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Like Chalk and cheese, but a wonderful guy

At the office, there is one wonderful guy, who just deserves to get a mention on here, especially given that currently he has a good cause you can support, on my behalf.

In terms of compatibility, me and Andy are like chalk and cheese, but at the same time, in a funny sense of the word, I think he’s great. He likes beer, and football (among other things), and I rarely drink, and can’t stand football in the slightest. As far as I know, vintage stuff isnt his scene either! But in another sense, we are 2 of a kind, probably in the sense of not really caring what other people think about us, and just getting on with our lives. Besides which, until I get a ‘little op’ done, I’m not totally his kind of girl lol!

So don’t get any ideas!

Oh, and if I’d got the coupon inputting job, I’d have been working alongside him, but anyway…didn’t happen! Also, lets just say, his outfits for the Works Christmas Dinners are not quite the standard suit and tie, and leave it at that.

But apart from getting on, and everything else, there is one thing Andy does, that I really admire. The crazy things he does for various charities. A lot of it is the various charitable fun runs around Leeds, and thats where my admiration lays for him the most. For example, on Sunday, there was what is known as the ‘Santa Dash’ around Leeds, and yes, you guessed it, Andy was involved. But no, he cant just wear a red hat, like Santa, can he? He has to show his support for Leeds United, and this…

Andy Hirst

…was his look for the day. Yes, as I said, he’s a passionate supporter of Leeds United FC, for his pains.

Oh, right, that link to the charity he did it for,

He’s already reached his target (and yes, I’ve given), but if you want to give some more, to a good cause, linked through this, feel free to do so.

So yes, as I say, I like the guy, admire what he does for charity, if I approve slightly less of how much he drinks at times, thats his life anyway lol! But despite what Joe, and I suspect one or two others might say, nothing is ever going to ‘happen’ between us, for other reasons.

But as I say, like, and admire the guy, I certainly do. I’ll toast you, Lilo Man (you can force that story out of Andy, not me!), though in my case at least, not in beer.

The video, well look at the outfit, look at the link, and one song came instantly to mind. Sadly, no live video could be found on You Tube