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Going back, looking very different!

For most people, any place you visit in the world, it doesnt matter when you go, you’re the same person when you return. For me, things are a lot more complex!

There are a large number of places in the world that I only visited as a ‘man’, and have no plans to go back to, now that I’m officially a woman. Including in fact, the 2 places where I spent more than two thirds of my life living, the Medway Towns in Kent (62-83, and 02-03 when I knew I was Transgender, but hiding it ) and Yeovil in Somerset (83-99). Why, I just think it would be a bit weird going back to either of those places now, to be honest, and the first has more bad memories than good now, anyway. The latter, might be interesting to visit again, but I know in my heart, it wouldnt be the same, so…I must admit, I havent been back to Haworth (where I was born) in a while, for the same reason, found it weird going there again now, as a woman.
Beyond local places, and of course, New England, and Rochester, NY, I have tended to avoid places from that era. And given I had no great memories of the areas on my first visits to those places (it was 1 holiday), they werent a problem

From 2000 onwards, which brings in most of my US trips, it gets complex, as thats when I finally worked out who I was, and that I had the wrong body! But, for a few years at least, in public, I stayed behind the male persona, even if I knew it was a lie. So places like Richmond, and Seattle saw me as a man, even if I knew otherwise, which is probably why it didnt feel strange going back to both as a woman since I fully transitioned. Technically San Francisco falls into the same boat, but not directly, as by then, at home at least, I was living as a woman anyway. And one day, sometime soon possibly, Chicago will fall into that group too.

I was going to add Toronto to that, but that was my first trip as a woman, so…that was special in that sense, to be honest, and yes, I will be going back again. Interestingly, Canadian rules on Transgender folk, and passports is complex, to say the least. Technically they wont let you fly out of the country, if your look doesnt match your gender, and I have two large bumps nowadays that say otherwise, but…if they want to offer me a job, accommodation etc, because they wont let me out again, then fine!

Now, getting back to where we started, going back to a special place, I knew as a man, as a woman. Yes, its going to happen this year, I just hope I dont regret it. Thankfully, it will only be for a week, so I’m sure I will cope, and after more than 30 years, it will all have changed beyond recognition anyway.

Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

I first went there, either at the very end of the 70’s, or the very beginning of the 80’s, and went back more than a few times. Why, because of a certain woman, a receptionist in the hotel I stayed at. Hey, the hotel is now long since gone, I suspect St Helier looks very different by now, but so do I! Fair to say that I wont recognise anyone, or they me, but…it will be the first time I’ve done this sort of visit, and its going to be a bit strange. But given the US trips this year are September, and November, I wanted to get away somewhere, so…

But yes, I’m looking forward to it, and see how I react to returning somewhere like this. Hey, I might even get back to Yeovil, if it isnt too bad lol! Medway Towns, no chance, even if this is the 40th anniversary of leaving school there, and I could go back for Founders Day in July. Hey, I might be the only female pupil they ever had, being a boys grammar school lol, and they dont know it!

I think this video is right, I do want to go back, just not sure how strange it will all be

The benefits of selling

Well, yes, I have hit the magic half dozen mark on sales of the film, and managed a couple of book sales recently, which has allowed me to do something nice, giving money to good charity causes. The reason why this is easier than normal (given I lack for credit/debit cards) is because royalties from the books, and sales from the films go into my Paypal account, memorably registered as Merry Brooks Publishing. No, I dont expect it will ever reach FTSE 100 status somehow lol!

But what those handful of dollars have done (apart from a couple of small treats for myself) is give me the opportunity to donate a bit of money to charitable causes. One I mentioned a short time ago, was the Lance Mackey medical campaign, the other is a lot closer to home, or should I say, work.

Cancer Research ran a campaign for January, called a Dryathlon to raise money. From my point of view, it would be a pointless challenge, I simply dont drink a lot of alcohol. I do drink, just nothing that would keep the brewers, or wine growers in business. In fact, so far this month, one glass of wine, and thats about normal. December was a bit wilder, but still I doubt I topped 20 units…for the month!

But some at work, well, they might drink a little bit more than me. No, I’m being diplomatic, not saying how much! One guy at work that I see as a friend (no everyone, not that sort of friend) signed up for it. I was impressed, and hoped he would last the course, but in all honesty, I wasnt convinced he would. But, but, with 2 days to go, he’s made it! I gather he plans to make up for it on Saturday, but…I just hope he can be relatively sensible about it, even if I know he’s so looking forward to that first beer of the year, and then I suspect, one or two more.

So yes, given the sales I’d made, what I’d promised would be £5, turned into £10, a donation I was only too happy to make. So anyone at work (and yes, I know I have readers there), or otherwise, who want to support him, and Cancer Research, feel free to ask for the link. No, I’m not going to embarrass him by posting the link here, but please ask, either here, or drop me a line at if you really dont want to post a comment on here… rolls eyes.

As a sidenote, sorry to disappoint the ‘hundreds’ who were thinking of taking me out for a romantic meal on Valentines Day, I’ll have to say no. Not because I’ve got a date already, thats about as likely as every Trans Pennine Express train running on time for a day! No, sorry, I’m working till 9.00, and given I’m working again the next morning, I’ll have to forego that delight. Yes, fine, it was never going to happen anyway, but a girl can hope. Seriously, if anyone wants to send me even a card, that would be a first…for this century! You dont even have to mean it romantically, just something in the (e)mail box would cheer me up no end.

Getting back to the Dryathlon for the video, a classic Dean Martin moment. Not sure this film is him actually singing this song, or if it is, its not synched, but…

Black will be back…maybe?

Well, this morning I went and had my hair highlighted and cut again. In all honesty, the latter was overdue, and the former was pretty much becoming a need too, but now the deed is done. And yes, its still blonde…for now! But only for now. Let me announce now, for those who read my blog, I’m going to change my hair colour the next time around. Not that being a blonde isnt fun, it is, but I’ve been that way for quite a while now, and I think its time for a change. Stick with the bob though, and in a sense, when you read on, even more of a reason for doing so.

Oh, and Linda, if you read this, I’m warning you now, ‘killing me’ for not being blonde is not really practical lol! As I say, if she sees this, she will know who I mean! Just at the moment, I’ve got a couple of options. One, that June (my hairdresser) suggested to me, of going brown, maybe with a few red highlights, maybe not? Actually sounds quite good to me. The other one I’m considering is the look that most flappers went with, the very dark one, black. Funnily enough, much closer to my natural hair colour than I’ve been in a long time. As I’m told there is no sign of grey hair, I might well go with that.

I’m not saying I wont end up going blonde again at some point, but a change is as good as a rest, as they say, and I feel its time for one. No, I dont plan on shortening the bob even more though. I know that nowadays I have ‘2 good reasons’ why people shouldnt think I’m a guy, but no point in taking too many chances lol! Who me, boyish, surely not! The longer bob looks good anyway, so I’ll stick with that at least.

Other than that, the main thing that seems to have come together, is holiday plans. And shock horror with me, its been changed a bit! Yes, I will still be going to Kansas, but its going to be September! Yes, I spoke to Kate last night, care of Yahoo Messenger, and we talked things through, and made plans. So, given that I’m going to Albany now in November, that moved the ‘blank space’ from September to May. Actually, not so blank. A long, long time ago, (early 80’s, at a guess) I spent more than a few holidays in Jersey, and had a wonderful time. But no, have never been back since. Well, in the summer of 2014, after I guess, 32 years, I plan on going back. No, I dont expect to recognise anywhere, and certainly wouldnt expect anyone to recognise me, for more reasons than one!

The one thing ironically that will, by then be the same, the hair colour, assuming I go dark, not brown at least! The funny thing, especially with my job, will be the betting shops. Back then, in the UK, all betting shops shut at 6.30 in the summer, in Jersey, they stayed open for night racing, and I remember my amusement at going in a shop at 8.00 in the evening, just because I could. Now, everywhere stays open!

Now, all I have to find is some body armour, for when I see Linda, after I’ve changed the hair colour! 😛

The video, a real oldie, in black and white, quite apt, maybe?

A professional actress, as well as writer?

Yes, seriously, I’ve been paid for performing, after so many years. I know, not strictly an actress, as I wasnt playing a part per se, I was playing a few parts in fact, under trance, for real! Thats right, I’ve ‘sold’ the link to the film twice over already, and had a couple more showing interest, not bad for a fifty something who thought her best days were behind her!

Yes, fine, as far as I know, both the buyers, and both the other interested parties want it only because they know me, I suspect, either through forums, or as a workmate. If I can get to 6 (hmm?), I will recoup the train fare, one more after that and I clear my coffee expenses for that day too lol! If I dont, I loved the day anyway, and thats the main thing. By the sound of it, ‘Mary Lou’ will be returning as a trigger, and then I’ll have the challenge of keeping her under control too! Not that I mind that in the slightest, you understand? 😉

When I get stopped in the street, and asked for my autograph, then I’ll worry!

Clearly I havent yet got into diva mode though, not yet spent a penny of that money at Amazon, though I’ve been tempted by a few things, little Miss Practical in my head says ‘you really dont need that’ and I dont buy it. Maybe not, but its not costing me anything technically, so…I know, I know, get on with it, girl!

Beyond that, today has been about getting a few things done. A review written for the people who did the photo shoot, a much needed massage, and getting myself booked in at the hairdressers on Friday, for a trim and highlights/ colour. After all, a film star has to look after herself, roflmao!

Oh, and lastly, talking of film stars, and laughs, I got a bit of both when I woke up this morning. One of those group things on Facebook, is something called ‘Colorized Hollywood’ (Yes, an American group, the spelling gives that away!) which is basically shots of the old movie stars, that were therefore in black and white, and someone has added colour (proper spelling) to them. This morning, one of those was Louise Brooks, and a dear friend from work had added my name as a comment to it. I wish! Yes, I really do! But…currently wrong hair colour, no helmet fringe, and I dont think my looks match up either, but besides all that…very flattering. Jen Pawson, thanks for suggesting it was me though. x
I think the person concerned probably needs to go to Specsavers, but when I posted the photo shoot pictures, they said I looked a lot like Jean Harlow. Well yes, very flattered, but seriously. A very glamorous movie model, who died too young, and me, a middle aged transgendered person, look alike, again I wish! If anyone wants to say I do though, I dont mind the flattery, really I dont.

Given all I’ve talked about is women, could there be a more apt video than this?

The rest of the weekend, and things

Yes, the main ‘thing’ being, its back to work tomorrow, albeit for just 1 day, before my first day off for the week. Yes, I know, but thats the life of a shift worker lol! On a ‘Dolly’ tomorrow, hopefully you know what I mean by that?

Right, firstly, for those of you who care, or want to see it, the video of the ‘hypno model’ session will be up on You Tube tomorrow. Ah, now the bad news, of sorts. It wont be listed, so dont even think about going to try and find it. I’ll have the link, and for a very small donation, I’ll pass it on. One or two very special people will just get, but otherwise, about a fiver ($7.99, as all these paypal things seem to be in dollars) will get you a look. My Paypal account awaits lol! Email me at , and I will provide all needed details… 😉

I know, I know, cheeky, but thats what having a sassy young flapper in your head (sadly now gone) in your mind will do for you. Its hardly a fortune, I have the rail fare to try and recoup, and anything on top of that might be nice, as there are a few gorgeous flapper dresses around, and ‘Mary Lou’ has demands lol! Still a bargain compared to regular hypno videos, but I’m not a young model, so…flutters eyelashes…

Beyond that, I didnt wear the flapper dress, just too short for the weather. Mind, I thought I was wearing a long dress, and then discovered that it was slashed on one side below the knee, so out came some gold leggings! Maybe I should have just braved it, but my knees are not a pretty sight, and if someone had seen them…no, I dont think they would have done, but too late now anyway! 😛 Wonderful evening, and a good meal.

Today has been getting things ready for the next book release, having got 3 of the 5 pieces back from my wonderful editor, James. Cover now purchased, and sent to a lovely guy called Kris, for the title to be added. So very soon, a new publication from Merry Brooks…no, dont get over excited lol!

Oh, and lastly, loaded up my Amazon account with £100, part of my winnings from the Christmas competition at work. Got a few ideas of what I fancy, and will either do some purchases later tonight, or on Tuesday. That should be fun 🙂

The video, one of my favourite songs from my youth, and one I could never work into a title

Diary of a hypno model

A brief (well, relatively brief) look at what happened yesterday, the build up, and after. Some of it serious, some of it, slightly more light hearted, you decide which!


Well, thats it all settled now, losing control of my mind for a few hours tomorrow. I know whats been agreed on, and hypnosis can only make you do what you want to do, but…Given my robot fantasies in the past, would it really be that hard to keep me in that mechanised state? Bit late to worry about that now, girl, and I never back out of things, so…
Pack bag with a few outfits, one silver set, a couple of 20’s look things too, as that is something else to greatly look forward to. Oh, and a pair of heels, darlings, an absolute must!

Friday morning, first thing

Breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary, its not like a condemned persons final meal, I will be becoming myself again at the end of the session, after all. And unless Lex has developed the first robotisation chamber, or a time travel machine (flapper in 1920’s), I should be fine. He hasnt told me of either, but he wouldnt, would he? 😉

Train journeys, pretty much straightforward, quite a surprise with Trans Pennine to be honest, that was my main concern of the day, getting to Manchester in time for the connection. We were a couple of minutes late arriving, but nothing to worry about. Train to Chester also arrives a few minutes late, nice to see Arriva Wales are that way inclined too.

Meet up with Lex, get taken to his place, and plied with coffee. Seriously, he thinks he can put me to sleep after 2 cups of coffee, he must be good. Oh fine, in time we get down to business, and what do you know, he could put me to sleep (strictly in trance) very easily, despite said caffeine. I know, I didnt want to resist, but…

I would say its fascinating being a mindless robot, but given that in that state, you cant really think, I’m not sure how strictly true that conclusion is? Kind of blissful, I guess, though some might see it strange as just obeying commands, and not able to do anything about it. oh, I’m pretty sure he made me forget my human name, but a robot wouldnt want to remember that anyway! No robot designation given, but I think thats because we both know nowadays, there’s someone else I’d rather be long term, the sweet, but sassy flapper!

So, my mind gets introduced to my new ‘temporary’ self, Mary Lou, said flapper, aged 22! She’s great fun! Saucy, sexy, and out to have a good time, while she’s allowed to. I know there was a condition put in, so she wouldnt panic at all the modern surroundings, but I cant remember the details (or I’m not allowed to, one or the other). Talk about turning me into a sex kitten, I was amazed myself! She’s not good at alcohol though (coloured water, actually), and gets a bit giggly when she starts drinking wine.

After that, I remember a session as a fembot sales girl, where I started off thinking I was a human, selling them, but am then led to believe that I might be one too! Dont think I sold myself anyway, lol! Then a purring, sexy Domme, with her hypnotic pendant, now that was fun! Clearly out of order, couldnt get Lex under my control! Beyond getting him to leave me as Mary Lou, I’m not sure what orders I would have given him though!

Then back to the sassy, Mary Lou for a while, until my tummy rumbled too loudly at least, and ‘she’ was asked if she was getting hungry. She was! So soon after that, things were brought to a climax, and I was returned back to normal, though only after a trigger to leave Mary Lou in charge for the rest of the day (with the same no freaking out about modern day things) was set up. To be honest, I’m only sorry to see her go after last night, she was such fun to be!

It made the train journey back quite interesting, a whole new perspective on things to be honest, looking at it through ‘her’ eyes at least. TPE finished the day off, by sitting outside Huddersfield station for about 15 minutes, before finally going into the station, not everything could be perfect after all.

I was torn last night. Whether it was the time in trance that did it, or the travelling, or both, but I felt tired. I didnt want to lose her, but about 11.00 I gave up the battle, and went to bed.


Whatever it was, I slept like a log, a rare event for me. Sadly, when I did wake up, Mary Lou was gone, back to the old me again, ah well…Somehow I suspect that at some point, I’m going to have to get Lex to put her back in my mind as a trigger, even if as a controllable one, with me in charge! Shame, as she might feel quite at home dressed 20’s style tonight when I go out for dinner, for Nicole’s birthday. May, or may not wear the flapper dress, as I call it, its a bit short anyway, even more so for mid January! We will see.

So, in review

It was a wonderful, and fun day, and I’m really, really glad I did it, so many thanks to Lex, for letting me fulfil 2 big time fantasies, both robot, and flapper girl. For the future, I’d pick the flapper girl every time. I’m very glad I discovered what life as a robot is like, but the flapper thing is so much more fun, and far more me, nowadays too.

In case anyone was wondering, yes, it was filmed, and yes, I will be getting a copy, might have more idea of everything that went on when I watch it! He does normally sell his films, but those models are younger, and remove a few more clothes than I was ever going to! He has got permission to use it if he wants to, but I suspect the market for someone like me is a lot more limited. If however, you want to see me hypnotised, and obedient, then maybe you should let us know!

The video, something else entirely. I didnt mention, Lex has got a cute puppy called Honey, who even a cat person like me could adore. So given I’ve used up a good number of 20’s videos already, lets go with this

A man I admire greatly

Given the height of excitement today was heading into town, to get someone’s birthday gift, lets focus on a different matter tonight

Back in 2009, I wrote a story, called No Place Like Nome, last year it finally started to get an audience, when I started up my ebook publishing thing. But no, before you just pass on, this isnt a request to go buy the book, though I wouldnt mind if you did!

One of the threads of that story, was the 2009 Iditarod race, won by the incredible Iditarod legend, Lance Mackey. Seriously, in all, this guy has won this race (one of the hardest in the world, if not the hardest) 4 times, quite an amazing feat. But all the more amazing, given his long fight with cancer. It did also involve the serum run of 1925, but as I say, the reason for this blog is Lance, not the book.

The thing is, all the chemotherapy, and everything else he had to go through, has messed up his body. I know, it happens to a lot more folk, but they dont race for a thousand miles through bitter weather. Doesnt make them any less as a person, just means they havent walked into my life yet. Last week, Lance lost the last of his teeth, his jawbone is now such a mess, they had to go. Cost $8,000 or so! Cost to get a new set of decent teeth, that means he could get back to what he terms a normal life, about $30,000! Sadly all this means Lance wont be in this years race, he isnt in a fit state to do it.

Let me say, our health service system over here isnt perfect, but at least we have one. In the US, medical insurance is a must, as its all private, and expensive over there. Indeed, Lance does have insurance, but it doesnt cover the oral work he needs doing.

Oh, did I mention, Lance doesnt like being helped, he’s a strongly independent man, but he’s also a hero to many, so these things get noticed, and hopefully help is on the way. He has been convinced, by a friend of his, to let her start a campaign to raise money to help pay for this work, and thats why I’m writing this blog, to hopefully increase the audience for this. Oh, and for the few who read both, this will be tomorrow nights personal blog, just saying…Just had something else to write about there tonight.

The campaign is at so if you have a few spare dollars, pounds, euros, or whatever, please consider giving. I will be, hopefully so can you find it in your heart to do so.

The video, lets just ensure that Lance’s dream, of more Iditarod races isnt over.

Thanks for reading.

If you miss this one, you’re in for a long wait!

Today, I caught the first train of the day to Heysham Port. Funnily enough, I also caught the last train of the day to Heysham Port. Yes, you’ve guessed it, they are one and the same, just one train a day creeps along that line from Morecambe. Though alright, it actually creeps along that line, having come all the way from Leeds, which is why I was on it.

In recent years, West Yorkshire Metro has run a special offer each winter, for all Metro cardholders, and the Seniors card as well, the opportunity to travel between Leeds, and either Carlisle (over the famous Settle & Carlisle line), or Morecambe (over a far less famous line!). This year, the return fare is £11, an absolute bargain compared to the full fare, believe me.

So, back in November, Eric and I headed off for our trip to Carlisle and back. Eric loves train journeys, his other half doesnt, so I take him with me on these trips. Me, I dont mind train journeys, especially ones not related to work, so it is quite a pleasure. Today, we set off on the other trip, the one to Morecambe…and beyond!

After a brief tactical visit to the buffet at Lancaster to get our lunch, we scampered back to the train, thankfully about 10 yards away, just as well really, as Eric cant walk that far, and certainly not fast. We should have had 9 minutes, but ended up with about 6, and made it with about 1 to spare! So, on to Morecambe. We actually went there last year, but no further, waiting there for the train to return from Heysham, while eating our lunch. As anyone who knows Morecambe station will tell you, there isnt a lot there, or nearby! And given its January, not August, well, lets say it wasnt a great thing to contemplate repeating.

So, we stayed on board, paid £2.90 return each, and travelled on to Heysham. Its a single track line, and there really is nothing at the other end, except for the port, and the ferry. And yes, thats why there is only 1 train a day, to connect with the ferry. It pulls in at 12.50, leaves about 1.15, and if you miss it, there will be a 24 hour delay to your journey lol! Well, I guess you could get a taxi to Morecambe, or Lancaster, but you get my drift, no more trains!

Now, before you think thats a pretty poor service, hear me out. Closer to home, there is a line between Stockport and Stalybridge, that has 1 train a week…in one direction only! On a Friday morning, at 10.13 it pulls out of Stockport, calling at 3 stations en route, before arriving at Stalybridge 22 minutes later. For 2 of those intermediate stations, its the only train of the week! Basically, its cheaper to run 1 train a week like that, than go through the formality of closing the line to passengers! Even more so nowadays, as it is popular with train fans, because of the lack of services!

Funnily enough, many railway lines in the US have just 1 train a day, but then you are talking very long journeys, like Seattle to Chicago, for example. The reason for that, with all the budget airlines nowadays, its as cheap to fly between those cities in 4 hours, than do it by train in 40! Not as scenic, but in these days of getting everywhere quickly…glad I did it the slow way though, in both directions.

The video, sort of a clue in the title. This song is SO old, I had no chance of finding a live version, so here’s a few trains instead

Its a shame, does it always have to be the way?

Yes, if you use a few cryptic clues there, you can work out the video, if not, just read on.

Yesterday, I finished work at 6.00, the last shift before the holiday, which actually started today, but more on that during the week. So therefore I was lined up to get the 6.40 train back to Huddersfield, on a train starting from Newcastle, and heading to Manchester.

Now, the football fans, or indeed, people like me who have to know about football will know that there was a match yesterday afternoon, between Newcastle, and Manchester City. if you dont know, and care about the result, look it up, I know Man City won, but beyond that…That isnt what this blog is about, unsurprisingly.

Yes, when the train rolled up, more or less on time, which is something for Trans Pennine Express, it was pretty full, and yes, full of football fans at that. No, I had no problems with anyone on board, but…we were also greeted by 6 Transport Police on board, and not hard to work out why, lets face it. Now, dont get me wrong, things have improved dramatically from how they were with football hooligans 30-40 years ago, but even so…

I didnt see any actual problems in my carriage, though the underlying atmosphere amongst the football crowd wasnt pleasant. My main amusement was 1 guy, with one of those e-cigarette things, who clearly wasnt certain whether he could ‘smoke’ it on the train or not (I neither know, nor care), and trying to do so surreptitiously. Judging by the police reaction, he was either fine, or they were more concerned with other issues!

Sad to say, their radios crackled into life, just before we pulled into Huddersfield, and when the doors opened, all moved forward to the front carriage, I heard someone saying that there were threats of trouble in the tunnel, so they were taking no chances, clearly. To me, its just a shame that grown men still have to act like animals on board a train, just because they like football, and seemingly like alcohol too!

No, I’m not suggesting that away fans shouldnt travel, though in these days of blanket TV coverage (Yes, it was on Sky), do they really need to? What might be more practical though, is a total ban on alcohol on such trains, and not just in terms of actual drink. In other words, if someone is showing signs of being drunk, and aggressive, stop them travelling! They wouldnt do it again, thats for sure! But no, in the real world, in a land when football is seemingly king, its not going to happen, is it?

The video, as I say, there’s been a few clues

Something old, something new

Just before Christmas, the 23rd December to be exact, the station building I had known for years at Wakefield Westgate closed. Something about modernisation, and all that, so they say. I have to say it looked fine to me, but such is the desire for upgrading things (and not just the Cybermen, apparently) that it had to go.

So today, when I went over to Wakefield shopping, I had my first look at the new station building. Absolutely soulless, I’ve seen airport terminals with more atmosphere than that place. So fine, maybe Friday, early afternoon isnt the best of time for these places, but it was dead, apart from one woman handing out vouchers, something about a free coffee, if you bought an expensive sandwich or something, but anyway, I didnt, just moved on.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying the previous building was a vision of beauty, but compared to this, loved it! Maybe it will grow on me, maybe it wont? Ironically, the other station in Wakefield, Kirkgate, was a dump, but is currently clad in scaffolding and things, finally being done up after so many years of neglect. Given that its an unmanned station, I doubt it will become an ‘airport terminal’, at least I hope thats not the case.

My home town station, Huddersfield, still has its beautiful old station building, so as long as you dont enter it, its a glorious sight. In fact, internally, its pretty nice too, especially compared to Westgate, but thats not hard. The main amusement about Huddersfield Station is the platform numbers. We have a 1,2,4,5,6 and 8, but no 3 or 7! I assume they were branch terminal platforms somewhere, for lines that no longer exist, but dont quote me on that! As to where they were located, not a clue!

Oh, and to keep up with the theme, the reason I went to Wakefield today, was the need to buy new for old on a few things. Boots and slippers needed replacing (both from before Christmas in all honesty, but today was the first chance), but managed to get both today. I would also have needed a new handbag, as the strap was virtually gone on the old one, but for the fact that, err, I had at least 2 suitable replacements already lol!

The last piece of New Year modernisation, my annual Metro card! Up until now, for as long as I can remember, they were always paper (board type, railway ticket), but now we get a smart card to use! Its great, as the magnetic strip on the back of the old one wore out after a few months, so using the ticket barriers becomes a pain. With this (famous last words) that shouldnt happen! So fine, the current barriers at Huddersfield arent calibrated for it at the moment, but soon will be, and getting through Leeds is now far easier.

Now all I’m waiting for is the new version of me! 😛

The video, well, its in the title, but given this is over 40 years old, I dont expect any to know it. As is the case with these songs, finding an actual video, is nigh impossible. This is the best I can do, its the group, but clearly not this song