of the days play away. Mind, that has its moments too. After a short while, I went in the pavilion to get shelter indoors, and ordered a coffee, to try and warm myself up. I turn round, and almost bump into Paul Stirling stood behind me, one of Ireland’s leading players. Shortly after, Kevin O’Brien walks in, and after a while, Trent Johnston sits down at a table, literally across the passageway from me.

And before anyone says anything about only Irish players mingling, Steve Smith was seen chatting to several spectators before we got started this morning too. Maybe its the Belfast air, maybe its just natural politeness, but either way, its a lovely sight.

Anyway, about 3.00, it was clear there was unlikely to be any more play today (there wasnt), so I headed back into the city. I wasnt really shopping for anything, though I did find one wonderful shop selling vintage stuff, but didnt buy, though I might have been tempted to some degree.

Then back to the hotel, and during this evening, I got a reminder of ‘old Belfast’ when a parade of marching band(s?) went down the street nearby. Just remember, I used to be over here during the ‘Troubles’, and marching parades used to be a major catalyst for riots, and other delights. Nowadays, no one even blinks, thats how much things have changed for the better.

Tomorrow is back to England, hopefully I can get back here next year, though it may be more fun arranging dates, given the World Cup is being held in Brazil next summer. But fingers are crossed…though I may have seen the last of Trent playing, but I wouldnt put too much money on that. His form is still red hot, unfortunately his body is aging, a fact I too know only too well lol!

So, in tribute to my location, and to the bands, lets end with a song that will ever be linked to Northern Ireland. Sung by a Canadian actress, who only died 2 months ago, I was surprised to read on Wiki.