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No longer officially working

Yes, I know, I actually packed up work on the 29th March, but technically, until now (or in some eyes at least, Sunday) I have been paid by William Hill as part of my package, they gave me my notice period from when I finished work. But now… no more!

So today, I went to the Job Centre, and signed on, so that I can receive Job Seekers Allowance, as its called nowadays. Sounds better than dole money, I must say! Hopefully it wont be for long, anyway.

Still, because of all my experience in the call centre field, I get a sort of period of grace, where I only have to seek jobs relevant to my experience, 13 weeks in fact. So I’ve pretty much got until the end of July when I only need to seek call centre, or customer services jobs, and the people there will be satisfied with me. After that, I have to start accepting other options as well, but hopefully it wont come to that. No, I dont think I’ll be doing ‘escort work’ at my age, anyway lol. Too old to start the photographic model career, probably?

Being honest, I quite fancy doing something different, but at my age, with 12 years of back to back call centre work, its easier said than done! There are a couple of possible alternative options, which would be great, and we will see what happens. But if you wanted me to bet on it, at present, put your money on call centre!

The video, well, its the one everyone connects with unemployment, shall we say?

Just to say, there will be an extra bonus blog tomorrow, from a, err, guest writer. You’ll see, tomorrow. ­čśë

PPS This is the 500th blog, who would have ever believed it?

I want my free school milk back!

Alright, that sentiment is so old that many wont get it, but when I was at primary achool, we used to get given free school milk, until an Education Minister called Margaret Thatcher came along and took it away! I assume it was a cost cutting exercise at the time for the government, but back then, for me, it was a case of she stole my bottle of milk from me!

Then, in good time, she became the leader of the Conservatives, and eventually Prime Minister, a role she seemed to fill forever! No, generally I wasnt a fan of hers, her abrasive style of rule really didnt appeal to me, and some of her policies (poll tax being a fine example) just annoyed me no end. But equally, I admired her stand over the Falklands, and the way she took down the strike happy unions at the time appealed to me, but that was as much down to their attitude to ordinary people, as what she did to them.

Finally, in 1991, the Conservatives saw the light, and ousted her in the manner that she had treated many people over the years, pretty shabbily. But still, at the time, I was glad she was gone, even if her replacements since havent really inspired either. Yes, my main amusement with John Major in charge was at checkpoints in Ireland, and at airports while he was in charge. I’d hand over my passport, or ID, and I’d nervously be asked if I was any relation? No, I’m not, and I did once ask at the airport if it made any difference if I was, and they just said possibly! I still told the truth though lol! Before anyone asks, yes, I know I’m a Nicholls, I changed my surname too when transitioning, given the bad family blood when I came out as such. Ironically, its my mothers maiden name, but given its nice Haworth connection, it fitted in, in so many ways. Yes, now, I’d go for Meredith Brooks, but hindsight is a wonderful thing lol!

The point of this, I think you all know, Margaret Thatcher died earlier this week.

The video, is a musical sentiment relating to one of the main problems of her rule, unemployment. The group name relates to the unemployment form of the time, the song title to the number unemployed!

Cant Help Falling In Love

Oh, did you think you were getting some details on my post romances? Ah well, sorry to disappoint. There was only really one, and though we stayed together for 12 years, it wasnt ‘a fine romance’, but most of that was my fault, and my body problems, not that I knew why at the time. She’s out there somewhere, but wouldnt recognise┬ámy name now, even if she saw this.

So alright, its about contriving a blog to fit tonights video find, lol!

Its funny how some cities you visit, you instantly fall in love with. I can only really think of one in the UK that struck me like that, and that would be Inverness. Dont ask me why now, that was over 30 years ago now, and though I havent been there in a long time, and have no idea how its changed, I will always have a soft spot for it.

As has been mentioned before I believe, there is one US city that captured my heart the first time I saw it, and thats Seattle. Maybe its the weather, maybe its the people, or a whole combination of things, but its one of those places I look forward to visiting again, maybe next April if things work out. The only US cities to even get in range are Chicago, and San Francisco, and the latter isnt just because of its whole, very relaxed attitude to LGBT people, though I suspect that might count as a bonus. Chicago, I have no idea why, just had a good feel while there.

Two others deserve a mention, one being my new love of this year, Toronto. I know, its cold in winter, but I almost suspect I could live with that given the chance. Tallinn in Estonia is the other. Like Inverness, the first visit was a long time back, and indeed my only visit so far, and that was 14 years ago now. Again, I suspect a lot has changed there since then. And like Toronto, the winters are a bit chilly lol!

Its actually very windy here tonight, though not as bad as some parts of the UK all the same, thanks to the last remnants of Hurricane Katia, thankfully all will be gone before Saturday when I fly out to Boston. Cant see me falling in love with the place, didnt really do so first time around, 23 years ago, so cant see why it would now?

Oh alright, enough waffling, you want to know about the video I guess? Its hard to believe how long this band has been together, and the line up has barely changed in all that time. Irony is the name of the band refers to the unemployment benefit form of the time, though they certainly havent been out of work since then! It is a cover, but thats something they were good at, excellent cover versions.

So no more, hope you enjoy