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One job I will never go back to

Given that I’ve now been out of work for over a year, with little or no joy job hunting, you would think that a job that in my life, I’ve done previously, for about 20 years as a manager (78-80 and 83-01), would be the perfect option? But I’ll be quite blunt, you wouldnt get me working in a betting shop again, for all the money in the world, let alone the minimum wages that cashiers get paid nowadays. Why? Because its changed out of all comprehension from the betting shops I worked in, and not for the better, as this article will show

When I started out, back in the late 70’s, shops opened at 10.00 in the morning, Monday to Saturday, and some even, 10.15 during the week! Oh, and in winter, shut at 5.00, and 6.30 was the latest in summer. Now, most shops open at 8.00 in the morning (9.00 Sunday), and shut at 10.00 at night. Some, mainly in London, open earlier, and shut later than that!

Back then, we had people bet on horses, dogs, and football, and that was pretty much it. And that was horse racing in the UK, and Ireland, and Football was just the UK leagues. Even that was minimum trebles, and fivefolds for home wins, not singles like today, on just about every league in the world. OK, during winter, when the weather was bad, you’d get weird trotting racing from France, and Belgium, but that was it. Oh, and no live pictures back then, either.

Now, you get racing from all over the world, with US racing filling in, when there is no evening racing over here, and sometimes on top of that! You also get virtual computerised racing, all designed to take money off the punters. Well, the mug punters, anyway! Thats the other thing, back then, there were no exchanges, so no one was looking to arb (back, and lay a horse in a way, so you cant lose), so beyond the odd hot horse, you just took the bets with little concern back then. Nowadays, when most of your larger bets are only from people trying to arb, its a whole different business.

Ah, the thing you see mentioned in the article, the FOBT machines. In truth, when I left in 2001, we had recently experienced the introduction of fruit machines, and their jackpots, but that was it. But then in came the FOBT machines, and all those sparkling lights, and chances to win money, took punters eyes. Not for the better, as you can see from the article.

In truth, nowadays, betting shops arent betting shops, they’re amusement arcades, that take bets on the side. Given that there is no risk of losing money on the machines, but plenty on the horses, and sports, its not hard to work out what the bookies prefer to have punters using nowadays. Thing is, losing large sums of money to a machine, and the frustrations that brings about, make a new, worse kind of shop punter nowadays. Dangerous? Yes, many at least, judging by this article, I must say.

So no, please dont suggest to me that I should go back to working in betting shops, I like my life, and my sanity way too much for that, for minimum wages. And in truth, anyone with sense shouldnt want to work in them either, but some are brave, or crazy enough to do so, I guess?

The video, just a jaded comment about how things are in betting shops nowadays