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Speedy service

To be honest, nowadays when you apply for a job, you tend to end up waiting forever for something to happen. A lot of the time, to be honest, nothing happens. There are even a few agencies its almost got to the point where I cant see any point applying to them, because even when eminently qualified for a job, I’ve never heard from them. Given that nowadays, a lot of job applications are pretty much ‘point and click’ online, I do go with it sometimes, if only to keep the Job Centre happy, with no great expectations.

So, if I said to you that I applied for one this morning, about 8.30, and had a job interview sorted, and confirmed about an hour later, I’m saying wow! Now I know the advert did say immediate interview, but even so…quite something. No, I dont expect to start work 1 day later, but hopefully soon. No, seriously, I couldnt start work Wednesday anyway, got an appointment that morning to get my nails done. Given it will be a 2 week training period, its likely to start on a Monday, anyway.

But agreed, given how long some firms drag the whole process out (on at least 2 occasions I’ve heard from a firm a month, or more after application), one hour has to be a record! Get it, we will have to see. If anyone has a “smart” download they can load into my mind, tomorrow morning, to get me past the competency questions, I’d appreciate it. And fine, I’d enjoy the download at least! 😉

The only shame is, I’m currently 4 gel nails down, as they’ve been on far too long, and it would be more impressive with a full set. But cant be done, so I’ll have to go with it anyway.

But yes, a recruitment agency that does things immediately, long may they prosper.

The video is an absolute oldie, over 50 years old, in fact. Did seem apt though.